How To Train your Dragon War Dimension Dragon 2

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There has been a lot of information about the Dragon put out into the community. However, even with the information we have, we are still learning more and more on a daily basis about the Dragon and the best ways to be able to utilize it. Recently new Dragon Levels were released to give our Dragon even more boost in their stats.

A Quick Recap

The Dragon has multiple uses, including, Reining, Economic Skills, Defense, and Scouting. These different uses were covered more fully in, How to Train Your Dragon War Dimension Dragon.

We also explored the cost for levels 1-49 of your Dragon and ways to be able to skill your Dragon. However, as changes have been made to the Dragon and new levels have arrived we are learning more and more about our fiery friends. This article will include information on the new Dragon Levels and some of the testing that has changed the way we view our Dragons.

New Dragon Levels Arrive

Dragon levels beyond 49 are here with our Dragons now going to Level 99. These levels require Advanced Dragon Crystals in order to be able to level up. The new levels also open up additional skills to strengthen our Dragons even more.

Advanced Dragon Crystals Cost

We have been able to put together a cost sheet for all of you on Dragon Levels 50 to 99. These Advanced Crystals become available after you level your Dragon to 49.

LevelCrystals Required

Advanced Dragon Level Skills

The added skills to the Dragons are more of the skills we are familiar with in the lower level Dragon when it comes to Defense and Attack. You can continue to strengthen your Combat Stats with higher levels. However, when first unlocking higher levels you are only able to put one point in each later skill box until level 55 when you are able to skill a little further.

Some of the biggest changes we have seen with the new skills are in the Utility Skills for our Dragon. We have listed new skills that were not previously available in the Utility Skills Category below.

Utility Skills

  • Troop Training Cost Reduction
  • Mythical Creature Training Speed
  • Core Gear Duration
  • Altar Boost Duration
  • Troop Training Queue
  • Mythical Creature Training Queue

Dragon Tutorial

While in the last article we covered some of the more basic information regarding our Dragons there is a lot more information that still needs to be addressed. To many players, the Dragon is still a mystery. We are learning more and more about the Dragon as we continue to play and interact with them so we want to be sure that you have all the best and up to date information available when you need it.

The Dragon Explained

The Dragon is a very unique feature offered by the Dragon War Dimension. For a long time, players have chosen to Ghost Rally their Dragons or not use them due to a lack of understanding on how they work. However, your Dragon can be a powerful Allie in protecting your troops.

When entering your Dragon Den you encounter several numbers. One of the numbers that is most noticed is the Stat Rating. This number is dependent on the skills you are utilizing on your Dragon. The more powerful your Dragon the higher this number is, the lower rating is going to indicate a poorly skilled Dragon or a Dragon that needs to be leveled up. The skills that go into making your Stat Rating are the skills that give your Dragon the boosts it needs to be useful in combat.

The Skills

Here you can see where your Skill points are currently Allocated. The blue shield is for defensive skills, the red swords are for Attack skills, and the White Wing is for Utility Skills. You are able to reskill your Dragon for free from the Skills Screen however, the main screen provides a place where we can get a quick glance at what Skills your Dragon is currently utilizing.

The HP Bar

HP Bar

This is where we are going to spend the majority of our time. The Green Bar across the top of the screen is our Hit Point (HP) Bar. This Bar shows how much HP our Dragon currently has and is one of the most important numbers when it comes to the Dragon. The Higher you skill your Dragon’s HP the larger this number is going to be.

If you look at the back of the report when the Dragon is being hit you will see a few numbers. However, one of the numbers you will see is this one and how much HP was lost in the hit. As your HP Bar Drains that will affect your Dragon’s ability to do its job.

A Dragon with a less full HP Bar will not be able to defend or attack as efficiently as a Dragon with a full HP Bar. Therefore, keeping your Dragon as healed as possible is very beneficial to your city.

Many players have believed as well that this means that a Dragon with more HP is a better Dragon than one with less HP. However, this is not true either. What matters the most when it comes to your HP Bar is that it is kept as full as possible. Currently, instant Dragon Heal items can be found in the Gold Store and Black Market.

Pro Tip: When your Dragon is leveled up it acts as an Instant Heal. By saving your Level Ups for when your HP bar is low you can save on Instant Heal items. 

Reading a Dragon Report

On the front of the report when your Dragon is present you are able to see the amount of HP your Dragon has and the amount lost and the Stat Rating on the little image of the Dragon. The back of the report also shows all of this information.


In the first column, you are able to see your Dragon’s current Stat Rating. In the Second column, you are able to see your Dragon’s Current HP/HP loss from the previous hit. As we mentioned above the better your current HP the better your Dragon is able to do its job.

Skilling Your Dragon

Many of you probably noticed that we said that while your Dragon needs to be fully healed to be at its most effective that more HP is not necessarily a good thing. If you did not notice this then you should probably go back and reread the previous information.

This may seem backward to many players. However, in the case of your Dragon’s Hit Points, more is not equal to better. To show you all how this works we ran a couple of tests with different skills.

The Test

For the First test, we skilled our Dragon for max HP available according to its level. We also used a Dragon Heal Crystal to ensure that our HP Bar was full for the Hit. The only thing that changed between the two tests we ran were the skills on the Dragon.

Dragon Tests

Next, we reskilled our Dragon, however, this time we only put one point in each HP Skill box. We also used another Dragon Heal Crystal to ensure that the HP Bar was full and that our tests were valid. We also healed the troops that had been wounded in the previous hit.

Dragon Tests

The Comparison

When Comparing the two reports we can see several things that are important to note:

  1. Both times the same number of troops were wounded.
  2. In the first hit, the HP was at least double of what the Dragon had in the second hit.
  3. With the new skill sets the Dragon Dropped about half of its stat rating as well.
  4. The Dragon performed better with a lower HP and Stat Rating

The fact that the Dragon performed better in the second test is very important to note. By skilling for HP you inflate your Stat Rating and your HP bar, however, your Dragon will not perform as well as if you were to only put enough points in the HP skills to move to the next

New Skilling Recommendation

This has resulted in a new Dragon Skills Recommendation.

  1. Skill from the bottom up, starting with Defense
    1. Put One Skill point in each box and work your way to the bottom of the skill tree
    2. If you have opened the new levels but are not able to skill the new skills at higher levels yet, it may be more beneficial to not put points in those boxes at first.
  2. From the bottom fill in your Defense boxes
  3. DO NOT put additional points in the HP boxes, leaving only one point in this skill box
  4. You can skill for Regeneration, however, this will take away from available Combat skills.
  5. Put leftover points in the attack column filling boxes at the bottom first when possible.

There are many benefits to skilling this way. One of those is that players had noted they lost HP when switching skill settings. By not skilling for HP this will not be as drastic. In addition, you will see improvements in the hits you are taking because your Dragon has increased Defense and Attack Capabilities.

What other tips do you all have for the Dragon? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Joe says

    Can you post a screen shot of what the skill set should look like >n your explanation, Thank you.

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      sure I will work on getting one up

      1. Sharky says

        Have you posted skilled set of dragon?

  2. Jon says

    I’m not sure what you mean by “skilling for HP”. I don’t see anything like that under skills.

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      There is a growth skill (HP)

  3. milli01
    milli01 says

    this is a easy way to save your Dragon until you get a few packs under your belt , (Don’t) hatch your Dragonuntil you get a few packs under your belt this will ensure that you have a decent sized Dragon when Hatched ,also will help you win more defense battles since there is no Dragon

  4. Liverpolotan says

    Hi it would have been interesting to see the results where the march wasn’t fully killed, to see if the higher level dragon would have added to the kills.

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      I will work on getting those tests done too.. I was hoping to get those as well but even when I went Heroless I killed his full march.

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