How to Train your Reborn Dragon

Everything you need to know about the Reborn Dragon

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Since the beginning of the Dragon Dimension, the Dragon has been an entity of its own.  You will hear many players say that the Dragon Dimension is like Old School Game of War except with the Dragon. We have written previous articles discussing the Dragon. However, we now have the Reborn Dragon which has changed how the game is played and how your Dragon is used. For Dragons below level 100 be sure to check out these articles:

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However, ultimately your goal should be to have a Reborn Dragon as these are the levels where you will begin to see your Dragon flourish. Today we will cover the Reborn Dragon and everything you need to know to be successful when engaging in combat with your Dragon.

What is the Reborn Dragon?

To put it simply the Reborn Dragon is any Dragon level 100 and above. With this release, we saw the Dragon begin to go to Level 150.  Dragon skills beyond level 100 not only strengthen your Dragon but your troops. So while in the past the Dragon was considered a nuisance to many it has now become essential to gameplay.

Reborn Dragon

We saw the Game of War Blog define the Dragon Rebirth as this:

Using more and Higher level troops in your March will increase the effectiveness of your Dragon! Your Dragon benefits from your Troop Bonuses. As your Troops get stronger, so does your Dragon.

Your Dragon now benefits from your Troops and your Dragon now has stats for your Troops. We will cover the different features of the Reborn Dragon more in this article and what that means for you.

The Reborn Dragon Costs

In the past, the Dragon used Dragon Level up Crystals and Advanced Dragon Level up Crystals to get to level 99. Once you start into the Reborn Dragon Level up costs you will need Rebirth Dragon Level up Crystals. We have gathered costs from different members of the community (thanks to World Wonder for her help with this).

Reborn Dragon Costs

The Impact of the Reborn Dragon

In the time since the Reborn Dragon has been released, we have seen it have a huge impact. Players who were previously using their Dragon below level 100 for defense semi-successfully saw their Dragons begin to cause their Strongholds to light up in flames. While the Dragon previously was more of a hindrance the Reborn Dragon Levels have made it so that the Dragon has a huge impact on your gameplay.

Attack Players Impact

Attack Players previously did not want to use the Dragon when engaging in PvP combat. However, with the changes made a smart lead will use not only their Dragon but when rallying will use other players Dragons that are at Reborn levels to give them the extra edge.

Defense Players Impact

For Defense players, we saw a big impact as well. Players who were previously capping no longer were. Before the Reborn Dragon, some players were able to keep a dragon below level 100 home safely for soloes and use Dragons as a cushion for Rallies. New Dragon levels severely impacted this with these Reborn Dragons quickly wiping out any Dragons below level 100.

Besides, the Reborn Dragon has made it much tougher to cap a rally with multiple dragons in it. Killing off the Dragon and troops so that you can cap the Hero is very difficult when you have multiple reborns flying your way.

Wonder Player Impact

In the previous Super Wonder, we saw a huge impact from Reborns. Filling the Super Wonder with multiple high-level dragons made it very difficult to be able to knock the incumbent player out. Dragons previously were not used in Wonder Play. However, now the Wonder is very dependent on Dragons.

The Reborn Dragon has impacted every area of the game. So it is important that when you look at this feature you take the time to invest in it and build it up.

The Reborn Dragon Skills

We have looked at what the Reborn Dragon is and the Reborn Dragon Costs. Now we are going to take a minute to look at the different skills that are offered by the Reborn Dragon. These skills are really important and are what will ultimately set your Dragon apart from those with lower-level Dragons.

The Reborn Skill

The Reborn Skill is the first one you will see when you get to Reborn levels on the Skills Tree. Like all of your other Dragon skills, it goes from 1 to 10. This skill allows you access to the Combat Skills you will find below and makes your Dragon stronger as you increase the points in it.

Defensive Player Skills

Here is where we start getting into the new skills that are being offered with the Reborn Dragon. These new skills will look very familiar as they correlate to stats we are already used to seeing. However, we are used to seeing these stats in relation to our troops, not the Dragon.

For skills that apply to defensive players we will see:

  • Dragon Defiance: Empire Defender Troop Defense (Max: 1,500%)
  • Dragon Favor: Empire Defender Troop HP (Max: 800%)
  • Dragon Fury: Empire Defender Troop Attack (Max: 1,200%)

These skills will help to be able to strengthen your Dragon even more as a defensive player. There are debuffs available as well, however, we will list these under a different section.

Attack Player Skills

For Attack Players we will see a different set of skills that are specific to this player set such as:

  • Dragon Defiance: Empire Assault Troop Defense (Max: 1,500%)
  • Dragon Favor: Empire Assault Troop HP (Max: 800%)
  • Dragon Fury: Empire Assault Troop Attack

Wonder Player Skills

For Wonder Players the skills that are specific to this player set are:

  • Dragon Defiance: Wonder Holding Troop Attack (Max: 1,200%)
  • Dragon Favor: Wonder Troop HP (Max: 800%)
  • Dragon Fury: Wonder Rally Troop Attack (Max: 1,200%)

General Combat Skills

The Ragnarok Skills are available to all players and will apply to all types of players. These are not specific to one type of player like the skills we saw above are.

  • Dragon Ragnarok: Troop Defense Bonus (Max: 1,200%)
  • Dragon Ragnarok: Troop HP Bonus (Max: 800%)
  • Dragon Ragnarok: Troop Attack Bonus (Max: 1,200%)

Debuff Skills

Finally, we will see the Dragon Eclipse Skills which are available for the Reborn Dragon. These all fall under the category of debuffs.

  • Dragon Eclipse: Enemy Troop Attack Debuff (Max: 800%)
  • Dragon Eclipse: Enemy Troop Defense Debuff (Max: 1,200%)
  • Dragon Eclipse: Enemy Troop Health Debuff (800%)

How to Skill your Reborn Dragon

We have looked at the Skills offered by the Reborn Dragon, the cost, and the impact. However, knowing all of this is not going to be helpful if you do not know how to skill your Dragon. Before the Reborn Dragon, we have a skilling recommendation for players with Dragons level 100 and below in our previous articles. However, how you skill your Dragon changes after you hit level 100.

Some basic recommendations include:

  1. You must have one point in each box above the Reborn Skill before you can start skilling at the Reborn level.
  2. Skill the Reborn skill as high as possible first
  3. Fill in the skills you need for your playstyle at the bottom
  4. Some players have started allocating leftover points in HP above the Reborn skills, however, others have chosen to still leave only one point in each HP.

Example Setup

Reborrn Dragon Skills

Above you can see an Example set up of a Defensive Reborn Skilling. However, note that to switch your set up for Wonder or Attack the only difference you will see are the player specific skills. For example, if you were to switch your skill sets from Defense to Attack, you would skill everything the same, except instead of skilling the Empire Defense stats you would skill Empire Assault.

While we have provided sample setups do not be afraid to try different things and do your own testing to determine what will work best for you!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Reborn Dragon

We have seen some questions out there surrounding the Reborn Dragon. So we want to be sure to answer those questions. Below you will see some commonly asked questions and what we know so far.

Does my Dragon need to be in my City or March for the stats from it to Apply?

The short and sweet answer to this is YES! Your Dragon functions similarly to your Hero in that it must be present for benefits from it to apply. Which means that if your Dragon is out of your City when you get hit your stats from it will not apply.

Do my Dragon Skills matter when I am filling or reinforcing?

This question is a little more difficult to answer. With previous Dragon levels, we know that your Dragon Skills mattered when Reinforcing, and as far as we know this has not changed.

However, using Dragons in rallies is relatively new. So do your skills matter or does your Dragon take on the stats of the Rally Leader? Or the person holding the wonder? The answer is NO!! If you are filling rallies with your Dragon or reining the Wonder with the Dragon you must skill it for that function as well, it will maintain your stats and not take on the stats of the Lead.

Do the skills above Reborn still matter?

These skills do still apply. However, the most important skills when it comes to your Dragon are those below the Reborn skill. After you have filled in those boxes completely you can use any additional points you have in the skills above.

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