Train Troops Effectively in the Demi Realm

A guide for the Demi realm on training each troop tier, plus the best hero and gear to use to save you resources and speeds.

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Training is an essential part of Game of War! You need Troops to Attack, to defend, to gather, and to help you support your team. This is the same whether you are in Demigod or the Dragon War Dimension.

In the Demigod Realm, training is a little bit more complex and requires attention to details. What works for one tier may not work for another.  We will take a look at the best tips for training, and then go over which set up is best for which troop tier.

6 Troop Training Tips for the Demigod Dimension

Use the Best Hero

There are a few heroes in Demi that have different skills for reducing training costs. The trick is knowing which one is best for which tier. Later in the article, we will list the best hero per troop level, so don’t worry about that too much!

The most commonly used heroes for training are the Sapphire Hero, Valkyrie Hero, and the original pre-Demi hero that is level 550.

However, you will notice that for T7, T8, and T9 troops, we use the Pre-Demi Original Hero level 550. Why would we do this? The answer is that there are no hero skills that aid in the reduction of those tiers of troops.  So we then compare a Demi hero with the Original Hero, since the very first hero still serves a purpose in many Demigod scenarios. What we noticed is a very slight time reduction with the original hero, as in just a few seconds. But, the comparison was for just a million troops, and since we need BILLIONS of troops, those few seconds saved per every million will add up. For your peace of ,ind we included screenshots of heroes, without gear, to show you the slight reduction.

compare training demicompare training demi

compare training demicompare training demi

You can see that the top original hero is almost 20 seconds faster per one million troops. So for each billion of troops you train, you can save 5.5 hours of training time just by using the original hero!

Skill the Hero Properly

Heroes are only as good as the skills that are used! Make sure that you have a preset made that has all training skills maxed. Most heroes you should be able to near max, if not completely max, all skill points available.

hero skills T5

hero SKills T4

hero skills t6

Make Sure to Use Correct Gear

Gear can make a huge difference when you are looking to train troops. Not only will it increase your Troop Training Queue (the number of troops you can train at once) but it will help you to be able to decrease the amount of time it takes to train. Which means fewer speedups or platinum are needed.

Demigods best training gear right now is the Demigod Training Gear. This is the gear that looks like old Prospectors Gear but has the radiant level background. If you do not have that gear, the next best is the Ultimate Training Gear.

Demigod Training Gear

Don’t Pass Up Research

Tons of research trees offer training speed reduction or training resource cost reduction. By skipping these researches you are costing yourself a fortune in resources and/or platinum! If you want an overview of each Demigod research tree, check out our Demigod Research Guide.

Train With a Purpose

Are you training troops to be your meatshield? Maybe you are you training troops for attack or to fill rallies? Knowing what you are training troops for can help you to be able to decide not only what troops to train, but how many.

The number of troops you need to train directly correlate with each tier. For example, If you are training a lower tier to help defend, you will start with t5 or t6. But which tier makes a huge difference. With each tier that you move up, you will only need roughly 50-60% of the amount of the tier below. Also, if you are training T8 to fill rallies, you will not need to train the same amount of troops as you would if you were training the T5 or T6 for defending your city.

If you don’t do your research and know what numbers you are aiming for when training, you could end up wasting a TON of speeds, resources, and platinum.

If you are wondering “Am I Safe?” you can read our article with more tips about setting up your account and which troops are best to use.

A Few Miscellaneous Tips

First, the training blessings in the Demi realm do not apply to the high tier troops. I know some people will insist on still having one, but it doesn’t do anything unless you are mass training T1.

Second, do not forget to unlock all your training boost in the boost hall! There are boosts to reduce troop, trap, and mythic training, as well as efficiency upkeep reductions. The training boost is under the Economic tab and the Athena Rewards tab as well

boost hall

boost hall trAINING


Last, don’t forget the gems! I know it’s been a while, but there are two gems that you can equip in your gear to help reduce the cost of training.

demi training gems

Let’s Get Down to the Specifics

T4 Troop Training

Hero: Sapphire

Gear: Demigod Training Gear

T5 Troop Training

Hero: Valk Hero

Gear: Demigod Training Gear but change the helm out for an obsidian level Champion or Conqueror Helm. The helm must be OBSIDIAN!! Both the Champion and Conqueror helms offer a T5 training reduction

T6 Troop Training

Hero: Sapphire

Gear: Demigod Training Gear

T7 Troop Training

Hero: Original Hero level 550

Gear: Sandguard Gear (In this instance, you are reducing the cost of speedups, not the cost of resources when compared to the Demigod Training Gear)

T8 Troop Training

Hero: Original Hero level 550

Gear: Sandguard Gear (In this instance, you are reducing the cost of speedups, not the cost of resources when compared to the Demigod Training Gear)

Here we see a comparison of the training cost for T8 Troops. The first screenshot is the original hero, level 550, in Demigod Training gear, training 10mil troops. The second screenshot shows a training time just over 32 days. The resources are 11m/11m/396m/550m.

Demi Train Gear

Now we will switch our gear: The hero will be the same original hero, level 550, now in Sandguard Gear, training 10 million troops. The last screenshot shows a training time of just over 16 days and the resources are the same 11m/11m1396m/550m as in the first comparison.

sanguardsandguard training

You save over 50% in speeds by using the old Sandguard gear!

T9 Troop Training

Hero: Original Hero level 550

Gear:Sandguard Gear (In this instance, you are reducing the cost of speedups, not the cost of resources when compared to the Demigod Training Gear)

*Note: all future tier releases will follow the same path using the original hero with Sunguard gear until there is a release of tier specific speedup or resource training reduction in gear or hero skills.

A big THANK YOU to HELLsSophie (IWG) for helping me sort through all the tiers, testing blessings, and for screenshots! She is such a huge help to all players!

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