8 Ways To Spot a Trap Account

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How To Spot a Trap Account

Trap accounts are the sneakiest play style in Game of War. They are all about creating the perception that your Stronghold is weak, when in reality it's very strong.

This post was originally published in December 2014 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

What Are Traps?

A "trap" is a low power account that is specifically built to look weak but is actually very strong. Not only that but trap accounts can be cheaper to build up than other types.

The "Red Flags" of A Trap

From my experience a lot of rally leaders or players in general forget to check whether or not an account is a landmine. They simply think, "oh this person has much less power, I could probably solo him, or Rally him". <<<That's how you lose Troops in a blink of an eye.

A friend of mine recently made a good point to me, no matter how much you read these articles, making the right decision in the heat of the battle can be hard. I'm sure most people have hit a trap and lost a lot of troops at this point. So, I hope you can think a little more clearly next time you are in battle by remembering these tips.

1. High Kill Count

Look for a high kill count in relation to power. Don't touch that person.  If someone has a legit account where they just attack without baiting their kills will be more in line with their high power. Of course there can always be new Trap accounts that someone has been building up, and those are much harder to spot.

2. Tons of Hospitalized Troops

Someone with tons of hospitalized troops and very few deaths can mean they have tons of hospitals and just bait people to hit them while healing between attacks.

3. High Amount of Defenses Won

In general it would be very risky to attack someone with lots of Defense wins. This is another indicator that your enemy may be a trap.

4. High Amount of Traps Lost

Although a trap account doesn't need wall traps to be successful, they often do use traps. Someone with a lot of Traps lost could mean they are a landmine. In the picture below the guy actually hasn't lost many Traps.

game of war fire age landmine

5. Hero Gear

In general if their Hero is wearing obvious bait gear then its likely they are trapping.  For instance, look for outdated research/training gear that isn't boosted. These folks are likely looking to be rallied or attacked and will switch last minute to combat gear.

For trap accounts you want to check to see if the enemy's Gear is set up for Defense or Health. Health Traps are becoming more popular and use health boosts primarily.  So stacking defense debuff will not be of much benefit. Use the Hero Gear Tool to look up the enemy's Gear.

6. Change in Alliance Helps Means They are Online

Watch the enemy's Alliance Helps count. If they are online they will most likely be clicking the Help button.

landmine alliance helps

7. Graveyard Full of High Level Heroes

The account’s graveyard is a great indicator. When the list of executed heroes contains of a high number of level 70+ heroes, you got yourself a trap account. Plus it also let’s you know that they’re likely maximizing their altar boosts on their hero skills tree, especially if the executions are recent, which makes it that more difficult to break their defenses.

Also, look for an asterisk next to their "Combat Stats" in profile.  This means they have used a Reincarnation Stone to reset their stats which was likely a high kill count or full Graveyard.

8. Change in Loyalty Points Means They are Online

"Helps are great to monitor sleepers but most know not to hit it…..opening gifts and doing daily/alliance quests will increase loyalty…dead give away for traps and bigs who are trying to look like sleepers but are actually online waiting to pop cores and eat your rally." - Jeff Lebel

What methods do you use to detect trap accounts?



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  1. can you guys make another article on this? this is really outdated. thanks

  2. if you divide enemy power destroyed by number of kills u have the average power destroyed per troop. Of this number is closest to 36, the power of t4, then it’s most likely a trap.

    Frost/imp/ kunai mix for gear is more than likely a trap

  3. I’ve seen a lot of big in my Realm pay attention to the enemy power destroyed figure in identifying a trap. It would that be a good clue?

    • Power destroyed only matters in relation to kills, indicating what tier troops have been killed. I’m mostly t4 kills so my power destroyed is higher at 500m kills than someone with 1n kills low tier. But it can be an indicator of someones play style.

  4. The account’s graveyard is a great indicator. When the list of executed heroes is composed of a good number of level 60/VIP18 heroes, you got yourself a trap account. Plus it also let’s you know that they’re likely maximizing their altar boosts on their hero skills tree, especially if the executions are recent, which makes it that more difficult to break their defenses.

  5. im 309 mill. 113 mill research i have 6million troops total 1.5 are t4 rest are t3 meat 600k or more of each strat and reg my hero is lvl 52 im a solo trap and im up to 17mill kills

  6. Yeah I tried to follow this and I hit a 100m player with a 4.5KDR and two cored hits at 415.5k troops zeroed him while he was online. I also zeroed a 60 mil with about 2.5KDR, both obviously traps. I don’t doubt it’s possible to have a good small trap but yeah, if I can kill almost all their troop in one shot with random cores that weren’t very good…….

    With that said, 170-220m power seems to be the spot. I was taking full Emerald, 4H, Odin and Dragon king shots of 415.5k and they weren’t filling my hospitals. I suggest people look at multiple sites as this information looks very out of date.

  7. Hi Chad
    Great posts, Thankyou for sharing so much info.

    I read a comment saying any traps are better than none, and that some players basically view traps as merely a meat shield.

    That got me thinking…..because building traps takes so long! Is a t3 reg trap basically the same as a t3 reg troop? I realise each type of trap is more damaging to a certain troop type…..but is the algorithm the same in terms of working out how much power is destroyed?

    This is useful for me as I am building t3 traps….but they take time. Do I fill the gap in my walls with war bricks or t1 traps and three destoey those in small amounts rot build t3 traps…..OR….do I just ramp up t1 troops instead …..which are quick and will never go astray! (I plan to have 500k reg t3 troops and at least 1mil t1…..but the more the merrier I assume).

    • According to the game, both T3 troops and traps have the same “3 stars” of attack, defense, and health.

      Your question really comes down to your skill tree and gear though, because overall even if traps and troops are the same BASE power, they are not the same BOOSTED power. You will have far more bonus stats supporting your troops than your traps.

      does that help?!

  8. hello I was wondering if I could use some of the information on this site for my blog for my my alliance, all information used would be noted and linked back to this site and respect paid,

    Thank you,


    • Sure John, just don’t copy and paste the words because that hurts my site. You can post as many links as you want though 🙂

  9. i love ur blogs bro. I commented on a post like last year when I was in the same kingdom as u and u are such a great help. ty

  10. What gear and troop count is best to take down a 55M power trap account?

  11. im in a young kingdom, 4 months and have used my trap account as a sh14 and sh15 in the last two kvk ke. I’m around ten million power. people send 250k to 375k t4 at me all day long, im killing about 100k a shot, filling my beds and thats it, no traps lost no kills. im upping my troop count to get more kills and take larger hits. im far from taking a rally but being in a young kingdom there are people just dying to use those new t4.

  12. How do I get a trap account?

    • I really wanted to reply an assortment of sarcastic answers, but I won’t… you have to build one bro! Or buy one from someone

  13. I am a SH 18, 90m power player. My personal favorite attack this weekend was an attack by a 300m power SH 21 player. The attack stats looked like this :
    troops lost (1,172 v. 158,769)
    Power (-2.34K v. 6.77 M)


  14. I am working on setting up a trap account, and will be running a sh 21 with maxed gymnos, Barracks, watchtower, Hospital, and forge for the added bonuses. and will be maxing out reg troops research to 9, aswell as health and defence and traps. and won’t be touch anything else in research. As i am very conscious of trying to keep my power as low as possible..

    My Concern and why i am writing is i am unsure as what i how many of each troops would be the best for a trap to be very powerful but look weak. 500k t3, 1 mill t2, 5 mill t1 ? for example.
    Also i am concerned about the troop NERF mz incorporated, has anyone heard at what point they start nerfing your troops?

    Would love your opinion Chad swell as very one else!

  15. Best way to spot landmine is troops hospitalized being very high and kdr above 4.

  16. I’ve been trying to find out how many T3s it takes to eat a T4 rally, does anyone know?

  17. I run a t4 trap account and iv eat full t4 rallies with relics. Reinforced or not. Not sure where I can post pics of my account. My power does not reflect my true power as I kepted my research power under 45 mil. My total power is 170m and that is troop power. Hospital heavy. I get kvk third prize one one rally usually or come really close.

    not sure where to post pictures but I don’t mind sharing. People will always rally me and get pissed.

  18. I’ll never forget the first time I saw a legit “Turtle-we call it in 72”. Was Qurans alt in a KVk. King Kong or Wreck it Ralph. He had 65mil t1’s and completely swallowed 4 separate rallies, hero and all.

  19. I hope nobody reads the comments here because that’s a genius way to sniff out reinforcements. I’ve been making a living playing possum with anti scout and full reinforcements. I’m under 80m and have been baiting guys as strong as 2B power into solo attacks and winning every time. I never lose troops anymore and this could throw a wrench into my plans!

  20. Yes exactly what I was thinking. This is probably the truest way to determine if someone is online. Now please remove this post before too many people view it. 😛

  21. My hero skills were set for defense but didn’t have my defense equipment on she had all lv 6 attack gear

    In my kingdom bucheta have quite a few trap accounts. We have 2 sh 16 traps accounts one is 300mil power the other is 600mil not hard to spot that if you check there profile but most t4 ppl don’t seem to check or scout a sh 16 before attacking both accounts will swallow a 375k t4 march I have not seen proof but I am pretty sure the 600mil guy would swallow a 2mil all t4 rally they like to port to a bunch of farm accounts join the farm alliance then wait on someone to come through hitting farms and not really paying attention easy kills for them

  22. Im so sad you wrote this article

  23. A way to know if a city is reinforced: send 100 T1 and watch the kill count. If it goes up by 100 the city is not reinforced. If it goes up by less than 100 there are reinforcements inside.

  24. Can you explain on how to make a trap account ?

  25. Trap Accounts in my kingdom which is 190+ kingdom are like 40-60m lvl 18 strongholds to 60-80m lvl 21 strongholds. A few of our trap accs 40-60m match kills to power so 40-60mkills per trap account they’re very useful in the later kingdoms I guess since your examples are really low kills

  26. A good way to get an accurate troop count battle report without losing a bunch of T4 is to send 375k mixed/balanced strategic T3 with a Health/Defense centric hero gear setup. Yes, you’ll lose a lot of troops and risk your hero being swallowed if you’re not careful but….

    Being able to send an effective rally is worth the troop/power sacrifice this tactic requires, in my opinion. Even if they swallow my hero, I bet they can’t defeat the full relic/core strategic T4 rally that’s coming to free it.

    That being said it’s gonna be very interesting to see how people use a combination of the new march research and core crafting to attack/rally people who were effectively immune or resistant before.

    Nobody under 500m is safe from rallies anymore. Now, no one under 150m is safe from being solo burned either.

  27. The problem with the first picture is that you actually have the #2 point wrong. This person has had 214,109 of THEIR troops hospitalized (which is not a lot ) while sending 31,308,605 of the opponents troops to the hospital.

    I would say looking at this profile that this person attacks a lot and has no intention of taking a rally.

    • You are right Gwendly, and I’m glad you put more emphasis on that. There’s a few things I’ll say which made me skeptical of this guy and will address your comment:
      1. He may just have no hospitals anymore and take rallies accepting all the deaths. He’s could be maximizing his attack by having a bunch of villas. You can see he has 5mil deaths which is quite a lot (although those definitely could have come from attacking as well) and he has 176 defense wins which means does get hit and so he should have more hospitalized troops but he doesn’t cause he probably has no hospitals.
      2. His hero setup doesn’t make sense. Our kingdom has 20+ players over 800mil who could have zeroed him in that gear setup with a rally. So either he would change it if bigs did come to rally him, or leave it the way it was to bait weaker rallies or solo attacks.

      Now do you understand my skepticism?

      • I have To disagree.
        1. Honestly most 660Ms don’t plan on getting hit/rallied at all unless they are probably in k 1-50.. So that would explain not having hospitals. Many, many people send fake 1 troop marches or anything else at larger people. Also the defense wins are very low, which could have all been from when she was smaller.
        2. That gear was 4 pieces for research, 2 from packs with special boosts, and one piece of war gear. She was very likely doing research or building troops while online. I am fairly sure all of the lost troops are from attacking due to large hospitalized and killed count..
        3. In most players minds, being a 660M trap account is a bad idea. 20+ 800M means it’s a newer kingdom, and they would lose a ton of power rallying a 660M 🙁
        4. However the alliance helps is a very good way to see if they’re online, I use a almost 2B account a lot and this will help me save ports. Thanks for taking the time to post this 🙂

        • Man of War,
          Good points… Next time I see that guy I’ll have to rally him haha. Regardless I still think I’ll leave that picture up because people can learn from this discussion where you both outsmart me 🙁

        • Good thing I posted a legit example of a landmine account at the bottom in case people got confused!

      • imho a landmine in your own kingdom is not a big deal because you just lose a bunch of troops and then move on ; it’s much more of a big deal in a kvk setting where you are concerned about points ; hitting a landmine in a KvK is basically a trainwreck.

        1. People send 1 random troops at people who are farming them all the time. That could be where the defense wins are from. It’s also possible it’s from defending the wonder. Losing 5 million troops while sending 31 million troops to hospital and killing 20 million troops is not very much actually. It’s also worth nothing that this person has attacked 11000+ cities. If they are a landmine now, they at least at one point were not.

        2. I agree, the gear makes little sense. Most of it is research gear but also some other gear. It’s possible that the person had monster gems on them. Most likely the person was online, and at 600+m power there is a lot of risk in rallying them, but not out of the question.

      • Yep the last landmine is very likely legit 🙂

      • I don’t know. I mean a trap account only takes defensive hits right? Meaning they aren’t attacking very often. If true, that last account has over 1 million traps destroyed and 3mil enemy troops hospitalized. Those numbers can only go up from offensive attacks. I would still consider it a “trap account” because it has what seems to be a good setup. But they are still using it to attack other strongholds.

      • We just zeroed a 500 mil power player in Kingdom 218. In this case, zeroing equated to taking him to 205 mil power. He was caught off line with research gear on AND HARD TO BELIEVE HIS VIP WAS INACTIVE !!!

      • Just going to point this out. 90% of 600-900ms are zeroed in minutes now. 138 has zeroed many 1b+ players and rallied many online 1b+ players. Most 600m’s are a cake walk and take minutes to down in my opinion.


  28. My Trap city wins 2/1 on points against any attack… The crappy non scouters I win 4 points to 1 in a battle. I loss the battle, but I win the points war… Losses and wins isn’t a great measuring stick.

  29. Check alliance power. If the alliance power is big, it is unlikely they will have a small power player unless its a trap.

    • I’m a 4 billion player in a 24 billion alliance and now I know why our traps didn’t net too many points yesterday. Bah. ;o)

      • Glad I can teach a 4bil player something 😉

      • I’m a 80 mil in a 30 bill alliance and no one was taking the bait last ke.
        Pity too, I had full t4 strat rein.
        I think the trick is to get in an enemy hive, have folks port in, rein, and port out very quickly so people might not see the reinforcements, then start hitting low level SHs to draw attention.

  30. What methods I use? Umm kill count and check the cords for stupid people trying to zero them lolol