The Strategy that Won the Super Wonder


Super Wonder, the ultimate Game of War Event.

Players spend countless hours preparing for a chance at the most prestigious title in the game: Emperor. Demigods have changed every aspect of the game, including Super Wonder. Recently, Super Wonders suffered dwindling attendance rates; however, with the Demigod Revolution, that trend is over. While many teams came to stake their claim, two teams towered above the rest.  Everyone brought their A-game and a true battle battle took place. The surprise? In the end, it was not the demigods that won the event but good, old-fashioned strategy.

Team 73V

Of course, I’ll tout the team that took first…first: Team 73V. For the first time, ever an alliance was able to dominate the event with no blocker teams. This team spent days and weeks preparing. They had in-depth discussions involving gems, gear, and the best setup. Team 73V recognized that to win, they needed support from other top players and worked to build those relationships. They consulted the experts at Teamrealtips and practiced on Wonders and events, preparing for anything. Well, almost anything. Going into Super Wonder, you can strategize and plan, but something always comes up to make all your preparations fly out the window. This time was no different, as one creature required huge adjustments in strategy. What we do know: Team 73V is on their way to building a dynasty with their win of the Mega Wonder and Super Wonder!

Game of War Super WonderStrength in Numbers

Team BU and Team No= worked together to attempt to defeat Team 73V. However, was their downfall too much teamwork? Team BU and No= fought together and were quite impressive, but in their strategy, they ended up sharing a lot of time. They may have unintentionally shot themselves in the foot by over-integrating their plan.

The Event

Super Wonder passed hands so many times and so quickly during this event it was enough to make your head spin. Tons of strategy and adjusting was needed, and all with a lack of sleep! It was a good thing Cinder came prepared with Gatorade and pep talks! Many hands went into making sure that each team could perform at their best and have what was needed! Team 73V recruited IamJoeShmoe to join for the event and dominated the event! Team No=  made a mid SW partnership with Team BU. All top alliances were there for jam-packed action!

The Strategy

Game of War MedusaHowever, the star of the show was an unlikely one. In the end, the strategy revolving around one creature would make or break this event! Many believe the demigods controlled the event, but it was a creature that dates back to Ancient Greece. She either graced you with her beauty or turned your troops to stone. We are, of course, talking about the controversial Medusa.


Medusa is a pre-demigod creature  and is easily killed, but it provided one huge advantage for wonder marches: SPEED!! For anyone that was watching, you would see marches slowly plodding their way to the Throne of Kings and other marches that would fly! What made the difference was Medusa!

This creature sped marches to the point that it was difficult to counteract a missile in order to adjust for the hit that was coming and SW was constantly changing hands, making it difficult to track hold times. Teams attempted to one-troop leads to death, preventing a Medusa in their enemy’s march, and buying time for the hold. However, Team 73V quickly developed a technique as sneaky as Medusa herself. They found that a lead did not have to send the Medusa, any alliance member could send it. This allowed 73V to keep everyone wondering who would deploy the Medusa.

Team 73V then switched to scouting the attacker to adjust what was in the wonder. This only worked for a short time. The limits imposed on march sizes for creatures and traps ended up making the traps and creatures insignificant in the battle for wonder. Because of this everything came down to what troops were being used. Adjusting for missiles and the troops being sent allowed for longer holds.

As Super Wonder neared the end, Team 73V brought out their Trump Card. For two hours, the wonder was held with one T4 demigod troop by Team 73V. The strategy: when players sent a march with Medusa, the one Medusa would be killed and then the T4 demi troop, resulting in a draw allowing the team to continue holding Super Wonder.

Two formidable opponents made strategy necessary. Everyone put up a good fight, but Team 73V out-strategized all! With quick thinking and teamwork, they racked up the most time in Super Wonder and walked away with an impressive win!

The Duel

It would seem that Team 73V and Team No= are building a rivalry worthy of the gods themselves. These two alliances are at odds constantly in the past few events! Both are determined to build a dynasty and they have the determination and skill to do so but in the end, only one — not the alliance — will win.

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