How to Build Your Stats in the Dragon Dimension Part 3 Traps & Fillers Again

Knowing, Prioritizing, and Finding the Stats you need as a Trap

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In our last article for how to Build your Stats in the Dragon Dimension, we spent a lot of time talking about how stats work as a trap. We looked closely at health, defense, and attack and why all three of these stats are so necessary for our trapping community. This week we want to take some time to really look at which Health, Attack, and Defense stats you should be working towards increasing and how to prioritize that. In addition, we will also take some time to cover the different places you are able to find those stats. 

However, if you have not yet had the opportunity to look at the first two articles in this series make sure you catch up and build the foundation to continue this series with Teamrealtips.

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A Quick Recap

In the Dragon War Dimension, there are three stats and different forms of those that are very important to traps. Those are Attack, Health, and Defense. Last week we took a closer look at how the stats work. We have also taken some time to cover definitions of the stats so you understand what you are looking at when looking for stats. 

However, just for reference, we will include our Stat dictionary here again.

Game of War Stats Dictionary 

Prioritizing your stats as a Trap in the Dragon Dimension 

When it comes down to it, how do we prioritize our stats as traps in the Dragon Dimension? Well, hopefully, you read the previous article and know how your stats work. If you did not, then do me a favor, please, please, please go back and read it. By knowing how the stats work you will be able to better understand how to prioritize them. 

For those of you who still have not gone back to read the previous guide (seriously?) here is a quick rundown for you. 

  1. Attack helps kill off more of your attackers March. 
  2. Defense acts as a “shield” for your troops so that not as many can be killed. 
  3. Health makes your troops stronger so they can keep on fighting the good fight. 

When to Prioritize the different stats

Now that we know what the stats do how do we know when to prioritize certain stats over others? Part of knowing this is getting out there and playing the game. Let’s run through a couple of scenarios to help you with this question. 

Scenario One: You are hit and on fire. You check the report and see that you were not able to kill off all the troops in your attacker’s march. What Stat do you prioritize first? Answer: Attack before you move on to Health or Defense make sure that you at least have the ability to kill off your attacker’s march. 

Scenario Two: You are hit and on fire. You check the report and see that while you killed off the full march you still lost too many troops, hence, the fire. What Stat do you prioritize first? Answer: Health and Defense. You are able to kill off your attacker’s march so right now adding attack is not needed, Health and Defense will help to minimize your losses more so that even if you do burn it’s a pretty burn. Health is far more effective so if the choice is between Health and Defense choose Health first. 

You will notice that we have yet to talk about Attack Debuff. Here is the reason why, while Debuff will help traps as well building your own stats should always take first priority over debuffing your attacker’s stats. While Debuffs are great to add on as we are able to focus on the basics before worrying about debuffs. 

Which Health, Attack, and Defense Stats should I Prioritize? 

At this point we should know a few basic things:

  1. How our basic stats work
  2. Which stats are important to traps and why
  3. When to add what stat

So next, our question becomes which stats we should prioritize. If you look at Attack, Health, and Defense stats there are a ton of them. From Empire Assault to Empire Defense they run the gamut. In addition, over time with the release of more and more debuffs how we build as traps has changed. 

At this point in the game Troop Health and Defense have been tossed out the window for traps. Current, debuffs for attackers look a little something like this:

Lead DebuffsAs you can see those debuffs are quite high. This has led to stats prioritizing the following stats in the following order: 

  1. Empire Defender Health 
  2. Empire Defender Defense
  3. Empire Defender Attack
  4. Type Stats such as Type Health, Defense and Attack

8 Realtips on Where to Find Stats as a Trap

We are going to look at the various places you can find stats as a trap and discuss the pros and cons of those areas. While in the past we included a comprehensive list telling you where you could find each stat and how much we are going to revise this a little and not include that. Here is the reason, the game changes a lot but some things always stay the same. By just giving you the places to look it is a quicker overview for you and helps you to know the pros and cons of adding stats from that section. 

Realtip One: Research

Research is actually one of our top recommendations on where to find stats as a trap. Research used to look a lot different when it came to trapping. Often we were leary about the power gains and while some of the older Research in the Dragon Dimension does come with Power gains more and more of the newer research does not. This makes Research power not as important as it used to be. If you do have high research Leads will be able to see the percentage done on your scout reports so it is not completely hidden but easy to hide by tossing on Anti-Scout. 

Realtip Two: The Boost Hall

The Boost Hall is another place to find some great hidden stats. There is no way to tell whether you are toting these boosts or not making this an easy area to grab stats. In addition, frequently we will see the items we need to complete these nodes in events. 

Realtip Three: Buildings

I know what comes to mind here is Hospitals, Barracks, and Villas. However, the only one of these three buildings that offer Combat Stats are your Villas which give Troop Defense. This is not as helpful to traps who are likely completely debuffed anyways. In addition, new levels of buildings are starting to provide Empire Defender stats. However, many of us as traps prefer to stay at a lower Stronghold level to increase the number of hits we receive and decrease power. 

When we are talking about Buildings we are talking about your Master Garrison and your Monster Lair. Your Master Garrison is going to provide Empire Defender Attack, while your Monster Lair provides all three Empire Defender Stats. 

Realtip Four: Monster and Dragons (oh my) 

As Defenders, we have Monsters that go in our Wall and Dragons that can defend our cities. These guys have Empire Defender and Type Stats that can help when it comes to taking those hits. We have more information about your Dragons in our Dragon Articles. 

How To Train Your Dragon Dimension Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon Dimension Dragon Part 2

How To Train your Reborn Dragon

How To Train your Inferno Dragon 

Realtip Five: Gear and Set Bonuses

Gear is another great place to get stats this also takes us back to research a little with getting additional stats on our gear from our Crafting Tree. We can also get additional stats on our gear using Power-ups and Set Gear Leveling. In addition, Athena’s Armory gives us set bonuses for full sets of gear that apply even when we are not wearing the gear. All of these are great gear-related places to get stats. However, remember that often these stats are visible and proceed with caution. 

Realtip Six: Do not forget your Hero

Your Hero is going to give you stats as well. Remember that for Traps Hero three is a current favorite, largely due to the fact that it provides extra hospital beds and Empire Defender stats. However, remember when we are looking at the Heroes that they can quickly give us a lot of power gains. If you are looking to stay low power then this is something you need to consider as well as remembering that Hero Level is another visible stat. 

Realtip Seven: Steadfast Skills

Your Hero will also give you stats through Steadfast Skills. These stats apply whether or not that Hero is equipped. There is no power gain with this and Steadfast skills are a hidden stat so this a great place to get points in and utilize for additional stats. 

Realtip Eight: Gems, Banners, VIP, Potions 

Gems, Banners, and VIP are all other great places you can get stats for your account. While these stats may seem “small” they do add up. Remember that things like Gems and Potions are hidden stats while VIP and Banners are our more visible stats and keep that in mind when deciding on leveling your VIP or equipping your Banners. For more information on all of these features be sure to check out, The Little Things

What other questions do you have? Let us know in the comments below.

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