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The Correct Story Behind the Zeroing of KSA – The Former SW Contender


The Correct Story Behind the Zeroing of KSA – The Former SW Contender

An article went up yesterday on another Game of War site incorrectly detailing the story behind the zeroing of KSA – The Former Super Wonder Contender. Not only is the advertising of false information annoying, but it’s also a slight to the professionals who zeroed KSA. For those of you who don’t know, KSA was actually the most renowned player in Clash Clans a year ago or so, as well as a beast in GoW. KSA is to Clash of Clans, as Stayalive is to Game of War. So to butcher such a prime story on the zeroing of KSA is quite an embarrassment.

Fortunately, we don’t butcher stories here on Game of War Real Tips. In fact, a few hours after the other article was posted with incorrect information, we got contacted directly by School Bus and other members of his team asking us to write what really happened, and providing us with all the details from the very first rally attempts on KSA weeks ago.

The Correct Story

“KSA was one of the biggest players in the game. He used to play in K262 which merged with K252 BRUH a few months back. Dangerzone66 and OMZ were trying to zero him with every new release from Game of War.

In the other article, they gave me and Ctesse most of the credit for the zeroing, when the credit should actually go to Dangerzone66 and OMZ. Danger has tried 8 times over the course of a few weeks to zero KSA, but Danger kept losing his hero.” -School Bus

To be clear, OMZ was the first to burn, but the majority of the zeroing effort was from ONE and OMZ’s team combined. OMZ & co. brought KSA from 55-50B to burn through meat, ONE took him down from 50-46B, and then both teams finished him off together. Both teams lost their heroes quite a few times before being able to consistently burn KSA. Once the meat was burned through, it became difficult to win on kills against higher tiered troops.

“According to OMZ, only recently were cores good enough to hit him.

We had a small crew start zeroing him the first hours. A few heroes were capped but Danger and OMZ had a set that was really really close to burning him. Not long after, we started, OMZ was the first to set him ablaze.” – Andraste

Zeroing of KSA #1

“In this picture you can see me and Danger were rallying and burning him when he was 55B power. OMZ was the first one that burned him, before getting capped for some unknown reason.

So we decided to keep going and zero him, but after he dropped 3-4 billion power, Ctesse and her crew showed up. We didn’t want them poaching our kills so we decided to stop rallying him until they left.

(ONE) couldn’t burn KSA for 30 hours straight because they don’t know the secret about the gems and which set bonus they should use. They were trying use dragonbone and custom infantry instead of frostbitten, which we used to burn him 10x before they showed up.

We were in the call that day playing in different kingdoms, but decided to port back and finish off KSA.

I remember we split into three alliances: me in YOLO, OMZ in Bx$, and DeathByMini “pimpin” in Cx$.

My rally was the first to hit and KSA had 6-7 of ONE Team’s heroes. My hit freed them and our crew kept going three rallies at a time while ONE team was watching.

In the end it became crazy because everyone was rallying to get kills or credit for zeroing KSA. I was lucky because I figured what he had left was cavalry and few infantry so I switched to custom infantry and got big hits in the end. I even got to cap KSA’s hero and I’ve kept it alive in my prison ever since.”  – School Bus

More details on the event are shown in the Instagram’s of:

Dangerzone66 – dangerzone2252

Zeroing of KSA #2

Ctesse – ctessedmv

Zeroing of KSA #4

death by AJ – deathbyaj

Zeroing of KSA #5

School Bus – schoolbusgow

Zeroing of KSA #3



With help from School Bus and Andraste

Attention Hero

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  1. […] With pack payouts increasing and Core Gear doubling in strength every 6 months, the maximum power a player can be zeroed at is increasing rapidly. One year ago we posted about B:S reigning supreme over D:V by zeroing a 5B power player… and now we are talking about someone zeroing a 70B power player. Even last week we wrote about what we thought would be a very memorable 55B zeroing of K S A. […]

  2. x Cj xx says

    And now, with a proper infantry set released, colt45 was zeroed with slightly bigger account i believe. Wont be long before we see 100mil accounts zeroed and 3 bil account in defense gear soloed. 5mil gold, 20000 day packs, here we come.

  3. Zilla says

    This is totally bullshit, they took the picture after we left.

  4. Tim McConnell says

    Navi, thanks for the whole story.

    1. The whole story, the 'correct' story, the 'real' story says

      The whole story would include more than Bus’s recollection of events. They add detail (and perspective), but are not the whole story. Details of the custom infantry cores crafted to get over the hump when Frostbite and DB were no longer effective at around 45-46B would provide additional detail, but still would not be the whole story.
      As for the headline of ‘correct story’, it implies some form of objective truth, as opposed to relying upon the subjective view of events reported.

  5. Congrats Bruh says

    Congrats Chad, the extra detail supplied by Bus has provided additional context on the intra-252 dynamics and prior attempts to zero KSA by OMZ and Danger.

    I’m a journalist, and I must admit, I’m still trying to work out what was ‘incorrect information’ and ‘advertising of false information’ on the post at that other site. From that post, it looks like no ‘credit’ was given to Bus and Tess, although it did mention them as ‘among those present’ along with other prominent players and alliances, and said that Bus was there at the end and caught the hero. Looking through KSA’s graveyard at 252:266:240 shows lots of seriously big players attempting to zero KSA and being required to use hemlock, from all teams contending for the super wonder, being ONE, D:V and Doit4Science alliances, as well as several other players with >2B kills.

    From watching the KSA zeroing event as it happened, it appears that the early part was ‘easy’ with Frostbite and DragonBone comfortably burning the balanced T4 troops, but as the ranged and infantry troops thinned out and KSA became increasingly cavalry dominant, those two core sets hit their limits, so custom infantry sets were required to get back towards a more balanced troop comp. This week, Zeus would obviate the need for custom infantry core crafting.

    Insidegameofwar’s reporting looks balanced, factual and relatively objective. Realtips looks like it has got more detail handed to it on a platter, taken a side, and added layers of subjectivity, by including Bus’s opinion that ONE’s team don’t know how to gem or allocate set bonuses. Sorry, unilaterally reporting the D:V side of the story, without getting context from Tess could be argued to be ‘butchering the story’, at least, if you consider yourself a journalist in any way shape or form. Early on, the King of Bruh gave KSA a negative title to make it easier to burn him. Later on, the Emperor (a D:V team-mate of Bus / OMZ), titled KSA with the berserker title to provide an additional 20% troop defense.

    The other site beat you to the exclusive by reporting the facts available to them at the time, without going into too much speculation. Someone subsequently reached out to you (wow, great investigative journalism Chad), fed you a story and you printed it without appearing to check it for accuracy, filtering out personal opinions, or considering reaching out to the other side for their comment. The journalist approach would be to include a statement like: “Ctesse was contacted for comment (i.e. version of events), but was not able to respond in time for publication”.

    Quite funny, I am making a comment right now, whilst the “YOU MAY ALSO LIKE” section of your website suggests an interview with SchoolBus on Feb 29th, as well as an interview with Ctesse (Dec 24th). Maybe ask her for her version of events? Is she not answering your calls, Chad?

    In the journalistic world, this is considered linkbait, particularly when using the sensationalist headlines that you do to drive traffic. Congrats, BRUH

    1. Christian says

      Some of what was failed to mentioned was that these so called “professionals” that know the secrets to zeroing an account (as in set bonus, gem configuration and hero point allocation) and no one else did–was that they had begun losing heroes and couldn’t overcome the unbalanced troop composition.

      They jumped and waited while others tried to balance it out. There is no secret to these set bonuses or gem configurations. This wasn’t the correct or full story. This was one heavily biased report favoring their point of view (much like you said earlier).

      Its an account that was left inactive during the set bonus period. Level 50 hero and in an offensive gear set. It is pretty easy to guess what gemming ( rose / health / shadow–at this point in time most wanted to balance the same boosts as what came in the set and these gems where all fairly common) would be based on the information available. You can already tell how many “barracks” it has and know base hero values of a level 50 hero pre-level expansion. You didn’t need much “DD” or “HD” if you were going to try and zero out all the stats.

      Most-able rally leaders know the tricks.

      Also “fearing that they would steal the hero” is a terrible reason to leave. You would have to be a narcissist to think that you are the only one capable of burning someone. It was simply a judgement call. They didn’t know how to burn it–not without losing many heroes in the process and waited for the time someone else would do the work for them. This game isn’t complicated. Crafting cores isn’t difficult–not when you learn the underlying theory behind how to craft.

      Case and point. Not enough information was posted on insidegameofwar and way too much biased information was reported in this one. Ultimately, Both are incomplete and incorrect.

  6. Nuno says

    For the record the SS showing KSA at 55 bil and Dangerzone burning him doesn’t add up.

    Tier 4 troops 1,287,883,488 X 36 = 46,363,805,568
    Tier 4 siege 9,561,271 X 48 = 458,940,912
    T4 traps 374,058 X 5 = 1,1870,290
    Zero power = 2,615,684,751

    Total power = 49,440,301,521

    That’s 5,766,706,336 power missing. I think people need to get their stories straight. Which story is true?

    1. Christian says

      This is obviously a SS of the last rally or close to last rally they did given the troop count killed vs troops sent in march. KSA started over 55B but he was probably around 49-50B in that report. So I would assume your “total power” has been computed correctly or close enough to the true value.

      The 55B SS is misleading. Based on this report you can see why these guys left. The margin on their victories was low and this was using high power sets. Not “the custom infantry sets that would be needed to burn someone his size”.

      I’ve seen these alliance rally other big accounts to try and zero. There is no secret they are privy that the rest of the gow community (that does this type of thing) isn’t aware of.

  7. Jack says

    “Fortunately, we don’t butcher stories here on Game of War Real Tips. In fact, a few hours the other article was posted with incorrect information, we got contacted directly by School Bus and other members of his team asking us to write what really happened, and providing us with all the details from the very first rally attempts on KSA weeks ago.”

    Does anyone else find it funny that he butchered the second sentence here?

  8. Blunt 4 says

    Great story. Inactive or not, certain players that have shaped the game where it is should be shown some respect. Like KSA, Kuran, CoPoTo, and all the other former bigs that we have watched go hard over the years. Kudos to school bus and danger zone and company for showing that respect.

  9. Magnus says

    Bottom line: You zeroed an inactive account. Got it.

    1. The Real B3ar says

      Lol, yes. Now we have two articles about it rather than one.

      1. Navi says

        I actually loled at this.

    2. ChatoBoto says

      Better for his kingdom to zero him, than random people who just want the “glory” of burning a great.

      Sorry that you don’t see the value of burning a 55B account in war gear.

      1. Blunt4 says

        Agreed sir. 55b is a tough nut to crack.

    3. Whats the point says

      So sad that the only value left in the game is zeroing inactive accounts or catching people sleeping in research gear. It’s hardly glorious warfare…………………….

      1. Andy Sinn says

        Exactly! Obviously, if he were online they couldn’t zero him.

      2. Blah blibbity blah says

        Speaking as someone that takes joy in zeroing offline people……in KVK KE’s….You’re right. It’s funny how people puff out their chests talking about how badarse they are because they zeroed a 12b account in research gear… it’s some sort of accomplishment. It’s about as prideful as tossing on whatever cores and taking the hero of a 100m player. “it’s part of the game” though…..

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