Training Troops Efficiently in the Dragon War Dimension

Ten Tips to Efficiently Train Troops in the Dragon War Dimension

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Troops are essential in Game of War! You need Troops to Attack, to defend, to gather, and to help you support your team. This is the same whether you are in Demigod or the Dragon War Dimension.

Within the Dragon War Dimension, we have our own ways to be able to efficiently Train Troops. We will be taking a closer look at that and the things you need to know before you start building your Army up.

In The Beginning

To really effectively explore this we need to explore the beginning of your gameplay when it comes to Training Troops. Often as you are building up it is tempting to start building troops. However, this is a BIG NO. Until you are able to protect yourself you should not build Troops as you will be wasting resources and speedups. If you are needing troops to gather only build enough that if you do get hit they go to your Hospitals and they can just be healed.

When you do start really training troops you will want to have saved all your resources and gold and speedups to go towards this so that you are able to train enough troops to protect yourself and so that you will not just get zeroed. Training troops when you are not prepared to protect them is ultimately a waste of money.

When to Train Troops

You will want to begin training troops when you feel that you have sufficient stats to support them. You can judge this by comparing stats with other players and seeing where they are versus where you are. When you do start training it may be beneficial to wait until before a KvK or SW when there are train events. These events can help to give you rewards to keep you going.

Ten  Troop Training Tips in the Dragon War Dimension

Troop Training Tip Number One: Always wear the correct gear when Training Troops

Gear can make a huge difference when you are looking to train troops. Not only will it increase your Troop Training Queue (the number of troops you are able to train at once) but it will help you to be able to decrease the amount of time it takes to train. Which means fewer speedups or gold are needed.

The Current best Gear to Train Troops in is, General’s Gear Set and there are Training Gems available to further help you decrease the amount of time it will take to train troops. For more information surrounding Gear for Economy uses be sure to check out Dragon War Dimension Gear Guide Part 2.

Troop Training Tip Number Two: Do Not Forget about Skills available for Training Troops

There are a couple of places you are able to find skills to help with Training Troops. The First place you are going to look is Hero 1. Here you will find a skill for Training Speed pretty early on in the tree, this skill will help decrease the amount of time it takes to train your troops.

The next place you are going to look for skills for training is your Dragon. Your Dragon’s Economy Tree includes skills including Training Speed I and II, Troop Training Cost Reduction, and Troop Training Queue. This is obviously a spot that is rich with stats to be able to help you when you are training.

Troop Training Tip Number Three: Never forget the importance of Athena’s Armory

If you look through your Armory you will notice multiple gear sets that provide stats for Training Speed. Some of these Gear Sets you may not typically need to craft due to your style of play. However, if you are able to get them using rewards from events then you should definitely take advantage of the set bonuses you can get for training speed from the Armory. While these numbers look small they will add up quickly.

Troop Training tip Number Four: Know what buildings you need

Hospitals, Barracks, and Villas are the three buildings you are choosing between. Hospitals are great due to the fact that they will help to increase the number of troops that are able to go beds versus just dying. However, when it comes to training it is better to build Barracks. The more Barracks you have and the higher they are leveled the more troops you will be able to train at once. So if you are looking to mass train then it may be a safe bet to build up your Barracks.

Troop Training Tip Number Five: Remember Your Research

There are several places in Research that will give you Training Speed and Troop Queue bonuses. Including Economics, Combat Trees, Rewards Research trees, etc. So be sure to check out your research trees and make sure that you are completing the research for Troop Training as well.

Troop Training Tip Number Six: Know what Troops you are Training and Why

Are you training troops for gathering? Are you training troops for defense? or are you training troops for attack? Knowing what you are training troops for can help you to be able to decide not only what troops to train but how many. If you could care less about training enough troops to defend and just want to be able to gather you will not need nearly as many as you would if you were training to defend. If you are training to attack or fill rallies you are going to want to ensure that you are training T4 Strategic and Regular Troops. Knowing how to train is important as you allocate your resources.

Troop Training Tip Number Seven: Cane to Train, Food to Heal

One thing nice for trap players that really lean on their hospitals to save their troops is that while T3 Troops may take Cane to train they require food to heal. As a trap, I can use T3 and the fact that I am able to heal my T3 with Tier 1 Resources helps me to be able to save my Cane to go towards training more troops when I am recuperating from any losses that I may have incurred.

Troop Training Tip Number Eight: Training with Gold? Check your Slidebar

I like to train with Gold. Mostly because I am impatient and do not enjoy clicking the speedups. I also like to be sure to save my speedups for research and building as much as possible. However, one thing that is important to check when you are training with gold is the cost of cold for the number of troops that you are training.

The Gold cost correlates to the number of speedups you would need and sometimes if you lower the amount you are training by just a little it can drastically change the Gold cost. So be sure to check that the number of troops you are training at one time is worth the gold cost or whether you need to train a few less to train more efficiently with gold.

Troop Training Tip Number Nine: Do not forget your VIP

VIP not only will help you to increase your Troop Training Queue but it provides other benefits that you will need. While these benefits do not directly correlate to training they do help you ensure that you are not seeing your T1, T2, and T3 resources go to waste. VIP provides 100% Upkeep reductions so that your troops are not eating all of your resources, the magic number to hit all three of the upkeep reductions is VIP 40.

Troop Training Tip Number Ten: Gold or Cane

As mentioned before I enjoy training with gold. However, the reason behind this is two-fold. While part of it is as mentioned above, I am impatient, the other part is that when I train with gold I do not train using Cane. Cane goes quickly when training and often times players can find themselves running out of Cane rather quickly. However, when you train with gold you can increase your gold cost slightly and use no Cane.

Not so sure about this method? Let’s take a look at these two images.


In the first image, we can see that my cost to train a full queue is 58,300 Gold. Here I am using Cane that I have opened from my inventory so I am purely using gold for the cost of the speedups I would have used for this training. In the next image, I have only the Cane that my city has produced. You will see that my training queue is the same but that I have no crates. For this, the cost of my training only increases by only 268 Gold. So I am able to save my Cane for when I run out of gold and need to train with speedups or save them for research.

There are tons of ways within Game of War to be able to train your troops more efficiently. What are some tricks and tips you may have that were not covered here? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Slightly off topic, but I cannot find the information anywhere……any idea how many training manuals are required to upgrade the training garrison to the point that one can upgrade their T3s?

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