Game of War Fire Age Cheats, Tips, and Guides

Game of War Fire Age Cheats, Tips, and Guides

Below are all the Game of War Fire Age Cheats, Tips, and Guides you will ever need to learn Game of War!

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Our Legendary Core Crafting Series
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Strategic vs. Regular Troops

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Alliance City Combat, Buildings, and Gear
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Troops Needed To Beat A T4 Rally
How Powerful is 43mil T1 Troops?
Troop Training Tips
The Trinity Challenge : Reach T4 Troops ASAP

Game of War Cheats, Tips, and Guides Resources Game of War: Fire Age - Resources

10 Real Tips for Gathering
Hyper Farming: Introduction (1 of 3) , (2 of 3), (3 of 3)
Negative Food Production
Kingdom Map Resource Zones

Game of War Cheats, Tips, and Guides temple Game of War: Fire Age - Buildings

What Not To Do When Building
Guide to the Treasury
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Game of War Cheats, Tips, and Guides Man with spear and shield Game of War: Fire Age - Heroes

Boosting Your Hero Experience Rapidly
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  1. Several articles reference a potion recipe page. I do not find such a page…Please clarify…

  2. Hello. True noob here, very basic beginner question. If I do not shield and I am attacked do I lose any gold? Is gold taken during the attack, along with my resources and the death of my troops? I know resources will be taken that exceed the storehouse capacity, correct? But mostly concerned with what happens to the the gold. Thanks

  3. New battle mark and pantheon, has anyone reported that boosts do no work?

  4. With T5s out , t2 meats seem to be obsolete. I’ve seen some good traps zeroed quickly. Is there any info out on new meats to go up against these t5s?.. maybe t3, or t4 even?

  5. Just found u site seems great but I need to know how to stop diying all the time in attacks on tiles or helping friends

    • Proper gear and research with the correct troop type on tiles will assist in that. However, if the enemy is using Core gear and your are not then chances are you continue to suffer great losses. Core gear is much more powerful than normal gear.

  6. Hey chad

    You got a awesome site following it for a while now.

    I had a question about tile trapping, i been doing it for a little while now but not able to catch the heros.

    Im using cores (not the right ones apparently ) and 600k in a tile even mix reg t4.
    Any tip tricks on that topic or maybe worth making a tab for since you can tile trap with shield on (You cant capture hero if you run a shield tho) but guess some smaller players that aren’t ready to take a rallys will like to do in a ke without the risk of being zeroed.

    Keep up the good work ✌

  7. Our Alliance leader seems to have left. Picked on by bullies, humiliated with rude hero name replacements, our leader hasn’t returned. A few people have left, but the rest of us seem to want to stick together. We grow slowly but with only one level 5 who is absent there is a lot we can’t do. Is there a way for a coup of the alliance to control itself? Or perhaps a way to add to level 5?

  8. Selling account
    1account. 720mil power vip 10
    Gold 1mil
    Troops 5.4 mil t4, 8.2 mil t3, 1 mil t1
    Speed 410 3d, 45 24h, 60 15h, 127 8h, 405 3h.
    2.Account 830mil power
    500.000 gold 8 mil troops t4. Vip 13
    AND 11 farm. 21 fortress. production resources 1 day of all farms 196 million silver and 348 million resources.
    Farm 400$
    Accounts are located in the 74 state. 74 state is a very active play a lot of people. constantly wins the competition. If you are interested email me

  9. is it only me who cant log into game of war, been trying for over 36 hrs, NOTHING its freaking mre out
    6/9/2015 Australia

    • Multiple people have messaged us about the same problem, it’s not just you. We aren’t sure how to solve it, but there was a huge update available for the game recently.

  10. Hello I’m dean from plato….i got one question….how to open RSS quickly….is there any tricks to open RSS in items fast….. I got 25 accounts in really active and alliance….

    • Yes, did you know you can click two ‘use’ buttons at the same time to open? Some people also use autoclickers but mz has taken some precautions to prevent people from using them.

  11. Salam Hassan, Find me on Line and i will explain how u can fix your issue & i maybe able to help you with game as well. my Line app ID is XxD_KxX

  12. This is very true, but I am already very experienced in making my core sets. I always hit 2k or higher, but always curious as to different receipes to use. Mainly just wonder sets all of mine have won and defended well, but always curious of everyone’s opinion. Thank you for the honesty tho!

  13. Im level 21 with tier 4 Regular troops (Im a defensive play). question is about siege units. do I first attack city (fortified with traps) with my best siege units or my lowest or a mixture of all siege units.

    • Depends on the size of the player and how many traps they have in comparison to troops. If they have 150k traps, but 3 million troops, then you don’t want to use any siege. If the trap count is closer to the troop count than use more siege. Hope that helps!

  14. Hello, I am looking for more information on some of the gold packages. I have purchased a gold package for $4.99, and then one for $19.99. Now those options are no longer available, and all that is available is a package for $49.99 and one for $99.99. I cannot fathom spending that much on my account. Is there a certain time frame after which these options refresh? Will I ever be able to purchase a $19.99 package again? What are my other options?

    • I’m 99% you will never be able to buy a cheaper than $49.99 ever again. The lower offers are for low level acccounts.

  15. Im having a problem trying to find info on this. Say i created a new account and spent 200 dollars on google play credit. Can i buy the 4.99 gold sales multiple times with that 200..before price increases?

  16. Any advice or articles on research? What research trees to concentrate on and what research gives you the biggest payback.

  17. You can remove all relics by selecting “equipment”, does that help?!

  18. your login page isn’t working. FYI.

  19. I have both gems yet when I press the equip button on the armors neither show up in the inventory box that comes up?

  20. what’s needed to equip either Hades or Boars gems?

  21. I just read alot of what you posted, and it was very helpful. One thing I did not find is what troops to build, and how many of each you would need. What is your intake on this?

    • Troop type is a matter of preference, they are all equally powerful but Cavalry is fatest, infantry carries the most load, and ranged is a combination of the two. Build as many troops as you can, always.

  22. Seems your describing some sort if API or something giving you the ability to parse servers for the info you seek. I can guarantee you some are doing it in some sorta way but maybe not necessarily for the reason you described about.

    I myself wouldn’t have a clue but have wished at times the mail message system could be forwarded to my real email and I could then receive it as I would any regular email I receive on my phone.

    It may be one thing get the data you would need to do wat your trying to do but to get it in a format you can then use and read May be another can of worms.

  23. Chad!
    I started GOW about 2 months ago, and started following your site around the same time, let me say you’ve done a great job! But i am not here again to just compliment your site! :D, I don’t know how complicated it would be (i am no techie)(and i don’t know how techie you are), but i was wondering if it was possible to create a script that would find players.

    Lets say you hit someone and they teleport away, you run the script, and it finds their coordinates for you, ideally you would just input their full name. I see that you can look at any kingdom in the kingdom map, and you can even click on SH’s and find their names and power. So all the data is always available…

    love your site!

  24. Would love to,hear tips about taking the Wonder. How to take it in the best way. Is is worth the troop loss to take and keep?

  25. What do I need to build in order to raise my troop capacity?

  26. Hey guy
    Was wonder if traps gear worth it to build?
    I have full t4 traps and was wonder it effective to used a full traps gear when taking a rally?

    • Support

      Traps can be very strong if you allocate skill points and have trap gear. I would suggest trying it. I have some posts that talk about how good traps are.

  27. I buy using alt accounts where special offers are shown. Then using the gold for that account or buying shields or seven day VIPs it is personal choice. But I have bought low deals a couple of times on one account but it stopped after a couple of purchases. Sneaky swines lol.

  28. Hello! I am new to GoW, and i came across your page, its been really useful, I have bought some gold packages, and now i can only see $99.99 special deals, i do have a farm account and it has this awesome $4.99 package, but i can’t get it on my main! why is this?

    • At different levels you are offered different packages :/

      • so does that mean, i should buy my packages in bulk, because in later on i won’t get that deal anymore? There is a deal called “It’s good to be King” that i can only see on ONE of my alt accounts, my other 3 (that are the same level) can’t access it… I heard somewhere that special deals disappear once you buy it. Is this true?

        I was planning to start anew or may make a jumper account and buy like 10ish of this “It’s good to be King” deals($4.99/ea), but like i heard, it might disappear after the first purchase?

  29. Anyone Post Pic of How to set gems for attack and Defence.?

  30. Hi Chad. Great site. Well done . One thing eludes me. That damn mother of pearl which allows you to craft weapons for monster attacks. Which rss can I harvest to gain the pearl. Or which chest supplies the pearl. Please help. So annoying

    • #208 (DZ5)Luckyhat25

      Mother of Pearl is an Olympus Event item. I am not sure what monsters or Rss tiles will bring in Mother of Pearl, but I have gotten tons of it from opening Olympus Chests from Gold Packs.

  31. what about fastest ways to increase Hero XP?
    on some of your tips …for example crafting items….all it does is list the item stats could you add …this is the perfect combination for someone that attacks…or someone wanting to research..etc

  32. i dont know who you are?but you have done a great job with site you had help so much keep going with this site il help you to spread

  33. This is perfect man. Great job.