Top 10 Real Tips for Starting Game of War

Top 10 Real Tips for Starting Game of War

Recently started playing Game of War? Well you're probably starting to realize that the game is more complex than you ever thought it could be. You need some tips and you need them now. Well don't get discouraged. Here are some beginner tips to get you started on the right path.

1. Research And Build


Before you reach the maximum stronghold level of 21, researching and building should be your primarily focus. By spending even $50 on the game you can reach stronghold level 21 if you take care to complete events and use those rewards to grow. If you don't plan on spending money then, focus on research and building until you reach level 15 and unlock T3 troops. Early game you cannot do much with T1 and T2 troops, so instead make sure you are saving up enough resources to complete your next building upgrade or research category. Troops are relatively quick to train, but buildings and research take a lot longer.

2. Fight



Try your hand at war with what little troops you have so you can understand how powerful each tier of troop is. Before doing this, check out the posts we have made in the "war" section on our “Tip Archive” on Real Tips. It’s very easy to beat an opponent if you play smarter than them. Watch when two alliances fight each other and watch wonder battles. You will learn a lot from seeing other people’s mistakes and successes. Lastly, before attacking make sure you do not attack an alliance that you have an NAP (Non-Attack Pact) with. You might get kicked from your alliance if you do.

3. Spend Some $

Game of War gold tips will help you earn more

If you have a few dollars to spare, buy the a few of the cheaper packs so that your hero is much higher than other players at your level. A higher level hero gives you more power and more skill points for your hero skill tree which makes you MUCH more powerful. Read this to learn more about gaining power quickly.

4. Optimize Your Hero


A majority of your true strength in the game at low levels comes not from troops, but from optimizing your hero gear and gems, and completing your research. Spend your speed ups on research and craft gear that best fits your play style. Materials are the most valuable consumable resources in this game, be very careful how you use them when crafting, but they are not easy to replace unless you buy in-app purchases.

5. Find A Good Alliance

game of war alliance

Find an alliance with people you enjoy who are passionate about playing the game. The quickest way to lose interest in the game is to be in an alliance that is not striving to be the best. Don’t be afraid to leave your alliance and ask to join a more powerful one. Some will require you to spend money to join their alliance or be a certain power level, and some will not. Learn how to make it in your alliance.

6. Learn Quickly


The quicker you learn, the better you will be. I know a lot of newer players who spent $1000s of dollars on the game at the start, thought the game was simple, but got destroyed by veteran who spent only a few 100 dollars or less. Take some time to learn how the game works, THEN spend if you so desire 🙂 You will learn quickly that players who spend money have a significant advantage over those who don't.

7. Don’t Farm Tiles

Game of War Food Tile

Be very careful farming resource tiles. The quickest way to lose all your troops is to get attacked while farming a resource tile. When you are farming, you have no hospitals to protect the death of your troops, and no boosts from your buildings or traps to use for defense.

8. Craft Wisely

craft top art

Gear is important. At level 5-10 make sure you at least have a full set of lvl 1-2 gear. When you near level 15 only craft gear that is guaranteed 100% for level 3 (green) quality, and only insert level 3 gems. After you have a full set of green gear, save up your materials until you can craft level 5 or level 6 gear much later on in the game.

On the other hand, if you plan on spending money on the game, it would be wise to shield for 30 days, or a few weeks to build up your stronghold. If you try to grow while unshielded, an enemy will most certainly target you because you are an easy target during growth stages.

9. Upgrade Your Gymnos ASAP

game of war gymnos


Every time you upgrade your Stronghold, try to upgrade your gymnos as fast as possible. Your gymnos gives you a higher experience boost at each level for every quest completed, building upgraded, and research completed.

10. Rally When Offline

t1 troops march bug

Rally for 8+ hours when you are offline and before you go to bed each night. This way you will not get zeroed when you are offline. For a more advanced guide on protecting your troops, see here.

Bonus: Keep coming back to Game of War Real Tips to stay up to date on the latest strategies and information on GoW. Remember, the more you comment and give feedback, the better we can create content that appeals to you 😀



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  1. Okay this is probably a dumb question but what does the KT or BT mean?

    • KT = 1,000 x trillion, Thousand Trillion
      MT = 1,000,000 x trillion, Million Trillion
      BT = 1,000,000,000 x Trillion, Billion Trillion
      TT = 1,000,000,000,000 x trillion, Trillion Trillion
      KTT = 1,000 x 1,000,000,000,000 x 1,000,000,000,000 or Thousand Trillion Trillions

  2. Trying to get a lot more competitive im sh61 hero150 and vip 138…. Any tips on being competitive at Super Wonder?
    I’ve never actually competed for wonder or super wonder but want to start… like what’s good ratio of troops and traps up to T9? And the presets I’ve always been little confused about them like what gear for each slot and whats what’s the significance? Thanks

    • Its too soon to give build advice for Super Wonder. However, to lead Super Wonder you must have an account which is very close to Super Maxed. To attend SW and fill you just need to be safe without a shield to solo or rallies. Check out our Guide for Super Wonder.

  3. So I have been trying to find a way to either win or buy separately/alone (due to 0-little money available to use) Heroes Medals. My player has capped out at level 69 and I don’t have enough Heroes Medals to unlock the level cap. I have over 50T exp awaiting my unlock to use but for the life of me I can’t find where i could win, separately buy, or find any heroes medals to continue my levelling process I only recently began playing maybe two weeks ago and have nearly unlocked everything in the levelling trees available that I can tell but it’s taken me so much vested time using all the speed ups I got from that speed up pack so I could get where i am now. I just dont want to think its been a wasted effort to come this far and be refused what my potential is after devoting this much time to building my player city and Alliance that I was surprised to see gain people so fast. Thank you for your time. See everyone out there.

  4. I see you reference strategize and learn the best way to play, but that is quite difficult to do when more tiered troops are being offered at an alarming rate and boosts for higher leveled heros closely following. I’ve learned the set gear are great, but now the t6s are out with new boosts too, this is hardly the case. I really want too get out tooohere but seeine friends burn 20B troops for defending in 1 rally makes me wonder, what now? How can I now it burn or lose too here that many? Please help us learn this game bY not spitting out all these NEW things.

    • We are in a time unlike any other in the history of Game of War. I would tread very slowly. Stay shielded until you have a plan as a result of some tests or asking other players who are succeeding how they do it. I’m about to test a 20 T in Lava Titan + Mythical Divine Gems. It has about 500 B troops.

  5. I’ve made a mistake when I unlocked my T6 troops. I now need 3,900,000,000 days speedups to train them. I’ve bought the 19.99 speedups package which gave me 1000 x various speed up days. Is there a way I can use them all rather than pressing them all individually? This is taking a long time to get the time done.

    Thank you

  6. Question? On hero skills do you have to set both i.e. Base set bonus and Full set bonus for maximum output or just utilize full set bonus and use other hero skill points elsewhere

  7. Do you provide a pack for battle marks? How much resources to complete battle mark tree? Thx.

    • Battle Mark Tree is approximately 400 KT of each resource to complete. However, you can obtain substantial boosts without doing much of it. To learn more about the Battle Marks research tree visit our Battle Marks article.

  8. When it comes to hero blessings, is it possible to bless yourself? My hero is at level 74, and I’ve catered a hero skill preset just to hero blessings. All hero blessing skills are maxed. I’ve seen where one can level up hero blessing multiplier for self at level 75, but is there a way to bless one’s self at hero level 74? Thanks.

  9. I wish you would do promotional packages as free gifts full of speed ups and resources some people can’t afford the prices you ask and want to actually enjoy the higher lv playing in the game.

  10. Where do I get brass rods from?

    • These are tough to obtain but sometimes appear in the Alliance City Bazaar. Also, in packs occasionally. I’m assuming you want a prospector’s set. Look for this in the Black Market, packs, or Alliance City Bazaar for items to craft it. Its the toughest gear set to obtain in Game of War for some odd reason. Good Luck!

    • My fault, thought you meant copper rods. Brass rods are technically not available in game. However, I believe you can get one every once in awhile from Behemoth Golems. I have 2 somehow. The drop rate is extremely low.

  11. This is really good info. I

  12. Johnny franceschini

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  13. Interview Freyathegr8 in k474

  14. I love all these tips! They will especially help beginner like me.

  15. Is there any way to protect your Hero from a “bully 22 SH)? I have an Alliance of millionaires (all 21SH) that routinely trash me and take and execute my Hero. Do I have any recourse?

  16. I already confirmed my email, but I didnt received a login info

    • Signing up for the email list does not create an account for you. You must manually create an account on the site by going to the master drop down tab on the menu bar, or by clicking “sign up now” on the sidebar where you log in.

  17. I read the post you referred to, but I’m not sure what RSS means in this context. I know what RSS is in other venues, but not here.

  18. Can you put somewhere that how much speed ups and RSS it takes to get T3 first day after jump if I’m a jumper.

  19. I am new to the game and really enjoy it, but how the hell do you craft? You have pieces, cores, levels, etc. I am an intelligent person, just not having any luck on crafting.

    Thank you, in advance for any assistance you can provide,

    Chris aka “Urpoppy”

    • Click on recipes and craft items where you have all the materials marked with a green check. You’ll get the hang of it pretty quick.

  20. I’m also having a hard time finding wax. It shows up as a possible reward for farming holiday package resource tiles but Ive never received one. Is there a better source of wax?

  21. where can i find crafting materials like wax and so having difficult finding them .