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The People You Meet, Part 2


Our Journey continues with the people you meet in Game of War. While we have explored this topic to a degree, there are so many people you meet in Game of War that we simply could not fit them all in one article. Here, we will continue with The People You Meet in Game of War, Part 2. Be sure that you read the first part!

The People You Meet, Part 1

As our journey continues, we will see all sorts of people: the good, the bad, and the ugly. In the end, you will meet the same people in many communities. However, Game of War brings a unique blend.

The People You Meet Part 2

The Keyboard Warrior

This is probably our least favorite person. The Keyboard Warrior takes things a step further then just your typical internet troll. The Keyboard Warrior makes things personal and uses personal information to hurt people. While many warriors are strong and brave people, the Keyboard Warrior is not and will tear you to shreds. Keyboard Warriors are part of the “ugly” out there so if you find one turn and run quick! This is not a person you want to associate with!

Keyboard Warrior


This is a special breed of person. They will find something to complain about in every situation. Many times you find yourself getting sucked into the black hole of negativity when they are around. They complain about the game, about the people playing the game, and then when you complain about them complaining about everything, they complain about how persecuted they are. This person loves to sing their tale of woe to people who will listen in Kingdom Chat and are grateful for any type of attention so they can drag you down with them.

The Whiner

The Social Butterfly

This person is always around, in Kingdom Chat, in Alliance Chat, in Line or Discord Chat, they are there. They love to socialize and talk and you will find them wherever you go doing just that. A common criticism of the Social Butterfly is that they spend more time socializing then actually playing. While sometimes this is true, one of the things that we can say about the Social Butterfly is they are truly there for the people. Many times we find the Social Butterfly becoming one of our best friends in the community, and the great thing is they are always there to lend an ear.

Social Butterfly

The Antisocial Moth

You know this person plays — you see the changes to their account and you see them porting around. So you know for sure they play. However, seeing them speak in chats is a miracle in and of itself. This person is the opposite of the Social Butterfly. They could do without all the chatter. They speak only when it is game-related or if you are one of their closest friends. We often wonder what they are doing, but they don’t come out to play with the rest of the community despite our best attempts.

Anti Social Moth

The Manipulator/Liar/The Ugly

Where should I even start with this person? We have all met the manipulator or the liar. This person twists and tells the tallest tales. They ingrain themselves in your life and become your friend, but in reality they are not who they say they are. Unfortunately, they are a manipulator, a liar, and belong in the same category as our Keyboard Warriors. Here is the good thing: these people always get found out in the end. They can’t weave their web for long before people start to see through their lies and manipulation.


The Hero Collector

This person fills me with joy. We had a couple of these in my home kingdom. They go around before everyone wakes up and collect all the heroes. You see a long list of hero names gracing their Stronghold, and when three days go by, they make the rounds again and release and recapture just in case the person is no longer logging in. They want all the heroes and they won’t sacrifice the poor things by chopping their heads off so that they remain forever dead. In my home kingdom, one of our Hero Collectors referred to her prisoners as Clangers and would serve them tea. Here is the fun thing to do with Hero Collectors, find them at their weakest… and set a little fire! It is always fun to watch dozens of heroes scattering across the plains with nothing to wear as they run to their respective homes.

Hero Collector

The Blonde

There is always the person that asks the question that makes everyone go… really?? Maybe you should try another game. The Blonde asks questions about the game that you feel should be common sense and that anyone would know. Here is a little secret for you guys though… the Blonde is not always that blonde… Granted, there are people who should just put their phone down and walk away… but then there are the devious people like me. We play the Blonde and as if we have no clue what we are doing. Until you hit us and our devious trick works, and your hero becomes mine and you sit scratching your head, wondering what in the world just happened.

The Blonde

The KvK sleeper

Remember those all-night KvK? I certainly do — we would organize Line Calls to keep each other awake and coordinate our movements. These calls would be all-night chatter and we all know at times alcohol would be involved. KvK was always fun, but the calls made KvK epic! One thing that many of us were guilty of often, including myself, would be falling asleep. I often found myself dozing off and waking up just in time to flip gear or to find myself burning. Falling asleep during KvK resulted in many players getting zeroed or ruined graveyards… I tended to fall asleep on the side of a ruined graveyard… there were many times my log buddies saved my butt when I fell asleep during KvK. Falling asleep during KvK is almost a rite of passage in Game of War, and falling asleep and snoring on the Line Call made it even better with stories that will live on to this day. Especially when you woke up to find you were the only one left on the call!

KvK Sleeper

The Instigator

This person loves to start drama. They are quite adept at making one statement and then sitting back and watching the drama unfold, cue popcorn emoji or sticker. We all love a little drama; if we didn’t we wouldn’t be attracted to Kingdom Chat when the trolls are out and about. Some like to engage, some like to lurk, and others like to instigate. As long as you do not take it to the Keyboard Warrior level, a little fun and popcorn never hurt anyone.

The Instigator

The Leader

Follow the Leader! The Leader is a great person. Whether they possess the title of R4 or R1 you can always count on them to lead by example and be a support to their team. The leader makes sure that the little things get done and that everyone is ready to fill in and do their part. Whether it is calling out for fillers or, in the olden days, reminding us all about Alliance quests, you can count on the leader to be there and ready.

On the flip side we also have bad leaders. These are people that try to lead, but they really just come off as arrogant and bossy and end up getting ignored in the long run. A true leader prompts his followers and leads by example. Lead with Grace!

The Leader

The Lifelong Friends

We will wrap up this series with the Lifelong Friends. You meet many types of people in Game of War, some of which you wish you could unmeet. However, the lifelong friends are the reason we play and the reason we stay. The unique thing about games like GOW are that they are global and we are not bound by distance. We meet some amazing people in this community that we never would have had the chance to meet if we had not downloaded the game one day.

Our Alliance mates become more then friends; they become family. Sometimes we get the opportunity to meet in real life, and sometimes we remain lifelong friends tied together by a bond that many do not and never will understand. These are the people that keep us logging in day after day and that we look forward to spending time with. They are the reason in the end that we all play!

Lifelong Friends

Teamrealtips is dedicated to celebrating the people in our community. We meet many people along the way and each our unique in their own way. One of the ways we are working to do this is with our monthly player spotlights, so be sure to check out our recent spotlights!

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In the meantime, we will continue to bring you the best strategy and some fun on a weekly basis, so comment on what you want to hear about below!

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