The “Wonder” of the Super Wonder

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This past weekend we had one of the most controversial Super Wonder (SW) to date. This Super Wonder had lots of issues from the start, and more and more just kept coming up, leaving most players ready to throw in the towel. But what was so bad about it? Was it the token glitch? Or the possible time being restarted? Is ONE the rightful winner? Was it the new releases in the middle of the event? I think it was a combination of things and I’ll try to cover them all.

The Problem

Right before the SW there is always a drop. This time it happened to be a token. This token was a must have for anyone to even have a chance. Luckily it was a 1 pack buy and you were good. So, the SW starts as normal or so we thought.  When the SW first opened, the defender of the wonder was almost unbeatable. A half-empty Heroless wonder was capping full rallies!!

It was insane. Everyone knew something was wrong. This continued for 5 hours. The issue was that the token was only applying to the defender and not the attacker. MZ fixed the issue and acted like it never happened. But that one mistake would ruin the rest of the event. Now that the token is fixed maybe a restart of the event? Maybe an announcement? Maybe extend the event? Nope, not a word from the developer. Which leads in to my next topic on “who rightfully won?”.

Team ONE

First up, Team ONE. Team ONE was announced the winner and now holds the title. They put on a tremendous showing. It was magical to watch. The execution was on point. Clearly, they have been here before. Mr Angry and the whole team were going toe-to-toe with anyone who dared challenge them. And at the end of the day, their strategy and hard work paid off. From their blocker alliances to their fillers and speeders. It was nice to get a win.  

However, when the times were released it doesn’t look like the full event was counted? Did mz only count half of it? If so what about the rest of the time? How much time is being claimed glitch? And when did the true timer begin? I will say this, strategically ONE had the best SW plan I have ever seen and flawless execution. But with the clock and glitch issue, it leaves doubts on what MZ really did.

Team -BU-

Next up, Team -BU-. Giggle TX is a force to be reckoned with. Not only does he have the account but he’s an amazing player and strategist. He has a team of blockers, speeders, fillers, and spotters that worked around the clock to make this event a success. Giggle had some amazing holds at the beginning and had timekeepers recording and logging times to know where his team stood.

At the beginning even with the glitch Giggle was able to get some amazing holds that bumped him up on time. Adding this time in Team -BU- believed that they had a strong lead. From that point on the team focused their strategy to defend their lead. Team -BU- did not want a win that was based off a glitch, however, was it a glitch? Was the timer reset? Giggle had the most time according to all reports and timekeepers. Why didn’t he win?

It’s simple.  All the time wasn’t counted. And no one wants an easy win. That’s not what -BU- is saying. They are saying that there was no announcement or anything from MZ stating that the timer has been reset. So in their eyes, they have the most time and should have won. Are they right? Would that information and a time extension have made the difference for Team -BU-?

The Wonder

So here is what we are left Wondering. Was all the time counted?  If more time was counted would ONE still have enough to pull it off? These are all questions that MZ should have addressed.  Both teams did amazing. And it’s shame that MZ did not address the issue at all. The SW is the game’s biggest event and biggest moneymaker. Players cannot be left in the dark about things of this magnitude.

I can see both sides if I’m ONE and I spend all this money to win and someone else gets ahead due to a glitch I’d be angry.  I’d want someone to beat me heads up. No glitch. But if I’m BU  had an amazing lead and had no information that the timer had restarted or that my lead didn’t matter. That changes everything. Strategy wise. Defending the lead is way different than going after the lead. And had that info been available we can only wonder the true outcome.

Mid Event Releases

The next thing that drove players mad was the releases in the middle of an event!! Players spend thousands of dollars to prepare for this event.  But halfway through an attack token drops. Now granted this was for marked targets. But it still more than doubled the in-game attack. This affected many fillers and smaller players trying to push their team to victory.

The second release had way more impact. Gear lvl 2000. This caused many fillers to no longer be able to fill. And shield which changed up strategy a little bit. Speeders and fillers had to move around. Of course, any of the leads going for the SW had to quickly buy this and max it to stay in the race the last 6 hours. MZ has always dropped things the day before SW or even day of, but never mid-event to force you to buy more to close out the event.

All these things have definitely stirred the pot this week. It left many unhappy alliances. We are all left to wonder what really happened. And we will always wonder what is MZ’s plan moving forward.

What do you guys think? Should full time be counted unless MZ says otherwise? Should major changes like that be made public? Is ONE the rightful winner and glitch time should never be counted? Leave your comments and thoughts.

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  1. Roland says

    My question is…do either team have employees of MZ on them? That would be a good starting point I think. That is totally baseless, and could be that neither team does, but the way this went, and the kvk events, I have to wonder wtf, and this is only thing I can come up with.

    Kvk is a good example. Why was there only one round 1, but then round 2.5, 2.75, 2.85, 2.95, 2.99 and whatever ones I’m forgetting? How are those decimal rounds scored overall?

    No one knows…and mz is as transparent as mud. I agree with the computer.ent that they are trying to run us all off…but to final fantasy, is just a clone with the same dumb problems as gow but in fast forward…

    .I think they are squeezing every drop of cash they can get, and releasing every predeveloped idea they already had so they can bridge the gap to some new game….either that or they are just trying to fight off bankruptcy as long as they can, knowing they DONT have any new ideas. Get that yacht paid off before the collapse

    The worst part is, we’re enabling them. They have released what, 13 tiers of troops in the last year? 8 or so in last 3 months? And people STILL are spending thousands on super wonder prep???

    I have always spent maybe $40 a month, but even with the instant research and sh upgrades, it still takes a few days to do all the clicking involved….am not even done with clicking before am obsolete….

    Ok, went off course there from original topic, but take it as it is….


  2. JH says

    The time dedicated to SW by the teams is incredible. For this alone everyone should be credited for their participation. You cannot call yourself a contender without a great team, of which both BU and ONE team have.

    The players from teams like these are what keep GoW alive. not. just. financially. We are people who are sitting in a dark room surrounded by multiple devices. Fending off wild hungry children while trying to reinforce wonder and cook dinner, people who are driving to work, attending soccer games, hiding under their desks during an important meeting. No sleep in 36 hours, aren’t you tired? Nah , I can go another few hours… TO WIN SW.

    It may sound insane to the rest of the world, but this is the commitment that our truly best players give of themselves every time. Let us not discredit that from each other regardless who win.

    MZ will never grant us the respect that we should show to each other for the fight. I believe we all would prefer a much more transparent outcome. So umm, write those tickets I guess. Until then, rally up bitches <3

    1. Blind Eagle
      Blind Eagle says

      Very well said! Most people will never know the thrill of seeing a rally march towards your city, or the excitement when a city goes up in flames. I have said many times. The people are the best part of the game.

  3. Dana Lockwood says

    Not only did they release during SW, but the pack was only up for a very short amount of time and then taken back down again. Only to be added an hour later. Was way more than just 1 pack. It was more like 14 or something like that. Maybe more. Ridiculous. I’m team aoX and Baab got some amazing holds. We might have been a small team this time, but strategically we were very strong and took 3rd.

    1. Blind Eagle
      Blind Eagle says

      Aox killed it. I was watching and I knew yall had a strong team. Will yall be back for next SW?

  4. Shekinah says

    I thought without a hint of doubt that Giggle won the event. I was playing outside the wonder and also in SW and did see numerous amazing hold times.

    I am surprised Mr. Angry won when I didn’t see him having good hold especially during the first day. I know they did well but we want a fair game. MZ has been and always been unfair to players but at least we want fair contest.

    The several drops during the event was like playing with our pockets. It was like robbery. Players were held at gun point. That is the feeling.

    1. Blind Eagle
      Blind Eagle says

      It was shocking to us all. And the releases truly frustrated alot of people

  5. Rob says

    Let’s be honest now, MZ are squeezing the lemon that tight that there is hardly any juice left! The game is being wrapped up by them. They want everyone to leave and play final fantasy, they’ll do the same again, and again, until someone sees it and there is a massive law suit against them. Wake up and play a “FREE” game like Scrabble

  6. Kelly says

    It is absurd to consider removing time from any alliance because of a glitch that none of us knew about. Communication is key. We used the times we had (-BU-) and made sure we won. If we had been told of some glitch at the beginning, we could have overcome that. We knew nothing of it. So the winner is GIGGLE TX. REMOVING TIME WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE IS WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS… Give the title to our group. It is the right thing to do.

    1. Blind Eagle
      Blind Eagle says

      If an event is 24 hours I except 24 hours to be counted. And if some of the time isn’t I wanna be notified why before the event is over. I agree with you on this one.

  7. Queen Wilson says

    I always seem to watch the SW; even sneak in some hits in there. I do this because it’s entertaining and I love to learn the strategy that each team utilizes.

    I personally, do not think the entire time should have been counted. It was MZ’s mess up. However, the event should have been extended by 5 hours. It would have only been fair to the teams that bought the token and was unable to use it.

    With that being said, we all knew this was going to be a hard SW with defense being the winning edge this time. I give everyone credit that participated!!!

    From what I remember, -BU- Giggle TX was able to win the SW and hold it the longest amount of time. Once, ONE finally lost it. And yes, both teams should challenge the accuracy of the event and figure out who the true winner was.

    Should the glitch be announced? Of course! It would have only been fair to those that bought it. I’m sure there was a lot of confusion and frustration. MZ can mail us internally about everything else. But not this?

    One last thought, there should be no drops once the SW starts. With the lags on setting, it makes it difficult enough to even get your rally started. But then, you have to stop, buy, upgrade, then try again? At that point they’re just taking advantage of us because MZ would know we would need it.

    1. Blind Eagle
      Blind Eagle says

      Great comment. I couldnt agree more on this one.

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