The Emperor of GOW Gives Feedback To MZ

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Stayalive77 Gives His Recommendations on GOW

For those of you who don’t know, Stayalive77, the current emperor of GOW recently posted a pretty big complaint about Game of War on his instagram.

Here’s what Stayalive said:

Stayalive Instagram Complaint to MZ

MZ responds to the Emperor:

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Stayalive Instagram Complaint to MZ 2

And now Stayalive77 has posted his suggestions on what he would add to the game:

“These are the requests sent to MZ,, and just want to tell that they are responding quickly and showing willingness to do any doable request.

1. Increase March Size in rallies and outside (players are even becoming too big to even be rallied)
2. Add a feature that help us click more resources at a time, for example insert the number of items we want to cash in.
3. Make KvK’s cheaper to finish. You can either increase the points given, or just lower the points needed.
4. Make Infernos “easier” to finish, or increase the payout.
5. During a Kill Event, make kingdom wonder, like Super Wonder. Any player from Alliance can hold it, and don’t need to be leader.
6. More Kill events, no one needs so many days of Research/Training KvK anymore. Specially when Researches take too long. They need other way of getting prizes to complete it.
7. Make smaller packs. Bring back the $49.99 packs.
8. Increase Inventory Slots.
10. Slow down the release of new cores and pieces. We spoke about it in our second e-mail, and yesterday were released new gear. People don’t even have time to get the ones that were released a few days back, how MZ expects players to spend on the new one already?
11. Drops of treasure maps needs to be increased as well. Considering the cost you have to speed it to finish that is never less than a 3d Speed.
12. Reopen Coliseum. The “smaller” players really enjoyed the coliseum and was a good initiative to help them grow and allow more fighting also.
13. Open more Super Wonders, will probably bring more players and make it more interesting for everyone.
14. After each Kingdom vs. Kingdom event (both research/training and Kill event) please show the points scored in the history of event. Not only the names.
15. Lock kingdoms when the elimination rounds begin. You are aware of the people who cheats in tournaments to get fake kills and most do it by creating cities after the elimination round began.
16. Resource Tiles became useless. The requirements you make on researches aren’t back to back with the resources you provide in a tile. Increase the amount of resources in each tile and the speed and they will mean something again, also will create more wars which is the main point of the game anyway. (or should be)
17. Increase the materials/cores/pieces dropped in chests. At the moment is only dropping mostly low items, making it too expensive to craft 1 only full set.”

What MZ needs to realize before it’s too late

You need to connect with your community leaders and influential players or you will lose control of your game.

Most players have had the same feelings that stayalive originally expressed for many months now. MZ should be listening to players and not hearing them. When they respond to the community concerns early they will not only avoid big outburst like this from top players, but also have a more loyal player base which results in the ROI they are looking for.

What do you guys think?

Do you agree with stayalive’s suggestions?

Do you think that MZ listens to the community?

Read about the inside scoop on a big gear update to the game.



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  1. Vilma Oswalt says

    Hi there, You have done a great job. I will definitely digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I’m sure they will be benefited from this web site.

    1. Darkthorne
      Darkthorne says

      Thank you for the kind words 🙂 I can join your alliance line chat for assistance and sharing. my id is darkthorne 🙂

  2. Nick says

    I truly enjoy this game it is very strategic and complex when it comes to certain angles of the game. I have spent good money as many of you have. But just recently i bought a 2 packs that said from Googleplay was purchased and received no return on my purchase. For this in the amount i spent is unacceptable nor needed for a multibill. Dollar company. and to add insult to injury now my game will not allow me in. Goes to 50% download and stays. Thanks for your time, hope to get a response.

    [email protected]

  3. Tuan Richmond says

    Stayalive makes some good suggestion but he forgot the most important one to make this game more enjoyable.

    Army size is way out of control and it makes no sense there is no penalty for not feeding your troops. If people like Stayalive want to have billions of troops, they should be require to use upkeep reduction or keep enough food to feed their troops. You should not be allowed to have billions of troops and zero food. Troops that are not fed will desert.
    The bulk of the fighting in GOW is zeroing small players or at the various wonders where the troops you have to face is limited to 3 million.

  4. shine says

    I agree with most of stayalive77’s ideas. The suggestions I would make include:
    1. Continue to offer the cheaper packs, instead of going up each time you make a purchase until you can only get the $99.99 packs
    2. Increase the payouts for completing inferno events or drop the amount of points needed, so that we aren’t losing way more than we are winning. the monster coliseums more often.
    4. Include the hero icon in the kingdom map view, so it’s easier to change gear in battle.
    5. It may be far fetched, but it would be nice to find a way to allow smaller player to grow without getting “zeroed” by billion+ powered players in one hit. It makes ppl quit when they spend their money to grow and lose everything in one hit.
    6. Give out more shackles, daggers and books of war to those who haven’t made it to SH 21.
    7. Put more high lvl items in chests. Too many lvl 1s and 2s.
    8. Allow the conqueror of the wonder to be ruler of the kingdom, instead of the alliance leader.
    9. Place a variety of monsters in the kingdoms. People need a chance to acquire items to complete sets other than buying packs.
    10. Please place a limit on multiple crafted items acquired by hitting monsters, or make it less time consuming to break them.
    11. Since you don’t have various dig site shields to choose from and most digs take a lot longer than 3days, it would be nice if they would last for the duration of the dig.
    12. Make your users feel appreciated. People spend a lot of time and money using your app, and a lot of them feel like the changes being made are only to benefit MZ. Show people that MZ cares about more than just taking their money.

  5. Bou says

    The lack of customer care from MZ, when so many players have been locked out of GOW as a result of installing the latest upgrade is disgraceful. It has been a couple of days now with no explanation and very little by way of communication. What has been rceived is a a bland and useless, generic response that actually doesn’t solve the problem. There has been no indication that anything is being done to resolve this issue for players, many of whom have invested heavily and supported MZ over the last 2 years. Really gives an insight into the values of the organisation. Had there been something from MZ to explain they are working on a solution then I believe players would be a lot more forgiving and show patience.

  6. Jon says

    something’s clearly wrong when after only a few weeks new kingdoms are low population. If you look at those new kingdoms of the last six months almost all are low population. As stayalive said, one of the best parts of the game is the social component. When you’re in a dead kingdom, there’s very little social element left to draw you back. Besides, those bigs who have invested thousands are all alone and feeling suckered. Kingdoms of low population HAVE to merge. And I suggest mz develop it soon because the rate of attrition grows as the kingdom gets smaller and smaller. I have no doubt there would be a much bigger playing community today if mz had solved the problem of low population kingdoms.

  7. […] speaking out to Machine Zone to make some changes to the game. We posted his requests back in July here, but a lot of them haven't been […]

  8. skeptic says

    The first thing that MZ needs to realize is that players who don’t spend a lot still provide value to their community. They provide the targets that spenders get to hit. They need to figure out a way to keep those folks engaged. Their needs to be some way they can continue to enjoy the game despite being the equivalent of Cannon Fodder. Otherwise they quit, and spenders are left with no targets.

    Trap accounts have been mainly neutered through the defense trees and cores. But those cities had value historically as targets. They were a way that someone could participate without spending. The balance they need to find is the following. A large trap city can have about 600K beds. A big player solo with 375K troops needs to be roughly point neutral in a kill event against a city of that size. A big player can make gold hitting a lot of those. A trap city should be able to make second prize by taking 2 of those in a 24 hour period. Second prize ought to have some prize they can use for growth as well.

    But instead those trap cities are currently getting destroyed. Way point negative, and even if they get 2nd prize, its all fighting stuff that can’t help them. So in a tournament those cities stay shielded or abandoned. No targets.

    MZ is currently trying to fix the lack of targets by increasing the power of cores so really big spenders can hit bigger players. Which is good for a little while. But once more of those bigger players get hammered down, they are now into a bucket where their is nothing they can do, because their is no strategy remaining where a small power city can contribute.

    As for rebuilding, their hasn’t been a good troop train in forever. Right now most of us low spenders are training 25K t4 in about a week (give or take). So a million T4 troops (which is still burnable to a cored attack, and can’t take a rally) takes 40 weeks. A single $100 gold pack gets you back to a size where you are still just a target. No trap accounts to hit, if you join a rally you can get soloed by a player or two wearing cores twice and get zeroed again. Who spends 100 bucks to get beat up?

    If you want fighting, the incentive needs to be on both sides. The incentive on the small player side is non-existent. They have done a new thing where the power requirements in infernos are based on power, I’d like to see a troop train based on # of troops. StayAlive Doesn’t need an incentive to train/heal more troops, but if the smaller players did, that would help a ton.

    1. Navi
      Navi says


      Very well said. You should think about an article contribution of some kind.

  9. Nerd says

    some more (most important changes: see my posts above):
    1. as tazzy said i also disagree with a common increase of ralley-size. smaller/mid gyus would get zeroed even easier. make a restriction on attack/ralleysize depending on the targets level or might.

    2. New gear is not that bad but if there will be that high frequently new gear then use alerady existing materials for creating them. make a new and different combination of old materials for new gear so that it will be specia (e.g. combination of zyclope and rokurobi, or zerberus and nian lion etc.). and repeat the appearing of that old and known monsters and mat.-packs then. dont overwhelm us with again and again new materials

  10. Nerd says

    One of the GREATEST CHANGES would be:
    Changing the “gift mode” into “trade mode” would be an awesome change!!
    It would be great if we could change materials or even gear and all other items like speedups etc., even if it will cost extra to unlock each ability (materials, gear, speedups, chests…)

  11. Nerd says

    the most favorite change i wish is to have a choice which packs we want to buy again. i want to choose if i want a special $5 deal or a 20 50, $100 deal. I dont like to become forced to buy only the more and more expensive packs after i bought only one smaller pack before. And i need the special deals not the small “$5 junk packs” with only few gold.

  12. Eyeland says

    Navi if the emperor of GOW’s demands are not met he should send out a msg to each kingdoms ruler and start a world wide strike all at once. It will cost them billions even if it’s for a couple hours! My Kingdom(Meropis) would definitely take part 😉 I think being able to trade everything you have would compliment the game.

  13. Jay says

    MZ also needs to allow material trading to go on with inner alliance but everything else I totally agree with stayalive77.

  14. DV8 says

    I agree with Jim. I contacted MZ with this suggestion and the response I got was if your attacked fight back, and join an alliance. Do they not get it that a 30 million power account is now small and has no chance against a 1 billion power acct that is about the average of big players?

  15. Jim says

    There may be a simpler way to do this as players grow like wrestlers there are weight divisions 125 lb player doesn’t wrestle a heavy weight. So create divisions based on size. I understand 375k march is the same no matter what size, but this would eliminate the intimidation side. Probably wouldn’t work because of traps, but just a thought.

  16. Jim says

    Agree with everything Stay Alive has suggested. The one exception would be to rally size as much as I hate the tax code, but perhaps rally size could increase based on the size of the player. 5 billion…10 billion etc…if not smaller players will be zeroed with first rally.

  17. HottLeggs says

    I have a complaint about lag time. Too often there are long periods of wait in the game causing clashes among the players.

    For example:
    You select a tile for gathering gold, there are not orange trails. Then you are notified later that there’s another march in progress. This causes conflicts problems with the different groups. My suggestions is when the tile is selected by a player it should change colors, if another player wants to challenge the tile they do so knowing.

    Several times, I have selected the alliance help. It can take over 5 mins just to see one player needing help pop up and the listing has 14.

  18. Wibby says

    Stayalive said exactly what need to be said.I asked many times MZ to put a small square next to an item so we can select how much we want.For example having 2200 15 min speedup is so hard to press or let say 2000 4500 silver clickable to hit.Still they didn’t do a thing about it
    As the time passes,you see the prizes being lowered for an increase of number of points required.For example in sh 18 bracket they used to give a 3 day speed up in prize 3 of kvk,with time it became 2 24 h then 1 24h and 2 3h speedups.Same scenario for solo and inferno

    I hope this will get better

  19. tazzy21 says

    I disagree about increasing rally sizes/marches unless it’s staggered ie only as against huge players, otherwise mid sized players will be even more demolished.

    I would add they really need to do something about these empty kingdoms. Low pop and even most medium population kingdoms make kill events soooooooooo boring it’s not even funny. More ppl would make the ke’s we do have that much more fun, exciting etc

  20. Mat says

    The game has definitely jumped the shark and I don’t know if MZ is willing or able to fix it. I think a lot of complaints can be summed up in just a few.

    1) There needs to be more INCENTIVE to fight. Wonder boosts are negligible, the rewards for kill events don’t even come close to making up for the troop losses you incur, tiles are worthless (except for high level gold), and treasure maps have always been worthless. In KvK kill events, most everything is shielded except for dead cities (and there are a lot of those). It’s hard to even get rss now because farms are shielded.

    2) Less clicking! RSS packs, chests, quests, combining materials and gems, training, research, etc. etc. etc. etc. This game involves WAY too much gratuitous clicking which is not fun. It’s not FUN to “win” prizes or buy items which cannot be realistically used without an auto-click program.

    3) The game has gotten waaaayyy too complicated and has way too many features. Many of the features are worthless and/or incomplete. When I started, there were 5 research trees and no relics/cores. Now, we have 3 types of crafting, gems, 4th specialty gem slots, alliance cities, monsters, treasure maps, hundreds of different troops boosts, thousands of different materials (when only a few rare materials even matter)…and I know I’m forgetting many. And, new stuff is still released regularly even as old features are abandoned and incomplete. I don’t know how someone can start this game nowadays without being overwhelmed by all the shit they are bombarded with.

    4) This one encompasses everything. As the game has changed, rewards have gotten larger, and power has grown. Much of the content of the game has not also changed to keep up. Wonder boosts are dwarfed by the boosts you get from items. RSS tiles are abandoned because RSS requirements are so much larger now. you still get these tiny rss packs from casino/elsewhere which clog up your inventory and provide almost no utility. I’m sure there are many more as well.

    1. Eric-h.
      Eric-h. says

      Matt- you are SPOT ON! There is plenty of good game built already, MZ needs to refine, update, and improve, and stop piling new features on top of features. I hope it’s not too late.

      1. eldiablo
        eldiablo says

        I also agree with Matt!
        Eric made a GREAT point ……”There is plenty of good game built already,MZ needs to refine, update, and improve, and stop piling new features on top of features”

  21. michael Ghostrider says

    Hi! I made a suggestion months ago to a guy that told me he did the testing on New things introduced to GOW,my suggestion was to have a building or such to trade,gift or sell the items which accumulate during the course of playing this great game ,we’ve got .
    Things like mega Hero XP, things like thousands of daggers,shackles etc..the things ,,other team members need to be level 21SH .i myself have been a level 21 ,for over 8 months and I know how hard it can be to achieve that.
    Things like this would help those players trying to achieve the ultimate goal of fighting to there full potential or at least a go that.
    Ok, if this is posted I at least had a say.
    Also I thank the Emperor for the chance I had to play on his team ,twice on the Super Wonder Events.

  22. Peter Russo says

    I understand MZ wants to make more money, so he can’t let people win too much from events, but he should still care about the players who can’t spend much. It’d help the game if he’d make events easier but have a smaller payout. That way, even the non-super-spenders would at least have some incentive to keep logging in & playing.

  23. Jim says

    It’s always interesting to see the perspective of big players and compare them to those who are moderate to no cash players. There are several things I agree with

    1) resource tiles
    2) comments around crafting
    3) too many gear and monster changes
    4) creating smaller packs.

    Some things I disagree with
    1) More kvk’s. Every other week is probably ideal. By the time a smaller alliance and moderate sized player goes to a foreign kingdom most of it has been wiped clean. Can’t tell you the times our own entire neighborhood (ours and nearby alliances) have been hit by the bigger SHs.
    2) Some limit on attacking. For instance level 21s can only hit level 15 and up. Need to find a way to create a sub game for the T3 SHs.
    3) Drops of critical gear (books, shackles, etc.) have all but dried up. The big guys could care less as they are already there.
    4) Make it easier to switch to a farm account.

    I have more but an low on battery and in the middle of my flight home. Twitching from withdrawl…..:)

  24. Silver says

    They are great suggestions. MZ won’t listen to 99% of it. And if they do, it’s sad it takes someone who’s spent so much money on the game to get them to even think about listening/responding to complaints. I’ve talked to people who have complained a good number of the above points. The responses (when they even occur) have been ridiculous. See point 17 above. A player in our alliance was recently told “it’s completely random, you have just as much chance of getting L1 as L6”. Uh-huh. We all know that is the basest of lies. We all know the percentages they give us on crafting equipment are complete crap, so why anyone would expect them to be fair in any other respect is beyond me.

  25. GowManiac says

    Do I agree to SA’s? Yes.
    Do MZ listens to community? No.

    I’d also like to see combine-all in the forge, because it’s so laggy after couple mats. I’ve sent at least 2 support tickets regarding this and they don’t even answer the question. They avoid it with a simple auto generated response they probably send to everyone else. It’s ridiculous. Overall, customer service is terrible at this point.

  26. Mad ace says

    We would also like to be automatically shielded if we are kicked off game (connection issue) people will quit if they get zeroed during ke or anytime from being disconnected. We also need some 4.99 packs or 10$ packs for shields or teleports and little amounts of gold for 50 million power and up power players, thanks.

  27. notapocketfeeder says

    YES YES YES! It’s about time something like this finally happened to wake MZ up to just how much the GoW community is getting fed up with their greediness, I take my hat off to stayalive who is a person that probably hasn’t even got a need for MZ to change their ways but this is something that will (hopefully) bring a bit of fairness back into the game, you are a fish out of water if you can’t spend money, and that needs to change

  28. Eddie says

    If MZ introduced all of the above suggestions, then the game would actually be fun again, instead of being all about filling MZ pockets!!
    Think about your players MZ and give a little back, you take enough!

  29. Anarchy says

    When I mean reward I mean reward!!!! Gold Chest and Speeds. We need all we are greedy too!! The difference is its our money : )

  30. Anarchy says

    I agree with Stayalive 77 he has made great suggestions.

    In the game I have noticed. There is no actual reward for skill. None…. None. … No side quest, no side events, eg. Ke’s Destroy 7 mil powers in one attack , win 2 city defences, win 3 rally attacks. for Kvk Gather 10 mil rss. Build 500k troops. Kill 2 monsters in 10min Do 4 researches . Side events can run along with current events every day not just solo and inferno pts are way to high. So the entire system is based on player purchase buy 12 packs to have 1360 x 3day to finish KVK speed up event.

    They should help the players. It should be easier to rebuild, the focus of the game is war that is what we like, we kill monsters only to look for pieces we don’t want to go in some dungeon searching or playing fruit ninja on a monster.

    We want a mini map on the right to find targets easy or at least hive clusters and lay of the land. Instead of hrs of searching, we want understandable pts to prize events and BETTER REWARDS, we want more for our $100 much more than what is on offer with Mz water down chest, and your dead events.

    The truth is the game is becoming boring because Mz have to realize that a $100 purchase should be more than enough for any player to spend a month, This $100 should be enough for them to build a million t4 troops do two 8 million power researches and open some chest and get some nice pieces to make at least one piece of over powered gear. Until Mz realize this the game will keep going down.

    Participation is getting lower every Kill power event and KVK. This is because we are not stupid we can see no reward in any of the current events I am sure you can see your log in time and alliance participation going down. We need MZ to STOP BEING GREEDY!!!! The more we get is the more we will fight, the more we will build, the more fun we will all have.

  31. JB says

    I agree with his suggestions. It would be nice if MZ would offer a cost range of packs not just the $100 ones or add a buffet style pack where players could pick what goes into the pack based on gold value.

  32. Jeff Hickey says

    They need to post scores during the kvk..i want to know where my kingsom is situated during a 24 hour or three day event..Would make more players get involved in the kvk. Also there should be an ecent where you capture hero’s during a kvk and points awarded .These players leave their hero home at level 14 and smaller players should also be executed .They have to learn to play the game the right way…Also during a kvk if my hero is captured i should be able to port over and try to rescue him..theres usually 2/3 days before execution is granted .

  33. gamer says

    Cant blame MZ for trying to extract as much money as possible from the game.. they know the game will die soon.

  34. KBsr says

    I totally agree with these suggestions except maybe the increased march size ( small players and traps would be doomed).

    The cost of playing this game is getting out of hand!!

  35. Nguyen Nam says

    I still keep my GOW account after got enough of late MZ bull****. No need to play, just hang around with friends and sometime fight with friends on a half dead kingdom. And no need to have those suggestions, MZ have old customers (us), that already paid, and time to leave the tables (and pack all those lvl6 mats with u too), leave the place for new wave of customers. Think that way and you will feel easy. It’s just a business for MZ.

    Spend some money myself, get into the top 10 in my kingdom, and time to leave, nothing to do, thats the problem.

  36. Travis says

    I agree with stayalive77 and my idea is have a sub aliance for people with more then 1 account the main account is the leader and the others 4 farms or reinforcements what have u but be able to controle them from main like aliance city have like 5 citys per sub aliance or 100 what ever and dont make people pay for it mz u would make nore frome people being able to build more then not


  37. Chris says

    Current KVK KE quite boring, target will run out not more than 2-3 hrs after its started. It will be nice if KVK KE not only 2 kingdom involved each. 3-4 Kingdom open like last month monster tournament final will be nice, and for sure with more prize like Stay77 suggested.

  38. Tammi says

    Just because MZ releases new gear doesn’t mean you have to craft each one. They’re options not requirements. Also people who don’t spend do need the time between kvk events to train/research and save up gold/alliance funds for shields.

    1. tazzy21 says

      Maybe not daily, but every few days would be great, it might also keep internal fighting down as there wouldn’t be such long times between kill events for the bigs to get bored.

  39. Eric-h.
    Eric-h. says

    These are excellent suggestions, I hope MZ acts. I would add combining older kingdoms, and new more powerful standard gear for the broke guys.

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