How to Train your Hydro Dragon 2

Costs and facts about the latest Hydro Dragon Levels

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Our Hydro Dragons have now joined our Inferno Dragons with higher levels. These new Dragons have much of the community wondering what kind of power they have and how the new synergy boost will impact us as players. We are going to bring you the basics of the newest Dragon levels today, however, as always we will continue to keep you updated on the latest news regarding our Dragons as they evolve. 

The Details

Our Dragon’s Den is continuing to evolve as the game progresses. We are now up to 4 Dragons all with their own level cap. Our Hydro Dragon now goes to level 100 and I am sure we can be expecting to see our Terra Dragon follow suit with higher levels and higher stats. When entering your Dragon’s Den you will currently see: 

  1. The Reborn Dragon (Max Level 150)
  2. The Inferno Dragon (Max Level 100) 
  3. The Hydro Dragon (Max Level 100)
  4. The Terra Dragon (Max Level 50) 

We are familiar with the Hydro Dragon and it’s lower level benefits and stats. However, today let’s take a look at the increased skills and recommendations for skilling for every player type. 

The Stats

Once again all of the stats are divided into their own groupings and we will cover each of these and what the stats actually do. 

Dragon Spark

These are skills that will impact your Dragon in some way. 

  • Dragon Spark: Regenerative Talon (Max: 1,000%)- This skill will help your Dragon heal faster and recover its HP 
  • Dragon Spark: Hydro Dragon Aggression (Max: 100,000)- This Skill will grow your Dragon’s HP bar. 
  • Dragon Spark: Dragon Speed (Max: 600%)- This skill will give your Dragon a faster march 

Dragon Spark

These are going to be your Type Stats that will work to strengthen your Infantry, Cavalry, and Ranged Stats. 

  • Dragon Essence: Type Attack (Max: 20,000%) 
  • Dragon Essence: Type Defense (Max: 38,000%) 
  • Dragon Essence: Type Health (Max: 20,000%) 

Dragon Annihilation 

These are going to be your Empire Assault Stats. These stats will only be effective when attacking the Empire of another player. 

  • Dragon Annihilation: Empire Assault Attack (Max: 55,000%) 
  • Dragon Annihilation: Empire Assault Defense (Max: 60,000%) 
  • Dragon Annihilation: Empire Assault Health (Max: 40,000%) 

Dragon Heart

These will be your Troop Stats that will be effective in multiple scenarios. 

  • Dragon Heart: Troop Attack (Max: 40,000%) 
  • Dragon Heart: Troop Defense (Max: 46,000%) 
  • Dragon Heart: Troop Health (Max: 35,000%) 

Dragon Pride

These stats are where our Inferno Dragon continues to have a Ranged specialization. These will really boost your Ranged stats. 

  • Dragon Pride:Ranged Attack (Max: 30,000) 
  • Dragon Pride: Ranged Defense (Max: 38,000%) 
  • Dragon Pride: Ranged Health (Max: 28,000%)

Dragon Havoc

Your Dragon Havoc Skills are going to have a Wonder focus. These stats will only apply in Wonder Scenarios. 

  • Dragon Havoc: Wonder Rally Troop Attack (Max: 44,000%) 
  • Dragon Havoc: Wonder Defender Troop Attack (Max: 44,000%) 
  • Dragon Havoc: Wonder Troop Health (Max: 30,000%) 

Dragon Eradication

The Dragon Eradication Skills are a bit of a mixed bag with stats that will help in a couple of areas. The unique thing about this section of skills is that this is the first time that we have seen any debuffs given by the Inferno Dragon.

  • Dragon Eradication: Attack Debuff (Max: 58,000%) 
  • Dragon Eradication: Ranged Attack and Ranged Attack on Battle Marked Target (Max: 20,000%) 
  • Dragon Eradication: Ultimate Hydro Dragon Growth (Max: 200,000) – This skill once again increases the HP bar on your Dragon. 

The Costs

Empired on previous costs we believe that Hydro Costs Levels 51 to 100 will continue to echo those of Dragons before them. 

Hydro Costs Levels 51 to 100
Game of War Realtips


**These numbers are community gathered. Please let us know if you are able to help fill in any blanks and we will update costs as we are able to do so. In addition, please let us know if any numbers are inaccurate and we will update them. 

The Comparison

When we look at new Hydro Levels next to our higher level of inferno we are going to see the same stat increases. Unlike with the first 50 levels, we will not see increased stats here. However, because the first 50 Levels did have a slight increase for Type Stats and Overall Troop Stats but we did not see this same pattern repeat in levels 51 to 100. 

New Hydro Levels for Defenders

New Hydro Levels are going to continue to strengthen type stats for defenders. When we look at new Hydro levels for defenders we again want to look at what stats to prioritize when skilling. Remember that all of your Dragons when at home will help to defend your Empire. While new Dragons have limited stats for Defenders they are still very effective in helping make our defense stronger so knowing what to focus on for skills is essential. 

Skill Focus for Defenders

  1. Dragon Essence Skills
  2. Dragon Pride Skills
  3. Dragon Eradication (Attack Debuff and Ranged Attack) 

New Hydro Levels for Attackers

Next up we are going to look at new Hydro levels for Attackers. There are more stats to focus on as an attacker. We will see your Hydro taking an edge in strength as it achieves higher levels. We have not yet tested higher levels of the Hydro however, it will likely perform similarly to the higher level Inferno. There has now been a synergy boost released for the Hydro as well which is something that will boost your attack even more with your Hydro Dragon. 

Skill Focus for Attackers

The Skill priority focus for attackers will look like this: 

  1. Dragon Annihilation 
  2. Dragon Essence
  3. Dragon Pride
  4. Dragon Eradication 
  5. Dragon Heart

New Hydro Levels for Wonder Players

Finally, last but not least let’s take a look at new Hydro Levels for Wonder Players. For this player type, we are going to see increased stats as well to help in Wonder Play. 

Skill Focus for Wonder Players

  1. Dragon Havoc
  2. Dragon Essence
  3. Dragon Pride
  4. Dragon Eradication 
  5. Dragon Heart 

GoW Real Tips for Skilling the new Dragon Levels 

We have looked at the stats provided and who they help. We have looked at the impact of new Dragon levels for attackers. Now let’s talk about the strategy behind how to skill. This applies no matter what type of player you are. 

  1. Skill all the way down as low as you can on the skill tree using minimal points. 
  2. Starting from the bottom of the skills tree fill the skills that you are focusing on until you cannot anymore and work your way up. 

The reason we skill this way is we want to be sure we are putting our skill points in the boxes that will give us the most bang for our buck. The skills at the bottom tree are going to have higher stats and so you want to be sure you fill those boxes first. 

What’s Next? 

Looking for more great content to read? We have 100s of helpful guides to help you on your way as you build up and prepare to engage in War. Now that you have had the chance to read up on our Terra Dragon be sure to take the chance to brush up on your Inferno and Hydro Dragon and the stats offered by those two. 

Reborn Dragon

The Reborn Dragon was our original Dragon released and we take a closer look at it in the following articles. 

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Inferno Dragon

Looking for more information about your Inferno Dragon including costs, Synergy, and more? Check out our previous two articles on the Inferno Dragon! 

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Hydro Dragon

After the Inferno Dragon, we saw the Hydro Dragon join the family with a Ranged Focus. 

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Terra Dragon

The Terra Dragon was the final Dragon to join us to complete the troop combat circle with a Cavalry Focus. 

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Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned for more great information from our Realtip Team as the Dragon Dimension continues to evolve. 

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