Trapping 101: The Fundamentals

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Game of War is a community and within that community there are subsets of communities. Traps are a community within themselves. Traps keep each other going and the beauty is that when one figures something out everyone else is able to modify to their unique strategy.

Naked Trapping

Many players come to us and ask, How do I build a good trap? That question is surprisingly difficult to answer! Trapping is a very broad category. There are many different ways you can trap!

A Few Types of Common Traps

  • Bait Trap
  • Garrison Trap
  • Health Trap
  • Maxed Trap

While all of these traps have things that make them an individual, there are still some common things that are important to all of these players! The amount of detail that goes into building a trap is amazing.

The Essentials of Trapping – What do I Need?

Anti scout

Anti scout is one of my favorite features as a trap player. I keep my anti scout up consistently. Here’s the thing.. I know I’m a strong player, however, I don’t want others to know this! By keeping my anti scout on people can’t see some things that would tip them off to the fact that I’m a bad target. My goal is to make them believe I have no clue what I am doing.


Research is a huge component for trap players. In the past traps we’re encouraged to maintain a low research power and only do what was absolutely necessary. With the changes to the game research power is so low that traps no longer need to worry about this. As a trap, research is your best friend and should always be as closed to max as possible. We see huge gains in research! (This is one of those things you can hide with Anti Scout!)

Buildings and Boosts

For any player in the game how you choose to design your interior is important. Buildings provide different boosts and should be chosen according to need. For my trap I run hospitals as they provide both health and defense boosts. While some players choose to run just barracks for the defense boosts.

Once you have those buildings it’s important to boost them! Building boosts and buildings are another component that can be hidden with Anti Scout! (See Building Levels and Boosts Guide)


Potions give extra defense that are vital to your game! The current potion I am running on my trap gives 500KT in troop defense and 301KT in Legion defense. These are the types of stats that have the ability to tip the scales in your favor. (See Potions Guide for more info)

Troop Composition

I believe that this is one of the most commonly asked questions currently. There is always speculation about whether or not a troop tier works and the answer is always, yes that troop tier works. However, any tier needs to be set up correctly. For those that aren’t confident or comfortable with using lower tiered troops it is possible to do a higher tier build. The important thing to remember when using low tier troops is to not nerf yourself!

Trapping troops

Gems and Runes

Yet another hidden feature! Gems and runes offer more hidden stats that are super important for any trap! (See Gems and Runes guide for best selections)


Banners can provide huge stats but as traps we have to be careful of what banners we use at times. Sometimes using the newest things is a sure sign that your are not a good target! (See Banner Selection Guide)

Troop Gear Leveling and Research Sockets

This is another hidden strength that can be utilized to a traps benefit. Currently these two things are easy to max on points and add to your overall defense!

Gear and Skills

As a trap, your gear is very important. When choosing a gear, it may not look the same as everyone else. The trick is to tailor the gear to your unique needs! We address using other types of gear some in our bait trap article! (For current best defense gear see Am I safe in Game of War.)

In addition, making sure to skill your hero tree well is super important. Remember you are going to get the best stats at the bottom of your hero tree. So start at the bottom and work your way up. (New abilities with VIP 375 make this easier) Also don’t forget to skill both sides of the hero tree to include set bonuses and blessing multipliers!


VIP can give some great stat increases! You should always look at the different levels and compare them before increasing VIP. In addition, VIP can also be a sign of an up to date account. So while this is helpful it can also be a sign to leads to not hit!


With the rate of releases there is always a need to be able to adjust! Always be aware of stats that have increased and have a general idea of how they will affect you and does this mean the need for more stats? Or the need for more troops?

Trapping Stats

And remember we’re a community, there is a wealth of knowledge within the community if you’re willing to learn!

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