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Send your Alliance Mail to teach them basic GOW concepts

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Do you have alliance Members that could use a little help? Are you tired of saying the same things over and over again and wish that you had a quick reference of letters you could send your alliance? We are starting a new series called Alliance Letters and have those answers for you now! We know that there is a lot of information and as much as you tell people to read stuff sometimes they just will not. So we are creating a solution for you in order to help you train your alliance and make sure they are getting the information they need (well, that is if you can get them to read their mail). 

Alliance Letters

Each of these letters is a letter that I have actually sent to my alliance (yes, I used them as Guinea pigs. They are perfectly formatted and broken up so you can copy and paste them right into in-game mail with no problem. Some of the letters do need to be broken into two but I have notated those as part 1 and part 2. 

Five Quick Tips for using these Letters in your Alliance

  1. Each of these letters is listed with a topic. This is the subject line for your email.
  2. Some of the letters are broken down into 2 parts but are labeled like that. 
  3. Do not send all of these at once as it will be overwhelming to your alliance
  4. After sending these letters take screenshots and post them to an Album in your Line for your members to be able to quickly access
  5. Make sure your alliance is aware of where to find more information (here) because these letters are super basic! 

Letters to your Alliance

Before you begin sending out letters consider sending a message letting them know what you will be sending and about the fabulous website you got them from! 

Topic: Tips to Stay Safe

Hey crew! Today I want to cover tips to stay safe. At times loyalty can feel like a struggle. However, in order to get a daily 24-hour shield you only need 200K loyalty. This is relatively easy to get especially if you have a loyalty doubler. 

With a Loyalty Doubler

2 Hero Events a Day= 1×24 hour shield

Without a Loyalty Doubler 

4 Hero Events a Day= 1×24 hour shield

You need 15 mill Hero XP in order to complete a Hero Event. This can easily be obtained from Bonus Catch up events and other events. If your Hero is stuck because of needing medals you can get XP from Quests, building, crafting, researching, and hitting monsters. Make sure you activate a Hero XP bonus boost to further optimize the XP you are getting in this scenario. 

If all else fails reach out to your team and ask for help. Those with extra loyalty are always willing to help! 

Topic: Quick Tips for Trap builders

Hey Crew! One thing you need to know as a Trap is how to build your stats. This is essential so that you know what is important and what is not. With the current state of the game stats such as Troop Defense and Troop Health are completely debuffed by the bigger players. For this reason, we have to focus on other stats in order to be strong. 

When building your stats you should focus on the following stats:

  1. Empire Defender stats such as Empire Defender Health, Empire Defender Attack, and Empire Defender Defense
  2. Type Stats these are stats that strengthen your Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry Troops 

In the next edition of Alliance Email tips, we will have a quick tutorial on how to know which stat to add in which situations. 

Topic: What Stat should I add? 

Hey Crew! You will see the statement Burning is Learning in-game many times. This is very true. When you are building an account it is important to safely test before (not during) events and to know what kind of hits you can and cannot take. 

Testing also allows you to know where you need to grow your stats. I will give you a quick rule of thumb on how to know what stats you need to add:

If you take a hit and cannot kill off the full march you need more Empire Defender Attack, Type Attack, or Troops. 

If you take a hit and kill off the full march but are still losing too many troops then you need Empire Defender Health, Empire Defender Defense, Type Health and Type Defense. 

It is important to know how to read reports so you can adjust as you play. As always if you need help please reach out to me or other players with strong knowledge on strategy. 

Topic: Potions Part 1

Hey Crew! Just a few quick tips when it comes to crafting potions! For those of you who are totally new to it, I’ll give a quick how-to as well. You craft potions in your Alchemy Lab (I know obvious). Here’s a quick how-to craft/build your own potion without a Recipe. 

First, enter your Alchemy Lab and select Craft Potions. You will first see your Vials. 

Pick the Vial that has the best stats that support the function you are crafting for. For example for defense grab a vial with empire Defender Stats. 

Next switch to your ingredients tab, the number of ingredients you can use will be limited by the level of your lab. 

Topic: Potions Part 2

Pick the ingredients that best compliment your Vial. For example: If you are using a vial with empire defender stats pick empire defender ingredients. With extra slots, you can toss in older ingredients to boost your numbers up more or things like debuffs. 

Finally, you are going to hit craft and voila a beautiful potion. However, don’t forget you have to actually go back and equip the potion for it to apply! You can do this from the first screen you see when entering the lab! 

More questions? Let me or another player in the alliance with strong knowledge on strategy know and in the meantime keep watching for the next Edition of our Alliance Tips emails. 

Topic: Dealing with Support Part 1

Hey Crew! Some tips today on how to deal with Support! When you need to send in a ticket it can be frustrating, I get it. However, I want to be sure you know the best way to communicate with support.

Step 1: Do not freak out and go all negative! Take SS and Video. Talk to your alliance about what is going on to see if anyone knows of a fix. If not then proceed to step 2.

Topic: Dealing with Support Part 2

Step 2: Send an email to support that carefully outlines the issue and when it is occurring and how. Also, be sure to include how it is affecting you and how you believe it should be working. Let them know the steps you have taken to try to resolve the issue before emailing. Be sure to be respectful and courteous. Cursing them out will not help get your issue resolved. 

Step 3: If you receive a response back that is unhelpful be sure to reply to that email. Sending a new ticket only starts the process over again. Sometimes it will take several emails to get the issue resolved. Just do not give up. Continue explaining the situation in different ways if needed. 

As always if you need more tips or ideas reach out to your team! We are here to help! 

Topic: Picking Targets

Hey crew! We have a few KvK events coming up this week so I wanted to be sure to send this in a timely manner. Picking targets can be difficult, however, there are a few things that you can look at that will help you make good decisions. 

First: Visually look to see things such as stats and other visible signs. These are things such as VIP, Banners, SH level, and more. If a player is not focusing on keeping visible stats like this hidden they can tell you a lot about the player’s strength. Remember that power is subjective if you do not know where it is coming from. A higher power player could have the same number of troops as a lower power player but have collected quests or have higher hero levels.

Second: Check gear. While the player may be bait trapping gear can tell you a lot about whether or not that player is a good target. 

Third: Send a Scout. While they may be running anti-scout if they are not there is a lot their research and troop count can tell you. If they have low research, a bad troop composition, or are heavier on one troop type that can help you decide whether or not to hit and what troops to hit with. 

Finally: Post the target in alliance chat if you are unsure and ask your team for their thoughts. The last thing you want is to sit out KvK because you lost your Hero. 

What’s Next? 

We have tons of articles to help you with your in-game strategy! We will also be bringing you more letters to send to your Alliance soon. However, in the meantime take the chance to do some more reading. 

Who Are You? 

This article takes a closer look at the different roles players occupy in Game of War and how those roles interact together! 

Who are You? 

Stay tuned

Stay Tuned for more great information from our Realtip Team as Game of War continues to evolve. 

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