The Tiny Fighting Trap

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“It’s a bird, It’s a plane… No it’s Superman!” Nope still wrong, it’s actually Chem! But if you have seen this Tiny Fighting trap fly by you know that he can easily be mistaken for a bird, a plane, or even Superman! For this month’s player spotlight, we spent some time talking to Chem.

Chem is well known in the Game of War Community for his Attack traps! People are often shocked to find that they have just been burned by a Stronghold 1125 with T3. However, we have seen it for ourselves. Chem is worthy of a spotlight and we are excited to share his Game of War journey with our Community!

The History of Cheminem

Cheminem (or Chem as many of us call him) has been known by many names. For KE, he used to change his name to ChemZero and recently we have seen some more fun names from him… but we aren’t sharing those! You know when he hits you but you don’t know when he is coming!

Chem has played on many teams including NKLS, FU, TIT, ONE, and MM. He first began playing about five years ago in Aetos, K212, when he found himself with some downtime. He began without really having a goal in mind but just building and not really knowing how to play.

However, Chem is a natural researcher, and he could not allow himself to play for long without doing some research (or “science”, his term for testing).  He found an article about trapping that made sense and sounded fun.

It started off pretty small.

While in his original kingdom, he built three traps. When the Kingdom became ancient, he obtained a new account in K374. He honed his skills. Over a few months, he built this account up and then rejoined his original alliance, NKLS in K358.

After playing there for about a year he received an email from a friend, “Dude, you really gotta check out K386, there are no NAPs, allies, wonder rotations, and everyone fights everyday like it’s KE. Also, no small solo traps.”

Chem responded with, “I’ll be there tonight.” Chem recalled how K386 was incredible in its heyday. He stated that it was the most fun kingdom he ever played in. Chem was picked up by TIT and played with them for over a year. He fit well there because they focused on one thing and one thing only: burning everything without a shield.

During a KE he was zeroed by Ctesse. He spent some time emailing back and forth with her and was eventually invited to join ONE to help with the upcoming Super Wonder. After seeing many players leave the game due to the rapid drops, he himself left the game. After the release of Demigods, he came back to scope out the new landscape and joined with MM.

Becoming the Tiny Fighting Trap

Chem’s play style has been ever-changing, based off of what the game has given him. He adjusts his tactics and builds, while keeping the same general goals. He plays small, gets set on fire as much as possible, does well on KE scoring, finds targets, and makes players drop shields so that the bigs can hit them.

Chem spent most of his GOW career as a pure health trap. He played as small as he could with high tier troops and as much bed space as possible; then, the game completely changed. After the T5 drop, the KE scoring was changed so that defensive player points were irrelevant. At that point for KE, he would mainly fill and spot targets. He built a prison for the first time; he never had one during the first 3 years of playing. He held everyone he capped to eliminate them from scoring against his Kingdom.

In March of last year, the game really changed. Chem noted his view that MZ no longer gave useable hospital space and started debuffing health. He marks that change as “being pretty much the end of Health Trapping”. He looked at it as a time to adjust and come up with a new plan. 

Chem tried T2 and Kunai but was bored by them and couldn’t get them to work with high tier. However, traps were finally able to max-out research as the power gain was minimal, so he maxed out everything he could.

Boredom gave way to creativity. Chem wanted to try heroless trapping as it had become very popular. He had tons of ‘useless’ attack cores so he made sets to YOLO people and lose his hero. Here is what happened:

“Then, I burned someone. Bad. Whoa, hang on a sec. Attacking is kinda fun! Time for another adjustment!”

Chem switched from a pure trap to a small attacking account. He still wanted to be hit, so he built to burn people, to take hits heroless and to play as small power as humanly possible. According to Chem, It is a very difficult build that required constant testing and adjustments, but he has the most fun. He stated:

“No one ever expects a small player to hit back😂 Attacking makes me a better defender and defending makes me a better attacker.”

Why Does Chem Play?

We all still have reasons we play! Is it the joy of the game, or is it the people? For Chem it comes down to the people.

The people behind the pixels are why I play.

I’ve met so many people over the years and made some really great real-life friends: VladTepes3, Rogueness, iHel, Ctesse and all the folks in the MickeyMouseTrapRoom, just to name a few.”


Why Chem PlaysChem’s Accomplishments 

There are many ways we can succeed in our accomplishments in Game of War. Some come from events:

“So many to list….Placing Top 10 in a KE with K386 was awesome….Helping to win the last relevant Super Wonder with Ctesse and ONE”

Some accomplishments come from defeating a worthy rival:

“Finally capping BholeBlaster was nice. She burned me for 9 months straight and I could never win against her. She was the best attacker I’ve ever faced.”

However, out of all of this, sometimes the things we are most proud of are the people we were able to help along the way:

“I think what I’m most proud of is being able to help out a player and see all their hard work come to fruition. ‘Omg, thanks a million, it worked, I capped!’ That’s very rewarding.”

Chem’s Advice to Players

“This has always worked well for me:

1. Set a goal on how you want to play and focus only on that. Right now, I focus on three things…soloing players, taking solos and playing small so I built the account to do those things. Currently, debuffs and high mythic count work very well.

2. Buy the packs that help you achieve your playstyle goal. Right now, most of the drops don’t help or improve the account enough to justify spending. Currently, I’m waiting for the pick-your-own ultimate helm pack. Then I’ll spend.

3. Always maximize everything in your account, even if it’s small and seems meaningless. All the little stuff adds up. Most accounts I’ve been on to help are always missing the little stuff -avatars not unlocked, gems not combined, gear not powered up, etc. As an example, I recently added a March preset that maximizes March size/speed and then adjusted my attack/defense preset without them to hit with the highest possible size I can, and also land the hit with maximum attack.

4. Take hits, hit people and test. Mathing stats, troops, etcetera is great, but at the end of the day, all of that is just on paper. The more you hit and get hit, the better you’ll be able to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Testing is great and burning for science helps a ton. Last month, my defense felt off so we did another control test and found that MZ had changed mythic attack. I also had changed my monster and a friend figured out that their stats apply to defenders.

5. Listen to other players and learn. The line rooms are such a great resource and you’ll also make some friends…..Vladtepes and DemaBoost taught me how to solo. Ctesse taught me how to counter rally and play the wonder, the players from real tips/mickey room taught me how trap, Carol showed us all how to get set bonus, Cinder taught me how to heroless trap. All those players may not have realized it, but I learned a ton from watching them all play, reading reports, line rooms and applying what I learned to my account.

6. Have fun. When the game isn’t fun, broken or friends quit, I retire for the 66367th time😂”

Fun with Chem

Chem shared some fun reports with us that we’re thrilled with you! Let’s have some fun with Chem!

A Rally Chem Won Against all-time great, StayAlive.

VictoryThe first Rally Chem ever led. His target was 136 billion and in Kunai. He rallied using Legend 27 Core set and lost. However, he found it funny that she could not kill the march and he had no attack to kill her troops.

Rally DefeatWhen Chem had more kills than power:

Kills Vs PowerChem’s final Health Trap Stats. Chem retired it after health broke and quit for a few months. When he returned, kills were KTTT and stats went out the window!

Final Health Trap StatsOver a long weekend, Chem played every possible way he could! Check out these reports.


The ReportsAttacks and defends over 3 years playing the same account.


Wrapping it Up

Chem is an excellent player and has helped Teamrealtips with many of our own tests. He is the epitome of what a trap should be. He sets the trend and doesn’t follow what everyone else is doing because it is easier. This is why we chose Chem for our June Player Spotlight! We can’t wait for our next one; in the meantime comment below with your thoughts and let us know who you want to hear about next!


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  1. The Joker K2 says

    Great story and great player indeed, i have sadly never met u (i quit around this time last year when the game got insanely out of hand…) i can relate to most of your accomplishments tho since ive capped over the years stayalive, Ctesse, OMZ for a couple of big names but also ive always gone my own way about trapping and always despised the bandwagon kunai traps who claim to be the god of trapping when using a busted gear who anyone in the game can and know how to use ….. i always loved to challenge myself to be smaller than others and in worse gear than others also i was one of the first and best heroless traps when it first became a valid strategy and did a whole lot of suicide solos on a tile or city (remember when the tiles came from packs was a new thing ) solo it in pegasus and wops loose hero just to have 5 guilds set rally on u all within 20 seconds and then just sit back and as soon as they all started marching u random port and capture the hero of the best guilds in the opposition during kvks. ive been to 358 575 and briefly in 386 tho i came after the hype died down sadly and ive been to some more kingdoms but cant remember them since only short stays, my OG kingdom is K2 where ive had so many good and bad moments met so many people that i talked to and played with almost daily for several years even tho people quit we stayed in touch also i was one of the first to abuse the training garrison by only having one typ and all of then starting swapping type on most so my might is something like 2T when that was rallyable but my real might was 7T so when i lost my hero leading rallies or yolo soloing i could then take any rally coming my way with ease and get points both attacking and defending which have allowed me to score top in my guild for kvk several times as well as winning a couple ones and scoring top 10 in the entire kvk during most of the ones i fought in over the years

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