The Foolish Easter Egg Hunt

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Happy Easter you Fool. Easter this year falls on April fools day so we are gonna have our own little Easter Egg Hunt. Those that succeed will find the rules for our next contest and it is one you will want to be a part of. Will you be the fool that ignores this or the one to find the Egg?

For this contest you will need to figure out one word. In order to figure out the word you must collect the letters.

  • 1 letter will only be released on Discord and Line so if you are not in our rooms now is the time to join! Add thatcinder for Line and shoot me a message to add you!
  • 2 letters will be found in the answers to the questions below.
  • 1 letter will not be released,  it wouldn’t be April fools without a little trickery from #Teamrealtips.

Can you solve this challenge? If you do message the word to Cinder or Eagle on Discord or Line and you will be put on the early release list for the contest that could win you 100 dollars!!!

The Questions

The Egg Gem was a part of what set?

4th letter in the first word

After three days your hero will rise from the grave. What original hero rose after three days?

Second Letter


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