How to Train Your Dragon War Dimension Dragon

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The dragon in the Dragon War Dimension has been a hot topic lately. Initially, it was thought that the dragon was just worthless. Everyone said to Ghost Rally your dragon or just do not hatch it. However, over time this has changed and we have seen accounts that do better with their dragons home than with their dragons out. However, the dragon should still be considered on a case by case basis. Therefore, we are going to cover everything dragon -related here so that you feel prepared to go out into the battle and know what exactly to do with that fiery creature that resides in your city.

Dragon Overview

When first entering the Dragon Dimension we were greeted with a dragon egg. Upon hatching this egg, we receive a dragon that has a defensive, offensive, and economic properties. Since the Dragon War Dimension was conceived to some degree the dragon has been the source of debate. Initially, thought to be a hindrance over time we have seen the dragon evolve and become more and more useful.

Dragon Facts
  • Leveling up your dragon costs Dragon Level Up Crystals.
  • Your Dragon has HP and takes damage like your troops do.
  • As HP decreases in Combat, Attack and Defense boosts will decrease with it.
  • Your dragon’s stats can be customized utilizing a skill tree.
  • Your dragon can join rallies and marches and will assist in combat.
  • Your dragon can occupy and defend your Empire, Resource Tiles, Wonder, etc.
  • Your dragon will naturally heal itself over time while it rests in the Dragon’s Den.
  • Instant Heal Items can be found in Special Sales.

Dragon Costs

One thing that is important to know when embarking on the journey with your dragon is the cost. While higher level dragons are very useful, at lower levels the dragons are still quite flammable. Knowing the cost of leveling your dragon can help when making pack purchasing decisions. Currently, players are unable to level the dragon beyond Level 49. After level 49 it requires Advanced Dragon Crystals.

How to Train Your Dragon

Four Dragon War Dimension Dragon Uses

There are multiple uses for the dragon in the Dragon War Dimension. Knowing how to use your dragon and when to use your dragon can make a huge difference.

Dragon Use One: Dragon Reinforcement

Many players have noted that being reined by dragons has helped when taking rallies. It helps save troops and decrease losses overall. However, there are some very important things to note when taking Dragon Rein. Knowing the following things can be a huge save!

  • Be aware of who is reining you.
  • Know their dragon skills matter when they are reining you.
  • Ensure that the dragons that are reining you are skilled correctly and have been healed
  • Being reined by a dragon that is low level and not healed properly can cause you to burn
  • You can see how many dragons are reining from your embassy
  • You can also send the reins home from here if needed however, you have to send all reins home and are not able to specify specific ones
  • When hit if you have dragons reining you, then you can see more details about those dragons in the report. You can see this from the front of the report and a more detailed break down at the back of the report. Dragon ReinGame of War Dragon Rein

Real Tip of the Day: Watch for spies and low-level dragons who come in and rein in order to guarantee a burn for heroes released.

Dragon Use Two: Economic Skills

Skill that dragon up and save time on building, researching, and training. The dragon is good for more than just combat so be sure to take advantage of everything that it can do. Economic skills available will be covered more below.

Dragon Use Three: Defense

The dragon has been becoming very beneficial in defense. While initially it acts as a cushion and allows you to lose fewer troops when hit, towards level 40 you actually will start to do about the same with or without your dragon. At around level 40 the dragon actually becomes a help and you do better with your dragon than without. Check out these hits below. (Note that this information was prior to the Dragon being fixed)

Dragon Defense

While neither of these hits were caps note that the defender did significantly better with their dragon than without. Things to note about using Your dragon for defense:

  • HP is very important and can be the difference between a win and loss be sure to heal your dragon as needed.
  • Ensure that your dragon is skilled well (we will discuss skills more below).

Dragon Use Four: Anti-Scout Bypass

The fourth use we will cover is an Anti-Scout Bypass. With quest power sometimes it is difficult to tell how many troops someone has. There are times when you want a report on someone to see if they are burnable but Anti-Scout will not let you peek. Your dragon has the possibility of allowing you to do that. Just like with troops your dragon has to be completely “killed” in order for it to not carry a report home. If any HP remains the attacker will get a report. On some targets, you can solo with a larger dragon to get a report. However, you can also do a Dragon Rally if you are concerned they will kill off all your Dragon HP on a solo. Be Wary though! Using your Dragon for this can be expensive. With the speed of Healing and the cost of Dragon Healing Crystals using your Dragon for this too many times can become costly quite quickly.

Dragon Skills

When you enter your Dragon Den there are three tabs. The third tab displays the skills that are available to you for your Dragon. You can see this tab in this image. Dragon SkillsOn the far Left you will find Defense skills, in the middle you find Attack Skills, and on the Far left you find Utility Skills.

Defensive Skills

Defensive Skills Include:

  • Dragon Armor: Toughen Hide
  • Dragon Armor: Spike Carapace
  • Dragon Healing Speed: Regenerative Tail x 2
  • Dragon Armor: Scale Shield
  • Dragon HP: Giant Growth
  • Dragon Armor: Enchanted Scales-
  • Dragon HP: Colossal Growth
  • Dragon Armor: Molten Heart

Armor Skills are Defensive Skills. The HP skills are going to increase the amount of HP your Dragon has which we will see later is very important. Healing Speed helps your Dragon Heal more quickly.

Attack Skills

Attack Skills include the following:

  • Dragon Attack: Razor Swipe
  • Dragon Attack: Twin Fangs
  • Dragon March Speed: Dragon Flight x 2
  • Dragon Attack: Firebreathing
  • Dragon Attack: Poison Claws
  • Dragon Attack: Stone Gaze
  • Dragon Attack: Sonic Roar
  • Dragon Attack: Meteor Strike

There are two types of skills in this center tree. You have Attack Skills and you have March Speed Skills (because our Dragons can fly rather slowly.) The Attack skills have not been used as much by players currently.

Utility Skills

Utility Skills include the following:

  • Construction Speed
  • Farm Production
  • Logging Camp Production
  • Research Speed
  • Quarry Production
  • Iron Mine Production
  • Villa Production
  • Training Speed
  • Upkeep Efficiency

These skills are self-explanatory and help you with basic functions around your city. An extra boost is always helpful when you are building so do not be afraid to take advantage of these skills.

How to Train (skill) your Dragon

We have discussed the uses for your Dragon and the skills that are available. However, we have yet to get to the important stuff! How to Train (skill) your Dragon. What skills are going to help you the most how should you set your Dragon up for success? How you set your Dragon up is very dependent on how many skill points you have. HP is very important and can make a big difference so this is a stat you want to prioritize. As you work your way down the tree stats get bigger. Also, note that Dragon Skill resets are free so you are able to try different setups but you will lose HP when you reset the skills.

Skill Recommendations:

  • Skill from the bottom up. Max the boxes on the bottom first and then work your way up
  • Only put one point in each HP Box
  • Skill fully for defense first
  • Once you have a higher level Dragon and extra Dragon Skill Points then begin to skill for Attack as well


Without enough Defense, your Dragon is not going to be as effective. Once you get to the point that you are doing well on Defense you can begin to add in attack skills. Just like with Troop Attack skills these will help you to be able to kill off more of their march.

Make it your Own

While we are giving broad suggestions for how to skill and your Dragon do not be afraid to make it your own! Try out different skill setups and different uses for your Dragon and let us know how it goes by leaving a comment below! We are still learning more and more about our Fiery friends and we will continue to keep you updated as we tweak and test.

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  1. Jeff says

    When increasing building levels, research levels etc. the eco side (right side) is very beneficial. Reducing one and rss being used. For pumping up my rss, researching, building, even troop training. I always use the eco. Dragon is a great tool for these parts of the game. ✌️✌️✌️

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      You are correct.

  2. Bens says

    I need Dragon skill to barter with my friends to get more xp hero. Thanks

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