The Return of the Tiles

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Gift Tiles have returned in the Dragon and Demigod Dimension! These tiles have always been favorites within the community and that is no different this time. Epic battles will rage on these tiles to win them and in the end, lots of fun will have been had.

Tiles have been a fun topic on and off within Game of War from Tile Trapping to the best way to collect tiles we have seen articles and hints and tips. While these tiles have ranged from Resource to Ultimate Resource Tiles there is a vast history when it comes to Tiles in Game of War. For a closer look at some of that click here.

Today we are going to take a quick glance at Gift Tiles and the opportunities they provide as well as a quick Do’s and Do Not’s list to get you started on your quest to win your Tiles!

Opportunities Provided by Tiles

Tiles are a great place for a little extra fun

Not everyone has the ability to compete places like Wonder. However, the Gift Tiles give us the opportunity to really dig into some gathering stats and do mini little battles on a tile. It requires some strategy and some risk. However, it can also be a lot of fun.

Gift Tile BattleTiles are eventually depleted

Yes, the Tiles are eventually depleted, however, the fun does not end there. I cannot tell you the number of times I have seen Tile Battles turn into people being soloed and rallied. The opportunity to trap on the tile or use the tile as bait is there. Back when Gift Tiles were first released there were many times I found myself speeding my Hero home as a solo headed my way. Also for those who have been around long enough you know all about Tile Trapping. Check out this older article on Tile Trapping and see what inspiration it gives you!

Gift Tile Do’s and Do Not’s

Are you ready to go out and have some fun around the Tile’s dropping in your Kingdom? We have a quick list of Do’s and Do Not’s for you to review to be sure you are prepared.

Gift Tile Do’s

  1. DO ensure that if you are using your Hero that you correctly skill and Attire it. Different Gear will obviously give different benefits. For Example, brawler’s gloves will give some help with Gathering speed, however, be cautious and ready to switch to a gear that will help you defend on tiles such as cores or other Gear with good Health or Attack Stats
  2. DO Complete researches for gathering speed to help increase the speed in which you are able to gather. For Players who are especially worried about someone finding them and taking their tile, you want to gather it as fast as possible.
  3. DO Remember how the different stats work. We will go into this more in our Do Not list, however, remember that not all stats are created equal. Certain stats will do nothing for you on a tile.
  4. DO have fun, yeah it’s great to grab some extra resources from the tile but in the end, the thing that truly made Gift Tiles was the fun had by all around them.
  5. DO be Respectful of other players. If you cap a Hero off tile be willing to release when the tile is empty so the fun can continue in the future. If players are capped and not released it will discourage future fun, which is never fun.

Gift Tile Do Not’s

  1. Do NOT wear gear with Empire Defender or Empire Assault Stats on a Tile. These stats do not apply to tiles and they are not useful on Tiles. If you do wear this gear on a tile and I catch you, I will sit and laugh.
  2. If you put your Hero on the Gift Tile DO NOT walk away and not pay attention. Someone is likely to come along and cap you off the tile.
  3. DO NOT rush in last minute strikes without being aware of your surroundings. Players that have been around long enough know to port to the middle when the tile is gone and cap those last minute attacks, be sure you do not get caught in their net.
  4. DO NOT get mad if you lose your Hero, learn from your mistakes and be a good sport. Send your captor an email nicely asking for the return of your Hero and you may be surprised by their response.

Gift tiles are a great old school feature that has returned! Go out have some fun and battle on! What are your favorite things about the tiles? Comment below and let us know.


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