The Emperor of GOW Speaks Out On Recent Changes

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Stayalive posted on his Instagram once again today reaching out to Machine Zone to make some changes to the game. We posted his requests back in July here, but a lot of them haven't been implemented yet.

Here's what Stayalive has to say:

"An update for all gow players, apparently MZ needs to put more efforts to enhance game features and the performance. Hundreds are quitting and we're not far to take such decision."

Before moving reading any further, players must know that Stayalive loves Game of War and wants to keep playing it. He's invested tons of money and time so the last thing he wants is to stop. We are in frequent contact with him here at Real Tips and it's his favorite mobile game by far. With that being said, he does wish for some changes to take place. Those changes are described below in an easy to read format.

Update for our requests I posted, followed by thoughts on the progress of each of them.

"Increase March Size in rallies"

  • This has not been changed.

"Tap all RSS feature."

  • This was promised before the end of July and it is now mid-August without it being introduced.

"Make KvK's cheaper to finish."

  • KvK's are very difficult to finish at nearly every level of game play.

"Make Infernos 'easier' to finish."

  • Inferno events are structured very poorly.

"During a KE, make kingdom wonder, like SW."

  • It's been said it is currently being designed.

"More Kill events."

  • I love the power destroy kill event system, but loathe the tier based structure. Another concern I had was with this most recent tournament, it has allowed some kingdoms to qualify with one point, and other to not qualify when they had 11 points.

"After each KvK showing the points scored in the history of event. Not only the names."

  • Nothing...

"Lock kingdoms when the elimination rounds begin."

  • Kingdoms are locked, but cheating during tournaments is constant.

"Resource Tiles became useless."

  • Resource tiles are now able to be protected, which is nice, but the resources given are still pretty irrelevant compared to the cost of the most researches.

"Increase the materials/cores/pieces dropped in chests."

  • With the general's set, it took $5000 to get 1 lvl 6 piece. That is unreasonable for any player.
  • Additionally, have more cores and pieces unlocked at once. The limit was created when cores and pieces were first introduced, now it's hard to get all the pieces and cores to craft without having to switch them every few minutes, which is extremely time consuming.

"Make smaller packs. Bring back the $49.99 packs."

  • I have yet to see any smaller size packs.

"Increase Inventory Slots."

  • Inventory slots have doubled.

"Slow down the release of new cores and pieces."

  • We spoke still about it in our second email, and yesterday new gear was released. In July, 4 sets were introduced. In August, only new helmets have been released, which is a pretty nice thing.

"Drops of treasure maps needs to be increased."

  • Drops have increased which is nice (doubled according to you guys). Unfortunately the time to complete digs has also recently doubled, which is pretty pointless.

"Reopen Coliseum."

  • Though reopening the coliseum is always nice to see, it is occurring on a weekday when many are working. Also, it was sad to see that the hourly Athens gifts were gone, and the events there were not very rewarding at all. Monsters were hard to hit, as they did not respawn quickly.

"Other Thoughts"

  • The core glitch, which they told me was fixed mid-July, is still not fixed. I, along with many others, lost their heroes due to this glitch at the SW.  It is not fixed, though it should be.
  • Probably the biggest issue: LAG! My game lags terribly, and regardless of how great my internet is and how new my device is, it takes at least 10 minutes to load messages and reports on my primary account.
  • By the way, last we spoke to MZ, they requested feedback on some information about March increase and kingdom merging.  I feel both are inevitable and essential to continuing to have the game prosper.
  • MZ should start caring about their game, and try to fix the lag and improve the overall quality before they lose my, along with many others, interest.  There's no reason for me to keep spending on a game, when the developers don't act like they care about it.

As always, I appreciate and would like to thank you guys for all the support and I hope I can improve the game and make it enjoyable for all.

stayalive feedback to MZ

You can follow Stayalive on his instagram at stayalilve_77

MZ has been releasing a lot of new features that they probably had in the works since before Stayalive reached out to them in July. It will be interesting to see how MZ reacts to constructive feedback from their biggest player. Who knows they could be working on what Stayalive suggested as we speak.

To be continued...



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  1. Remember when infernos were achievable? When one could buy a single pack and it could carry them through, not just one, but 2-3 complete Kvks? Now one pack will barely get you through a lone inferno and kvk?….out of the question unless you don’t mind dropping hundreds$$$ or you’ve been saving up for a long time.
    For transparency, I am a mid-level player and mid-level spender. Mid-level, in my definition, is between 1.5 and 3 billion power plus an excess of 100 mil kills. I include kills because it demonstrates a lot about the power lost to reach that achievement. Moving on.. Even as a mid-level spender, I used to be a significant player in my kingdom. Well, at least to myself and my team, lol. What I mean is…I lead rallies, landed many strong solos, and scored very high in every KE. I was never a trap but got snared by many (respect to those guys and gals), but I was able to play competitively! That has changed. The game has not just suffocated the small/trap account, but has also done the same to nearly all of its mid-level players. Those who worked so hard, and yes spent a bit of money, to get to those levels are now nearly obsolete. I will admit, embarrassing as it is now, to spending quite a bit more than I should have at times..but moreso here recently. I dropped a full grand in an attempt to get the colossus gear when the legendary sale was going… In hindsight, I think it was my last attempt to become somewhat relevant in the game again. The attempt was futile as the drop rate for the mats necessary to craft quality items is very, very poor. After thousands and thousands of chests, i was able to craft only 5 of the 7 items needed for a full set and had spent nearly every drop of stored and purchased silver that I had. What I was left with was a base set that was mostly ineffective…without the full set bonus…and a ton of speeds and misc resources, but no silver to train or research with. Essentially, after spending $1,000 in one bunch…I was left with nothing but a dent in my bank account. I can’t help but chuckle though, I had afterall made the decision to spend my money on the gamble, lol. I’m sure many of you have experienced the same at some point in the game.
    After saying all that though, I come to my real quarrel with MZ…
    Just days later, members of my alliance began to get a 50% OFF Super Fire Sale for $49.99. The players who received the offer ranged in power from 300 mil to 3.5 bil…. I thought surely I’d be offered the same sale soon. More time goes by and many other players are offered this incredible deal! But not me. I wrote MZ to ask why I had y received it. I ended up writing them more and more over the next 2 weeks as players received the same deal…some even better deals…but still not me. I won’t go into detail on MZ’s responses but let’s just say it was “the marketing department that determines what accounts get offered what gold packs”. In the end I, along with only a handful of members in my alliance, NEVER received that deal or any like it. It was at that time that I realized GOW was rigged. That none of us are treated equally. That MZ decides who gets to grow and for what amount they are allowed to grow at… Whether you spend big or little, it does not matter. Everyone should be OFFERED the chance to grow at the SAME rate. The game will never be fair so long as players are not treated with equal opportunities at growth. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that some were given this chance to grow at 1/2 price if they chose to. I am simply angered that I and others were not even given that same choice. I will not spend another dime in the game now that I know how low MZs ethics are. Unfair competition is not something I care to throw money at.
    Apologies if I upset anyone. My rant is over.

    • Cailyx, personally I believe everyone should be offered the 50% off packs as well. I think you definitely have the right to be frustrated here. As a spender yourself, I think you deserve special deals more than anyone. At the same time an argument could be made that MZ wants smaller players to have a chance at competing, so they are only offering it to them for now.

  2. NO MARCHINCREASE without a limitation depending on the attacked aim!!!
    With a marchincrease/Rally-marchincrease big Players will Zero smaller even easier. We Need this marchincrease only against powerfull and unbeatable big Players. So there MUST BE A LIMITATION DEPENDING ON THE STRONGHOLDS LEVEL OF THE AIM. It shouldn´t be allowed to make a Rally e.g. with 5 lvl 21 against a lvl 14 and this with the same marchsize like a Rally against a lvl 21!
    Thats my opinion!

  3. I have been playing this Game for quite some time now, since i am spending but not a lot i always had to made up for that by putting much more time in it than everyone else who was fine at the time. Started out as Solo Trap long before all the Strategy sites spawn up and since i grew up in a small Ally i knew how to fight.I then switched up and became one of the first Rally traps in my Kingdom which worked very nice in the beginning.I always tried to keep my power as low as possible and mostly only research battle relevant stuff to lure normal Gear attacks, well that for one is not working anymore since every big has a corset running anyway nowadays.2-3 months ago i was doing good mostly as 500 mill rally trap since i use hospitals and meatshilds to stay on top but now ppl are soloing me and if i don’t get boosts and debuff on in time they win !!!!People write here about 1 Bill players hanging around unshielded idk which Game you are playing but here everything below 3 Bill better shild up while offline.Nobody ever is hanging around without battle gear but still with new cores a bill player looses around 60-80 mill power if he doesn’t core up himself so you have around 1 Min to react or loose 100usd per hit ….Actually i am totally fine that there is some danger to bigs now the problem that hasn’t been considered is that practicaly nobody gets hit without super cores anymore since they are running anyway.
    The way new gear gets released und you never ever get enough Mats to build any of it without constantly spending just makes my Account even more useless.
    I totaly agree on the Events they don’t help you at all since without buying packs all the time you can’t do them anyway and even if you do them rewards are BS.I would need to build 4 Mill t4 for doing one inferno event…Well thats more than i have and more than i was able to build in a whole year…so how am i supposed to play? take a rally hit loose 2 Million t3/t4 and get 40k gold to rebuild them lol.
    The lag or getting kicked problem is obviously the foult of 100 of internet providers all over the world *g*
    I used to buy 1 Pack every 2-3 months which is still much much more than i ever spend on a game before but i stopped that half year ago since it is totally pointless.

  4. Spenders need targets. If a 375K march can kill 1 Million troops, the person who is now zeroed needs to be able to rebuild to 1 M troops in some reasonable amount of time or the number of targets in the game goes down. Since they need targets for spenders, they need to make it possible for free players to get to 1M Troops and recover so they can take another hit.

    I’d like to see troop train infernos that are based on the number of troops you have. If you have zero, easy infernos. Then make them progressively harder. But the key thing is it needs to be easy for free players to recover troops to some level where they can play.

    Also, during kill events, stagger the points to allow lower players to get gold too. We want to encourage them to fight, lose, and rebuild and not Fight, lose, and quit or shield all the time.

    • You couldn’t have said it better. With the new gear, set research, and hero lvl 60, most (not everyone) people that don’t spend thousands of $$$ are now at a huge disadvantage. Where they could take a hit and survive to fight again in a few minutes or days, now they are down for days to weeks rebuilding (unless you buy a pack to rebuild which a lot of people try and avoid). Thus that person either quits or shields for a prolonged period.

      Most recent kvk’s have seen the effects of this change. You have to be extremely lucky to find good targets since most kingdoms now have almost all active accounts under 1 billion shielded throughout the entire kvk unless they are actively porting and hunting (and finding little targets themselves). The days of small to mid sized players dropping shields and finishing for a hit are dwindling as those hits are getting harder and harder to survive. Trust me, if all the non-big spenders start getting bored during kvk events you start seeing a mass exodus as that was one of the main things a lot of players build their City’s for.

    • Troops inferno’s that are based on the numer troops you have – I admit, that is a great idea. Someone should send that to MZ. That get’s zeroed or players that were hit hard some reason to get back in the game.

  5. Tim, your comment is completely irrelevant and idiotic. With the statement you just posted there would only be billion players running around hitting each other which is completely pointless. I would like to see how “FUN” the game is when all you can do is rally people and I doubt you’ll have many willing to lose the troops to zero multiple billion players. Of course it depends on cores and the persons gear, but you get my point. People, big spenders, like you make this game about money, which it’s not. Strategy is a viable option and traps accounts are one of these strategies. Knowing that you can make an account that can compete with the other “Big” players just irritates you because you’ve spent thousands of dollars and lose your hero in one march. The arrogance of your comment makes me happy that I’ve created one. You’re also saying its one of the biggest glitches in the game which makes no sense, you talk about a strategy being a glitch which I don’t understand. the core glitch, lag, and many other reasonable problems that MZ negates to fix are glitches. With the new cores coming out every week, along with the full set bonus which can get a new samurai set to over 900 with proper gems and it being very easy to spot a trap now you shouldn’t have problem with traps. Traps target middle management bigs not the billion players, but I can see why you being 1b or bigger gets made at the fact that a 65-70m account can take your hero, but its not a glitch its a strategy.

    MZ being a money hungry company this will not change. Stay can talk about change all he wants, but if all talk is what he’s going to do it won’t change a thing. He talks about all these changes, but then goes and drops 5 grand to get a set. The only way this will change is to have a boycott. Without showing MZ that we are serious they will just continue to do what they’re doing. Have nobody show for the Super Wonder this month and some issues will instantly change. Just a food for thought, I’ll be waiting for the arrogant comments after I post this and will be laughing at them. Just remember everyone we can talk about it, which will change nothing, but being about it will change everything.

  6. Now that bigs can be zeroed relatively inexpensively the game’s become interesting again.

    If rally sizes are increased I’d like that to happen without increasing individual march size so that it encourages more alliance participation. It’s very frustrating for players to port to rallies and be unable to get troops in. Even the most disciplined group struggle with this during peak times as everyone’s hungry for kills / points.

    Keep up the good work Stay. Your dialogue with MZ is changing things for the better.

  7. Sadly, I’ve reached a point of capitulation. This game is too far gone and I no longer think it’s capable of being saved. Someone explain how, for the last month, they’ve been running the same damn KvK where you have to get 400m points, but every inferno event is 8m points or less? Even if you did all ~21 infernos for any given day, you would only get less than 200m KvK points. The inferno prizes are a joke now too — like 10-20k gold a few speed ups. The infernos aren’t worth doing alone, and you can’t combine them to reach KvK anymore, so how are we supposed to grow/train/research? I literally have 2b of each resource saved up waiting for anything worth doing.

    The Kill Events are harder than ever. By now, everyone who is bad about shielding has been zeroed many times and probably quit. Everyone has their mains and farms shielded permanently. There is no one to fight except at the wonder. Even at the wonder, the enemy refuses to fight unless they have a gear advantage, so what’s the point of going there?

    All the same problems which have been around since day 1 are still around and have only gotten worse. Can’t use rss packs, can’t open all my chests (without $$ spent), can’t use all my small speed ups, can’t combine all my mats (without $$ spent), can’t possibly collect all the materials needed for high end gear without $$$, crafting cores is frustrating/time consuming due to the idiotic switching in and out of cores/pieces. The game is overcomplicated with tons of worthless stuff that clogs up the screen, lags the game and confuses you.

    So, what are the casual players left with? It used to be that we could compete, find smaller targets, complete kill events and maybe a build/train/research event every few weeks. Every change, every feature that comes out just widens the gap between casual players and megaspenders. Even simple features like open all chests…why the hell can’t everyone have that? It’s not a power things…its just a convenience/interface thing. Like…design a terrible interface, then charge people to make it better? Ugh..rant over.

    • Great post with some really on-the-money criticism. Agree with most of it; now as a mid-range SH21 the game is reduced to staying shielded, farming for gold, and completing a research event every week or so. It’s nice to see progress through the research tree, but really the whole game has become a time-consuming Farmville, and the research I am doing has no real purpose or end benefit.

      The way MZ always tries to extract $ or gold from game enhancements that should be generally available to improve everyone’s game experience is quite disgusting.

      Still, there is at least a Coliseum at a weekend running today!

  8. The game has changed a lot in the last month or so to heavily favor the big spenders. I was rallied by a 22 billion player working the system, he set the rally 15 or so squares away, far enough to be off my screen. Therefore I figured I’d have time to check the incoming rally to decide what to do as usually it would be a 2-5 minute march depending on research. Well, he switched to full Hermes set right as the rally left. The rally hit me in 8 seconds and of course he switched to a core set before impact and boom my 3 million troops were zeroed in one hit.

    Also, a guy in my alliance typically sits at about 220 million power and a month ago he could take a full cored hit and have 400-500k troops sent to the hospital and could usually take full rallies without getting hurt too much. This weekend, he was soloed by a different 22 billion player with 1 solo march of 375k troops killing about 1.1 million of his troops.

    The increase in the cores stats is one thing but the set bonus tree, which is irrelevant to most players since full sets require a huge amount of $$$ with the current materials drop rates from chests, is what really makes these big spenders unstopable now. Does MZ really think the game will last long when every kvk is just a handful of 10-30 billion players fighting for each others wonders? Small to medium sized players always had a chance to do some damage and have fun but more and more in kvk’s there isn’t anyone in the 50-400 million range to fight as they’re either shielded the whole time in fear of the big guys or already quit and zeroed. The defense tree made the traditional t3 trap mostly obsolete, the set tree (as more and more big players finish their sets and complete the tree) and stronger cores are quickly making players under 1-2 billion mostly obsolete. There’s going to be a lot of desolate kingdoms if players think they have to spend enough to reach a 1-2 billion threshold before they can even really compete.

  9. I detest traps. Biggest glitch in the system. No way a few hundred dollar player should be able to compete with a few thousand dollar player. These casual spenders should be able to be zeroed and make bigger players more challenging. That being said we used 3 alliances to zero a 5.2 billion power player with 260 million troops down to 785 million power in 35 minutes. Each alliance won in points. This is a bit extreme in my opinion……but it was fun. His hero went from level 50 to level 55 on those hits but lost thousands in troops.

    • It’s way extreme…I’m sure it was fun, problem is when you can zero anyone and everyone there’s going to be no one left. Granted 5b with zero power of only 785 and hero 50 prob hasn’t been playing for a while. It’s people that make the game fun, and they are leaving seemingly in droves. It’s a sad state right now. I very much enjoy they game still but the writing is on the wall. Some of these suggestions are great, particularly making events that are achievable without buying 5 packs. It’s insane and way too much for most everyone. Increasing March size or rally size at this point is a terrible idea, as witnessed by zeroing 260m troops in 30 minutes. I’m not a big fan of traps either, but smashing through millions of t4 with 375k is absurd. It’s a team game and should stay that way. With the power these guys come at you with now, most players simply can’t compete and they will continue to quit because what’s the point. Most can’t drop anywhere near the amount of $ it cost to stay competitive and it’s obvious. And honestly why should they?

    • 260M troops? What did he have all T2 or something you dropped him approx 4.5B troop power having 100M t4 would be 3.6B power right there. With his troop tier type it would seem you could have zeroed him quite easily, considering the player was 5b that is.

    • But why should people have to spend thousands of dollars to compete? I get where you are coming from but I think it’s the players like this that already have enough advantage over everybody else that need to chill out, people CANNOT spend the amounts required and that’s why everybody under 1 billion is shielded, there is no point doing anything when you can be ported on and hammered and you guys don’t feel shit, plus you’ve got the millions of gold anyway to retrain what little troops you lost so literally no —-s are given… meanwhile the other guy just lost 6months work in the first 3 minutes of kvk, what’s a guy to do?

  10. Currently, my trap has 840,000 beds and 655% strategic troop health, along with 3m troops, 2m being t2 and 1m t3. You may thing this is enough to take one core hit and shield, but it isn’t. A hit from a core set like the Dragon King set or the Four Horsemen set will fill all your hospitals AND kill 500k troops on top of that.. It’s insane. Anybody under 5 billion power can be easily zeroed now-a-days.

  11. It is very hard to find anyone under 1billion not shielded. Also I’m scared to take a core hit from a 2bill player how do I know he won’t take my hero in the first attack. I need to test my trap out for sure. .

  12. Couple of comments that I think would make the game better for everyone.

    I don’t think that you should get to ZERO players. With the amount of money we all spend on this game, it is heartbreaking to see someone make the mistake of a dropped shield, falling asleep, glitch or some other common error causing them to lose hundreds of dollars. The way to make this more interesting would be allow players a fixed amount of rallys that could be sent. For example, say the fixed amount is 3 rallys. On the 3rd rally, the players hero either flees or is captured by the rally leader. The rally leader/player would need an item to discover the location of the hero.

    In addition, I think that there should be items available in packs that would permit a rally leader to drop the shield of an opposing player for a certain amount of time… say 15 minutes. If the player is online, he would need an item that would allow him to reshield or he could port.

    This would allow for more targets during events.

    Look…I’m spending hundreds of dollars on a game. I make gear and get all dressed up for events and there’s not jack to hit in some of these kingdoms. It needs to become more playable.

    • No way I agree with someone dropping my shield. I could be in bed or at work.

      I agreemany kingdoms are not a playable anymore due to shields and inactivity. I think one method may be what clash of clans uses – level setting the Strongholds. Setting up tiers (Sh 15-18, 19-20, 21) or possibly if a SH 21 attacks a SH 20, there is some debuff or constraint they face?

      The kingdoms are vacant because big spending players with T4’s set fire to everyone else, even small SH15’s that just got T3 unlocked. If you have a constraint, it may be possible for non spenders to enjoy the game more and therefore stay and build.


    P.S I’m very high, may not have come out the best but you get what I mean 😉


    I remember when it was absolutely nutters to hit ANYONE over 40 million power, it’s gotten to the point where anyone up to 400mil will be soloed, sure strategies are everything and there are still 40-50 mil accounts absolutely making a killing… and the one thing that I feel will ruin a lot….level 60 hero gear… nobody will be able to survive that unless you can spend like a big player, took me all this time to finally get t4s and now with all this expensive stuff released I might as well be 20mil again… The one thing I like is MZ giving more gold through athenas gifts, fund people to choose their own paths, that way everybody has a shot and it all comes down to ACTUAL strategy in battles, not whoever spent the most of their life savings on cores

  15. I’m not a fan of the power destroyed points system. It favors big money spenders and penalizes traps. By having a tier points system in makes the big money guys actually think instead of just hitting the send max button.

  16. He keeps complaining but he keeps spending so who cares

  17. Largest complaint about GOW is the terrible lag and crashing during events, they keep blaming the service carriers, but it effects people on all different services across dozens of counties instantly, with the common denominator being there servers. they need to get the issue addressed or stop the multiple kingdom events


  18. I like 95% of what hes saying. And totally agree.. except one thing.
    Rally/March size has been doubling every month nearly for the past three.

    Specialized set bonuses allow someone with the right research to add 1200% + troop attack to certain sets like fire age Calvary. I’ve seen this. And much more to core sets.

    Mystery cores allow additional troop attack. 100-200% at least usually per item

    Hero level 60? It’s so ridiculous how much stronger you can be that my king leaves no hero in the wonder and still wins if the rally leader isn’t above hero 58.

    My kings Dmar and Machine (big ups ) went to sw to level up last month and were rallying 12+ bil power players who were in monster gear and destroying them. Killing 5 times the troops he lost and this was with hero 55. 598 mil hero exp in that rally.

    So two months ago a well built low fluff all t3/4 600 power player w presets could take most rallies without major losses.. the following month w secret cores and set bonuses you’d need to be 1+ billion. Now with hero 60 a rally anvil needs to be what? 10+ billion with a hero 60 and online to hit cores.

    My bigs right now look at a 2-5 billion player offline in war gear as a target. And 10+ billion in monster gear is just funny to them.

    What’s next month going to be like?

    Point being they have in their way
    increased March/rally strength but only for big spenders.

    K294 KfU John soze.

    • This was a summary of what he had actually wanted to say. The game is broken, we understand. We burned a 20billion, that’s just not right, no one is safe. What do having these huge cores and set bonus do? It unbalances the game, and makes regular gear even more irrelevant. I do not agree with all the changes that has happened in the past few weeks in game. The changes are ridiculous, but it is MZ’s game and they unfortunately get to make the decisions.

    • Your King does not win when his hero is not in the wonder idiot.. learn how to play

      • Your a special kind of silly huh.. yes my king does win. Yes I have the screen shots. Yes you are wrong.


        John soze.

      • If you are stupid enough to believe that it is possible for someone to have the wonder full without their hero and beat out a full march with a level 58 hero you are seriously delusional. That, or it is a major glitch.