The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Trapping in the Dragon Dimension

A look at the Basic terminology, concepts, and troop composition

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Welcome back to Game of War Realtips and our newest Trapping Guide, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Trapping in the Dragon Dimension. This is the complete hand-holding guide for wanna be traps. Here we will cover everything from the basics to resources to help you move on beyond the basics in your quest to join the ranks of the Elite Game of War Traps. However, everyone has to start somewhere and for you, my friend, it is here. 

The Basics

What you really need to know before we dig in is included in this section. This includes defining and explaining some key terminology and just talking about some general things you need to know as a trap. 

Hidden Stats Versus Visible Stats

You will often hear us referencing Hidden Stats. Hidden stats are the things that people can not easily see. This includes things like the Boost Hall, Set Bonuses, Research, and Gems. Visible stats include things such as VIP, Gear that is equipped, and Hero and Hero Level.

As a trap, you always want to strengthen your account using Hidden Stats first. While to some degree Research is not hidden due to power gained people are unable to see how much of your power is coming from Research making this a great place to get stats. In addition, many newer research trees do not give power gained. 

Your opponents can not see what set bonuses you have (unless you are wearing a full set of gear) or what you have unlocked in boost hall. However, they can see what Banners you have equipped, your VIP, and your Hero. These are the areas you want to be cautious about increasing to avoid detracting hits.

Empire Quests

Empire Quests are the bane of our existence as traps while they do give some stuff that can be slightly helpful, overall as a trap, the power gain is not worth it. 


Power is a thing but it is something that can be worked around. Some players worry that when they gain too much power from Heroes or buildings or Empire Quests that they cannot be traps. However, while you may not draw as many hits as a smaller player with the current state of the game it is not necessarily the end of the world. 

We have seen big players burning which makes fillers who seem like they do not know what they are doing an ideal target. Sometimes your smaller traps struggle with getting hits because they look “too smart.” 


There is a very high value in testing. I recommend never go unshielded offline however, I also recommend before going unshielded while online to take the time to test. Find a friend or someone in your alliance who is a solid attacker and take a few hits to see if you need to adjust and how to adjust. What you do not want to do is to go unshielded and get destroyed because you were not ready. 

He Wasn't Ready
Do not be this guy.
Steps to Testing with Caution
  1. Find a trusted and strong rally leader. Ask for a test.  Send them your coords and go to step 2.
  2. Have your friend attack you solo without Hero first. If you burn, stop and adjust. Otherwise to go step 3.
  3. Next solo with a Hero. Burn, stop, else go to step 4. If you cap then it’s time for a rally perhaps.
  4. Rally time. The difference in troop size between solo and rally is huge now.  So, it may be wise to take a half-full rally first. Then a full one. Go to step 5.
  5. You’ve survived every step to this point. It’s time to get out there and start mixing it up. You’ve shown you can take a solo, a rally, so go out there and stomp enemies.

To Burn or Not to Burn that is the question…

Knowing how you want to trap is as important as knowing how to trap. Some traps like capping, some traps like burning. There are perks and negatives to each of these aspects. We have talked a lot about Types of Traps so we are not going to go into that in-depth here but we will link you to an article about it! 

Don’t Forget the Milk, A Dragon Dimension Cookie Cutter Trapping Prequel

I won on Points
Note: Winning on points only counts during points events.


Capping is not commonly done in the Dragon Dimension and usually, if you see it happen it’s because of building levels or a lead who messed up. Just do not expect this to be a thing and you will be good to go.

The Building of a Trap

So you want to build a trap? I commend you my friend but it is not for the faint of heart. To some degree, a cookie-cutter build just does not work. However, I will do my best to give general recommendations and educate you on what you need to know. I am going to walk you through everything I look for and when I am building my own trap or helping others build theirs. However, first, we will start with a look at troops as that is still a frequently asked question in the Dragon Dimension. 


Questions about Troops tend to be one of the more frequently asked questions about Trapping in the Dragon Dimension. While we will cover Troops first please do not stop reading after this section. It is important that you understand that troops are important but at the same time they are not. 

What should my Troop count be? 

This is a point that I cannot elaborate on enough. Troop Count is and always will be specific to the player. Solo traps will need fewer troops then Rally Traps and Players with higher stats can get away with lower troop counts then players with lower stats. 

However, one thing you should note in the Dragon Dimension is that troops do not really help you defensively. This means that there is really only one indicator that you need more troops and that is that you are unable to kill your Attackers full march and by full march, I mean their troops not their Dragon. 

Therefore, determining your Troop count is going to be a very individual thing based on stats, the type of attacker you are willing to take hits from, and whether you are a solo or rally trap. Also, this number will change over time as attackers are increasing march size and stats. This makes me leary to give you all a number. My recommendation when determining troop count currently is to talk to talented players who are already trapping, see what their stats and troop count are currently. Use this as a guideline and test and add more troops as needed. 

Is there a Ratio? 

No there is not a ratio. We still get asked this question a lot but the simple fact is without lower tiers of troops being nerfed there is no need for a ratio. We will go more into this when we discuss troop tiers but for now, just know there is NO 12:1 Ratio or anything like we had in the olden days.

What about Troop Tiers?

Remember how I told you that troop numbers do not really help you defensively? While this is true the same cannot be said for troop tiers. With higher tiers, your account will be stronger than with lower tiers. If you really want to understand the how and why this works we did some testing of tiers back when the Dragon Dimension first came out, this information is in the article, Dragonville Trapping

Basically it comes down to this when you use lower tiers of troops you are weaker and your Dragon is weaker. This is the easiest way to say this. The biggest benefit of using lower-tiered troops is for our burner traps who have really high stats. These guys burn but win on points.

For the rest of our community, I would recommend using a pure T5 setup. Using lower tiers will simply mean you need more troops and are at higher risk of exploding if you are not set up well. While it is more expensive then the lower tiers it is also going to be stronger and if you are a beginner in the trapping community you can always change your setup as you learn and grow and really know how different aspects of the game interact together. 


We have a ton to say about buildings and the different levels, however, we will have to continue on with this and more aspects of trapping in the next guide as this one is getting a bit lengthy. Be on the lookout for that guide and in the meantime do not do anything I would not do! 

To Be Continued… 

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