The Little Things That You Shouldn’t Forget About in Dragon War Dimension

Gems, VIP, and more in the Dragon War Dimension

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There are so many features and items to keep track of when playing Game of War, it can get overwhelming. This can mean that sometimes the little things can get overlooked and forgetting about them can make the difference between being capped or burned.

In this article, we are going to explore some of the little things that shouldn’t be forgotten when building your Dragon War Dimension account.


Let’s start with one of the little things that can make a huge difference. Gems are integral to the game and when leveled can add some amazing stats to your build. Currently, in the Dragon War Dimension, the gems that are available are limited but this also makes it a little easier to choose what gems you want to use for your setup. Here we will look at gems that are available and what stats they offer. However, be aware the gems you choose to use will be dependent on what you are able to level up and the stats that you want to enhance for your build.


  • Infantry Gem- This Gem offers Infantry Attack at level 6 it gives 48%
  • Cavalry Gem- This Gem offers Cavalry Attack at level 6 it also gives 48%
  • Ranged Gem- This Gem offers Ranged Attack at level 6 it gives 48%
  • Health Gem- This gives a Troop Health Bonus at level 6 you get 22%
  • Siege Gem- This gem gives Siege Attack at level 6 it gives 48%
  • Defense Gem- This Gem offers Troop Defense Bonus at level 6 it gives 25%
  • Trap Gem- This Gem increases the attack of all Traps within your City at level 6 it gives 81%
  • March Gem- Increases the March Speed of all Troop Types at Level 6 it offers 11%
  • Demigod Dimension Barrage Gem- Offers Troop Attack Bonus
  • Demigod Dimension Getaway Gem- Offers Troop Defense Bonus
  • Demigod Dimension Cryptonom Gem- Offers Trap Attack, Troop Attack Bonus, and Troop Defense Bonus.
  • Torment Gem- This Gem offers a Rally Attack Bonus at level 6 it gives 25%

New Gems

Recently 4 New Gems were released in the Dragon War Dimension with some nice stats to compliment them. Be sure to work towards getting the Gems that will best contribute towards your setup.

  • Level 6 Empire Strike Troop Defense Gem (48% Empire Strike Defense)
  • Level 6 Empire Defender Health (25% Empire Defender Health)
  • Level 6 Wonder Striker Gem (25% Wonder Strike Attack)
  • Level 6 Wonder Defender Gem (25% Wonder Holding Troop Defense)

Special Gems

These gems are a little different from the ones we listed above. They go in the fourth gem slot which is only available to be opened when you have completed the research in your Craft Research Tree to open them. In order to complete this research, you must be at least Academy Level 25.

  • Prophecy Gem- this gem allows you to embed another Gem that matches the type of an already embedded Gem. By increasing the level of your prophecy Gem you increase the level of the duplicate Gem you can embed.
  • Hades Gem- Hades Gems allows you to apply an “invisibility cloak” to your gear and prevents enemies from seeing what you are wearing. By leveling up these Gems you can increase the level of equipment you are able to cloak.
  • Demigod Dimension Oversmash Gem- This Gem offers Trap Attack, Troop Attack Bonus, and Troop Defense Bonus
  • Garnet Gem- This Gem increases the Attack and HP of all Infantry Troops
  • Topaz Gem- This Gem increases the Attack and HP of all Cavalry Troops
  • Sapphire Gem- This Gem increases the Attack and HP of all Ranged Troops
  • Monster Gem- This Gem Increases your Hero’s March Speed when Attacking a Monster and the Likelihood of dealing a Critical Hit
  • Haunted Gem- This Gem offers Troop Defense at level 6 it gives 25%
  • Wonder Defending Gem- This Gem offers Troop Attack while Holding the Wonder at level 6 it gives 48%. This gem is available in loyalty rewards.


While we mention banners in the Dragon City Walkthrough it is appropriate to mention them here as well. Banners offer some nice boosts that can give you the extra edge that you need. Be sure to combine them to higher levels when you are able to. However, make sure you watch your cooldown times as well. Do not activate your banners until you need them or they will run out and you will have to wait out the cooldown time before you are able to activate them again.

wdt_IDBannerMax StatsPossible UsesWhere to Obtain
1Hallowed Horseman Banner25% Rally Attack BonusRally AttackGold Store
2Dragon War Dimension Infantry Banner48% Infantry Attack
48% Infantry Defense
Gold Store
Black Market
3Dragon War Dimension Ranged Banner48% Ranged Attack
48% Ranged Defense
Gold Store
Black Market
4Dragon War Dimension Cavalry Banner48% Cavalry Attack
48% Cavalry Defense
Gold Store
Black Market
5Dragon War Dimension Troop Banner25% Troop Attack Bonus
25% Troop Defense Bonus
Loyalty Rewards
6Hallowed Vampire Banner48% Troop Defense BonusDefenseGold Store
8Wonder Troop Health Banner25% Wonder Troop Health BonusWonderLoyalty Rewards
9Troop Health Banner25% Troop Health BonusDefense
10Christmas Special March Banner25% March SpeedMarch SpeedGold Store
11New Year Special: Returning March Banner25% March Return Speed BonusMarch SpeedGold Store

Villas or Hospitals or Barracks?

There is often the debate of what to build more of within your city. Currently out of these three buildings villas are the only one that gives combat stats. However, there are definitely benefits to building hospitals and barracks as well.

  • Villas- these give defense however, they do not begin to give defense until level 10 and the amount is minimal until you reach higher levels of this building.
  • Hospitals– by building hospitals you are able to increase the number of beds you have available for your troops to decrease the number of troops you may lose when you are hit. This is a good setup in events such as KE due to being able to heal quickly and gain points while not giving away points.
  • Barracks- Barracks offer the ability to train more troops. For players who want to train large quantities of troops quickly, Barracks are going to be your best bet. However, for players who go this route, you will be dependent on your troop count to keep you safe.

For more detailed information about these buildings make sure you take a look at a Dragonville City Walkthrough.

Athena’s Armory

Athena’s Armory is another place that is available to get some well-hidden boosts. While this feature can be expensive to level up and get the lower level set bonuses if you are able to purchase the unlock in the Black Market and work towards crafting gold sets then the set bonuses you receive can give a good boost.

Note that if you do plan on leveling this building up it does give a substantial increase in power so be cautious before deciding to take this route. Below we will take a look at set bonuses offered.

12Unlock Set Bonuses up to Basic20 Blueprints
23Unlock Set Bonuses up to Common40 Blueprints
34Unlock Set Bonuses up to Uncommon60 Blueprints
45Unlock Set Bonuses up to Rare80 Blueprints
56Unlock Set Bonuses up to Epic300 Blueprints

Altar Boosts and Prisoner Boosts

Another place you can receive boosts is from your altar. However, in order to receive these, your altar boosts must be active. In order to be active, you are required to execute or have a Hero hemlock in your prison. The benefits for the altar increase as you level it up more. For traps be cautious as a graveyard that is too good could signal leads that you are not a good target.

LevelAttack (%)Troop Defense Bonus (%)Health (%)Speed (%)

You are also able to receive benefits by holding heroes in your prison. However, these do not begin until level 30. When doing this the higher the level of the hero and your prison the higher the boost you receive. For example, if you have a level 30 prison and prisoner level 81+ you receive 40% all troop attack. However, if you have the same hero but a level 40 prison you receive 56% all troop attack. Lower hero levels give lower bonuses.


There are many boosts within the Dragon War Dimension that can also prove to be helpful. We have everything from basic combat boosts to anti-scout boosts. Each of these boosts serves their own purpose and can be applied in different situations. However, they are all helpful to different aspects of gameplay.


  • Attack
  • Troop Health
  • Fake Army- this makes your army appear larger when you are scouted
  • March Size
  • Anti Scout- One of my favorites this keeps your opponents from being able to see what you are hiding in your Stronghold
  • Troop Queue- This allows you to train larger quantities of troops at once
  • Monster Attack- Kill those monsters faster
  • Upkeep Reductions
  • Production Boosts
  • Gathering Boosts
  • Hero XP- Boost the amount of Hero XP you are receiving to level your Hero Faster

Boost Hall

The Boost Hall has been added and there a few boosts that are currently available here. There are three tabs when you go into the Boost Hall.

  1. Athena’s Rewards
  2. Economics
  3. Combat

While the Economics Boosts are always great to have the ones we really want to focus in on are the Combat Boosts. These are some great hidden stats for traps and leads alike to give you the extra boost you need.

Under Combat you have the following Boosts available:

  • 125% Infantry, Cavalry, and Ranged Attack
  • 100% Infantry, Cavalry, and Ranged Attack
  • 75% Infantry, Cavalry, and Ranged Attack
  • 50% Infantry, Cavalry, and Ranged Attack
  • 45% Health, Defense, and Attack
  • 35% Health, Defense, and Attack
  • 25% Health, Defense, and Attack
  • 15% Health, Defense, and Attack

New Boosts

New Combat Boosts have now been added to the Boost Hall in the Dragon War Dimension. Please see the Newest Combat Boosts below:

  • Troop Health with Hero 45%, 35%, 25%, and 15%
  • Troop Attack with Hero 45%, 35%, 25%, and 15%

What is important to note is that you do not need to unlock these in order. You can unlock 125% Infantry Attack first if you want. The boosts you pick to unlock first will be heavily based on how your own account is set up. For example, an account who is relying heavily on attack will unlock the type attack and troop attack boosts first. If you are a trap and you are doing well at killing off your attacker’s march but are struggling with capping then you will want Defense and Health Boosts.

Materials for Athena’s Rewards are not currently being given out. However, under Economics there are many boosts to help you on your way including boosts for Gathering, Capacity, Production, Construction, and Research. When unlocking Economic Boosts be sure to  Under the Combat tab, you have Type Stats for your Troops. This offers Ranged, Infantry, and Cavalry Attack. Be sure to use your Boost Hall Components wisely and remember you do not need to unlock them in order.


Finally, last but not least we will cover VIP. VIP currently maxes at level 50. VIP can make a considerable difference in stats and give that extra little boost that can push you over the edge. While this feature is one that can be a little more expensive it is definitely not one you want to forget.

VIP benefits include things such as production, quests, combat stats, construction Speed Ups, and more. Below we will take a look at some of the Combat Stats that are offered by VIP and when they begin.

wdt_IDVIP BenefitLevel First ReceivedMinimum BenefitMaximum Benefit
1Troop Health Bonus88%1,250%
2Troop Defense Bonus916%1,250%
3Troop Attack Bonus1024%1,250%
4Share Combat Report20--
5Hero 1 Presets2413
6Hero 2 Presets3413
7Hero 3 Presets4113
8Master Combine40--
9Food Upkeep Reduction38100%100%
10Cane Upkeep Reduction39100%100%

When considering leveling up your VIP be sure to consider how much VIP is in the pack and what that will do for your Stats. Note that instead of receiving Permanent VIP at a certain level there is now an “unlock item” that will give players Permanent VIP. If you do not have Permanent VIP, be sure that you activate your VIP when you have an incoming attack as this can make up a large portion of your stats.


Potions have arrived in the Dragon War Dimension. Players who have spent any time in the Demigod Dimension prior to this should be familiar with Potions. However, there are some basic things you do need to know when unlocking Potions in the Dragon War Dimension.


Your Alchemy Lab goes to Level 5 and with each level the benefits increase. See below to see the cost and benefits of each level.

wdt_IDLevelCostPotion DurationIngredient Crafting Slots
111,000 Tomes1 Hour1
221,000 Tomes2 Hours2
332,000 Tomes3 Hours3
442,000 Tomes5 Hours3
554,000 Tomes7 Hours4

Crafting Potions

When Crafting Potions you will want to choose a Vial and Ingredients. In order to be able to do this, you will need to know the stats of these items and whether or not these are stats you need for the purpose you are crafting.

Current Vials

Here is a list of Current Vials and the benefits that they give you:

  • Barbaric Enchantment- Adds 300% Empire Assault Troop Attack
  • Bulwark Enchantment- Adds 300% Empire Defender Troop Attack
  • Vanguard Enchantment- Adds 300% Wonder Troop Attack and Health
  • Infantry Mastery- Adds 480% Infantry: Attack, Health and Defense
  • Ranged Mastery- Adds 480% Ranged: Attack, Health and Defense
  • Cavalry Mastery- Adds 480% Cavalry: Attack, Health and Defense
  • Troop Mastery- Adds 300% Troop: Attack, Health and Defense
  • Ruthless Barbaric- Adds 600% Empire Assault: Attack, Health, and Defense

Each of these Vials obviously has a very different use. Some of the newer vials can pack a punch. For leads who are going troop specific the type potions can help strengthen your attack, however, do not miss the stats on that Ruthless Barbaric Vial.

Current Ingredients

Here we have a list of current Ingredients available sorted by what Vials they Should be used in.

Barbaric Enchantment or Ruthless Barbaric (for Leads)

Emerald Jewel- 50% Empire Assault Troop Attack

Golden Mushroom-50% Empire Assault Troop Health

Golden Rose- 50% Empire Assault Troop Defense

Lizard Eye-25% Empire Assault Troop Attack

Leech- 25% Empire Assault Troop Health

Rat Tail-25% Empire Assault Troop Defense

Ogre Femur- 25% Enemy Troop Health Debuff

Crushed Jasper- 25% Enemy Troop Defense Debuff

Spring Leaf- 25% Troop Attack

Bulwark Enchantment (for Traps)

Snake Venom- 25% Empire Defense Troop Attack

Fish Scales-25% Empire Defense Troop Health

Frog Legs- 25% Empire Defense Troop Defense

Spider Fangs- 25% Empire Enemy Troop Attack Debuff

Spring Leaf- 25% Troop Attack

Lotus Coin- 25% Troop Health

Living Ooze 25% Troop Defense

Troop Mastery Vial (can be used in multiple scenarios when another Vial is not available)

Spring Leaf- 25% Troop Attack

Lotus Coin- 25% Troop Health

Living Ooze 25% Troop Defense

Vanguard Enchantment (for Wonder Players

Batwing- 25% Wonder Assault Troop Attack

Snake Tongue-25% Wonder Holding Troop Attack

Raven Claw- 25% Wonder Troop Health

Ogre Femur- 25% Enemy Troop Health Debuff

Spring Leaf- 25% Troop Attack

Lotus Coin- 25% Troop Health

Living Ooze 25% Troop Defense

Troop Specific Potions

Infantry Mastery Vial

Lock of Hair- 40% Infantry Attack

Wolf Teeth- 40% Infantry Health

Deadly Mushroom- 40% Infantry Defense

Ranged Mastery Vial 

Bramble Thorns- 40% Ranged Attack

Poisonous Quill-40% Ranged Health

Petrified Horn- 40% Ranged Defense

Cavalry Mastery Vial

Rattlesnake Tail- 40% Cavalry Attack

Spiked Starfish- 40% Cavalry Health

Sharp Antlers- 40% Cavalry Defense

Have more than 3 slots? Mix in other ingredients based on the type of player you are and the lists above. Do not be afraid to get creative with your potions and try out new things!

The Number of ingredients you will be able to use and the Duration of your Potion will be dependent on your Alchemy Lab level so be sure to craft and activate wisely!

The little things in Game of War add up and can make a big difference. So be sure you are aware of what is out there and how to use those little things to your benefit.

What little things do you depend on for your setup? Comment below with any thoughts or questions.

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