The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Trapping in the Dragon Dimension 2

A closer look at the buildings utilized in trapping

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In our last article, we began the process of walking you through a step by step guide on trap building in the Dragon Dimension. We want to continue on that process with you so that you are able to build up strong in the Dragon Dimension as a Trap even if you are new to the game or just returning after a long absence. Here you have Part 2 to our hand-holding guide for wanna be traps. 

A Quick Recap

When we say a quick recap we really mean quick. We do not want to spend too much time recapping because there is lots more info to cover for our trapping community. We took a quick look at different things you just need to be aware of as a trap including:

  1. Hidden Stats versus Visible Stats
  2. Empire Quests
  3. Power
  4. Testing
  5. To Burn or Not to Burn
  6. Capping

We also began to take a quick look at the building of a trap by diving a little into Troop counts, troop composition, and other important troop factoids. It was some great information to kick us off and if you really want to know more please go back and read part 1, because for now, we are moving on to new information with lots to cover. 

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Trapping in the Dragon Dimension

The Building of a Trap

We are going to continue to look at the things you need to do when building a trap. We are taking you on a step by step process of building. While we covered troops first it is only because it is one of our most frequently asked questions. In Part 2 we are going to move on to the things you need to do before you even worry about having the troops to take a hit. 


Your buildings play a huge role in Game of War. From buildings with stats to buildings with special abilities, it is important to know what to do with what buildings and where to level to. There are multiple factors to consider and we are going to cover each of these factors and give you our recommendations on how to proceed. 


When we are looking at Stronghold levels it is a coin flip on whether to level high or stay low. We cover some of the debate in our Coin Flip image. 

Stronghold Level

Here are the Stronghold levels we really want to highlight:

  • Stronghold 40 opens all Research except Regular T5 Research in your Combat Tree
  • At Stronghold 50 All research will be open to you and this is a common level for traps now
  • Stronghold 80 will give you the Dragon Armor break boost which may help with capping, however, it will decrease hits. 
  • New Stronghold levels have great stats associated with them for defenders however, once again, this will decrease the number of hits you are getting. 

Current Recommendation for Traps: 

Currently, we recommend Stronghold Level 50 for Traps. This opens all research and allows all T5 to be opened. It is also a Stronghold level that will still get hit a good amount. Lower then Stronghold 50 and you cannot unlock Regular T5, however, you can complete the Wall Traps Research for T5 at Stronghold 40. 

Barracks, Hospitals, and Villas

This is the next question we want to cover when it comes to buildings. In this section, we really want to dispel some falsehoods that have been circulating around the community. 

  1. Barracks are nice but the only thing they do for you is help with your ability to train more troops at once. However, you can get more stats for your Training Queue from other places. 
  2. Villas do provide Troop Defense, however, if you look at current debuffs the amount of defense given is inconsequential for traps.  
  3. Hospitals do not provide Health, however, the higher-level hospitals you have the more beds you have when you get hit. This can be quite significant during points events and to just save troops. 

Our current Recommendation: Build Hospitals. They are much more beneficial to traps than Barracks or Villas. 

Wall and Monster Lair

We are pairing these two buildings together because they are a match made in heaven. Your Monster Lair is where you are able to level your monsters that you can then put in your wall. Monsters in your wall are in fact worth the unlock (do not forget you have to unlock your wall slots and these unlocks can be found in some packs). If you would like to see the Monster in the wall testing we did make sure you go back and read, Even More, Cookie Cutter Trapping for Noobs

However, we know that what you really want are recommendations on what Monsters to put in your wall. 

Monsters who should live in your Wall: 

  1. Golem- We really like this guy because of his Empire Defender Stats
  2. Turkey Drake- This Guy has empire defender attack and some attack Debuff
  3. Frost Giant- This guy has Empire Defender Attack

Overall your Golem should be your top priority. The following two monsters can be put in the other slots but will mainly help you on the attack side. Alternatively, if you want to get creative and toss it out you can also play with some of the Monsters that have Debuffs. 

Master Garrison 

The Master Garrison has a lot of stats. However, when we are looking at it from a trapping perspective there are a limited number of stats that are helpful to us. The most helpful is the Empire Defender Attack. So while this is a great place to get that stat it is not the end all be all for traps and this building while a good one to level up as you can it does not need to be top priority. The other perks about this building include the fact that it does not add power. 

Athena’s Armory

Athena’s Armory is another place to get extra stats for your account. Originally we would have told you to really question whether or not you want to level up the Armory due to the power gains. However, at this point in the game, the power is minimal. In addition, while there is some gear that gives great set bonuses the stats that most traps are really focused on increasing are not as prevalent right now. 

For a closer look at the Armory check out A Dragon Dimension Gear Guide Part 3. However, for now, our recommendation is to level up and work on getting the set bonuses from Frostlord, Judicator and Imperial Dragon as these have the highly sought after Empire Defender stats. 

Alchemy Lab

The Alchemy Lab is the next place we want to look. This building is used for crafting your  Potions. The higher the level of the building the longer your potion lasts and the more ingredients you can use. Making this building a good one to level up. Potions are one of the hidden boosts we love because there is no way to tell if you are running a potion or what that potion looks like. 

Alchemy Lab Recommendation: Level up and Get to brewing those potions with Empire Defender Stats

For more information on how to build your potion check out the Little Things you should not forget in the Dragon Dimension

Gear Workshop

Initially, this building was not very useful in the Dragon Dimension, however, with the introduction of Set Gear Leveling and Power-ups to the Dragon Dimension we have seen this change. Gear Level ups have the potential to add a lot of stats however, we have to keep in mind that these are also very visible stats. The positive side is it is easy to level up and power-up using items you get from events making these “cheap” stats. However, you are unable to power-up gear unless your Gear Workshop is level 6 and needs a special unlock for set-gear leveling. 

Realtips Current Recommendation: Gear power-up and leveling are not top priority but they are easy stats to get and do not seem to detract attackers at this time. Making our current recommendation go ahead and level up and just watch if you start to notice that you may be getting fewer hits and re-evaluate at this point. 

Pro-tip: Some players like to swap in one piece of gear to hide set-gear leveling or swap gear to attract hits if they are worried about their gear causing them to be an undesirable target. 

Research, Gear, and More, oh my

We have so much more information to bring you on traps currently in the Dragon Dimension. We will be back with more recommendations in our next Complete Idiot’s Guide to Trapping in the Dimension. 

To Be Continued…

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