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Helpful Tips and what NOT to do when writing to Customer Support

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If you play any Machine Zone game, then you more than likely have had to write into Customer Service. Each player has their own way to write a ticket, some good and some bad. Today we will go over some ticket writing tips that have been recommended straight from the source! While we do not guarantee that you will get the response you are looking for, these tips will help cut down on response times!

Ticket Writing 101

First, we will go over what your ticket to Customer Service should look like. This means straight to the point with as much detail as you can remember. 

Brief Summary

Briefly summarize your issue in 1-2 sentences. Include details like

  • When did it start? 
  • How long has it been happening?
  • Does it only happen in a certain kingdom? Is it only at a Wonder or maybe only when rallying strongholds?
  • Does it affect many players or is it only affecting your game?

Example; Since 8 pm today in Kingdom 1201, Monsters have stopped spawning in around the wonder for all players. Please spawn them.

Expected Behavior

This is when a feature, or any part of the game, is not acting as expected. This includes some of the following scenarios:

  • Blogs that do not match up with what is going on in-game
  • Differences in gameplay that fall outside of the norm. 
  • An action in-game does not perform as expected

Example 1: The blog says 10000% attack on the Steadfast skills released today, but I’m only getting 7000%. I believe I should be getting the 10k.

Example 2: When I send a solo, my hero is not returning to my city for over ten minutes, even though it is only a ten-second march.

Example 3: When I click on VIP fill, it does not add my troops in the rally even though I have them.

How to Reproduce the Issue in the Ticket

This is especially important when writing a ticket about a problem that is specific to your city. In order to find what the cause of the problem is, they need to be able to reproduce or recreate the scenario that leads to the issue you are having in-game. Giving as much information as you can help to greatly improve the time it takes to fix the problem.

  •  Give step by step directions on how MZ can duplicate the result you are experiencing.
  • Attach any screenshots or videos to help reproduce the problem faster. ( We will talk about how to do this later in the article)
  • Include FACTS only, do not include opinions or suggestions about what you think the problem is. 

Example: When I am in Kingdom 448 and I solo a base that is 1215 or higher my march does not return. The march screen shows nothing is outside my city, but my hero is not in my stronghold. This only happens when the result is a victory. 

What NOT to Do When Writing a Ticket

I am sure that many of you can already guess what will be said in this part. Let’s just jump right in!

  1. Be respectful, don’t curse. This could actually make your ticket response time LONGER! Plus, the CS employees dealing with your rudeness are not the ones that created the problem that you are mad about. It’s like yelling at a receptionist because your boss would not give you a raise. 
  2. Do not send multiple tickets in about the same issue. This creates a backlog of tickets and can increase the time you wait for a response, especially if the whole community is sending more than one ticket about the same problem. It’s counterproductive. This also applies to asking everyone to blow MZ up with tickets, it just makes everything slower. 
  3. Do not reply to an MZ response by making a new ticket. You want to reply to the actual response you get. This creates a chain of responses so if your issue gets escalated then the person taking over can see the history easily. This is also how you send in screenshots and anything else that the CS rep asks for. If you do not reply to the mail from MZ  it will be sent to a new representative, therefore slowing down your ticket time. 
  4. Make sure you have a current email attached to your account. You can not write in from a different email, they will not talk to you about the account from another email because of security purposes. Also, if you do not have a current email, then you can not send in screenshots and videos to help you resolve your issue faster, and you also will never receive responses from MZ about any issues you wrote to CS about in the game. 

Ticket Writing Conclusion

The biggest point to take away from this is to be short, to the point, and provide all facts related to the problem. Doing so will greatly improve your chances of getting a quick and accurate resolution to your problem. While we know that some people have not been pleased with some of the CS responses, we just hope that the information in this article will help all of us to have a more pleasant experience with tickets. 

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