Yes, Even More, Cookie Cutter Trapping for Noobs

Wrapping up Frequently asked Questions about Trapping

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Yes, Yes, Even More, Cookie Cutter Trapping for Noobs! Am I covering all the questions you guys have? I hope so because I am getting to the end of the list and you all have not given me more! You gave a Cinder a cookie and what did you get? A ton of articles! We are continuing this week with our series of Frequently Asked Questions by traps in the Dragon Dimension. However, before we dive into more questions make sure that you take the time to go back and read the previous articles in this series. 

Cookie Cutter Trapping for Noobs

More Cookie Cutter Trapping for Noobs

Even More Cookie Cutter Trapping for Noobs

A Quick Recap 

RecapFor those of you out there who are too lazy to go back and read the last articles, do not even try to deny it, I know you are out there. We are going to do a real quick recap. However, when I say quick, well I mean quick! 

Cookie Cutter Trapping for Noobs Recap

For the Love of all that is good! Please stop asking these questions!

  1. How do I set up a trap?
  2. How many troops do I need?

We covered how you can answer these questions for yourselves and alternative questions to ask instead. I also explored all the reasons that you need to stop asking these questions and the fact that there is NO SUCH THING AS A COOKIE CUTTER TRAP! 

We also covered whether or not there is nerf in the Dragon dimension, the short answer is no because we have a troop capacity. We also covered what troop capacity is and no I will not cover it here again. Finally, we covered capping Heroes in the Dragon dimension and whether or not this is currently possible. The short answer is yes and no.

More Cookie Cutter Trapping for Noobs

In More Cookie Cutter Trapping for Noobs, it was all about your Dragon. We covered just how effective the Dragon is when defending at reborn levels. We also covered how effective it is to take on Dragon Rein and whether or not it is beneficial to have more than one dragon reining you. Finally, we covered the cautionary tale of what happens when you have the wrong person rein you. 

Even More Cookie Cutter Trapping for Noobs

Last week we had the opportunity to cover The Monster that lurks under your bed (or in your wall, or lair) and how effective it is for defenders to have that monster in their wall. The answer is that it is effective. We also covered research and some basic guidelines for how to prioritize research and why just asking what research should I do is not a great idea. 

I know you are desperate to know all the details but I have already given you those so if you do indeed want to know more, well stop being lazy and go back and read the articles that contain the answers you are looking for. 

Yes, Even More Frequently Asked Questions by Traps in the Dragon Dimension

It is difficult to believe that answering your questions has taken this long but hopefully, the answers have been helpful and fun to read. We are going to cover a few more questions this week so that you have the information you need in front of you when you are setting up your trap. Anddddd let’s be honest, I am lazy too and it is easier for me to point you to an article then to explain it all, yet again, in Line, because I know, the same question is going to be asked a million times. 

Frequently Asked Question Nine: Do stats from Battlemark Research apply for defenders?

BattlemarkTo answer this question, we have to look at Battlemark Research as two parts. There are two categories you can divide this research tree into:

  1. Stats that only apply when your enemy is battle marked
  2. Stats that apply in every situation

When you look at the descriptions for the different stats you will see that some of the stats have the descriptor, “when the enemy is battle marked” added. This lets you know that these stats only apply to battle marked targets. Other stats, however, are relevant at all times. So be sure to watch out for that descriptor when you are completing that research. We know that the stats without the descriptor of, “when the enemy is battle marked” are going to apply to us as defenders. However, as defenders should we battle mark our attackers? Will it make any difference? 

Should I Battle Mark my attacker as a defender? 

So should you battle mark your attacker as a defender? We could always just say, Why not? It cannot hurt anything. However, we wanted to know ourselves if it made an actual difference so we ran two tests. The only factor that changed between the two solo hits was whether or not our defender had their attacker battle marked. In the first test, no battle marks were used. In the second test, our defender went ahead and marked their attacker. 

The Results
Attacker Battle Marked? NoYes
Overall Defender Loss239,556239,556
Troops Hospitalized215,536215,536
Troops Killed11,34111,341
Dragon HP Loss12,67912,679
Overall Attacker Loss612,534612,491
Troop Loss527,000527,000
Dragon HP Loss85,53485,491
Implications for traps

You can probably interpret the results yourself but I am going to lay it out for you as well. However, before we get into the implication for traps you must be aware that our defender in these tests had a very low level of Battlemark Research. However, even with the low level of research, it does not invalidate the results. 

  1. We saw no increase or improvement in the outcome when the Attacker was battle marked 
  2. The results were almost identical for both tests
  3. This means that as a defender battle marking your attacker will not improve your overall outcome
  4. However!!! Keep in mind that this research is still very important for defenders because it provides stat increases across the board not just for players who are battle marking targets. 

Frequently Asked Question Eight: What Gear should I use? 

Frostlord GearGear is another big question we see asked by traps in the dragon dimension. Knowing what gear to wear can be very important and we have whole articles addressing different sets of gear and how they will help you. However, one thing I will not do is tell you exactly what to wear. 

But, Cinder, I do not want to do the work! I want you to tell me exactly what to do so I can be a Cookie Cutter Trap! 

Once again, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A COOKIE CUTTER TRAP!!! One thing that is very important to note about gear in the Dragon Dimension is that what Gear you are wearing should be and is very dependent on your level of research in the Crafting tree. So building your Heroes Ensemble is going to take a lot of comparing and checking stats. 

For example, for a long time, Vindicator was the “chosen gear” for traps, however, many traps would mix in some arbiter and sentinel to boost their attack and defense stats as well. When Frostlord was released we saw a rush for defenders to get this gear without thinking about the intricacies that the crafting tree would add to this. 

Players were crafting and equipping Frostlord without having the appropriate research to support the gear and this was causing them to have lower stats then they would have gotten from equipping Vindicator. 

So What gear should I wear?

The gear you choose is going to be based on two things:

  1. What stats do you need to be able to increase positive outcomes? Read your reports and know what stats you need to add. This can help you with choosing the gear that is going to best support you as a player. 
  2. What level is your Stronghold and where is your Crafting Research? Compare and contrast your stats, do not assume that just because a set of gear is newer it will be better. Swap gear out and check your stats, are they better or worse? Test, Test, Test, do you do better with Gear Mix A or Gear Mix B? Gear is not just as simple as put on set X. Choosing good Gear involves a process.

What does this mean? It means stop being lazy and trying to build a cookie-cutter trap because it is not gonna happen! 

Where can I find more information about Gear? 

Looking for more information about Gear? Check out these articles:

Dragon Dimension Gear Guide Part 1

Dragon Dimension Gear Guide Part 2

Dragon Dimension Gear Guide Part 3

Frequently Asked Question Ten: Where can I find more information about trapping? 

We are constantly working to bring you more information to help you on your quest to improve your trap. If you have more questions that we did not cover or want more trapping information just let us know! Also, be sure to join us on Line App, Discord, and Facebook so that you can ask even more questions there and interact with our team in realtime. We are looking forward to seeing you there. 

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