Troop Gear Leveling: Located in Your Barracks!

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Improve your base troop stats with Troop Gear Leveling! Head to your barracks to discover a new tab, “Troop Gear,” to upgrade your Troop Gear levels.

Troop Gear Leveling

The in-game blog states that this upgrade applies to all tiers of troops. So, players using low tiers for defense traps benefit from troop gear increases.

What sort of increases are we talking about with Troop Gear Leveling?

Please don’t confuse Troop Gear Levels with Gear Set Levels. “Gear Set Leveling” boosts the stats on your gear sets like  Valiant Knight Defense Set, which has been mostly replaced by Titan Overlord Defense Set or Warmaster’s.  Meanwhile, Troop Gear leveling boosts your troops.  It’s completely unrelated to your hero’s equipment.

A specific item is used for troop levels 1-100, 101-200, and 200-500. Also, you may use various items designated for each upgrade type. Arrowheads, Armor Scales, and Lassos.  Lustrous Spinels are found under the “Resources” tab while the other items are found under “Special” tab.

The levels 200+ require Ultimate Warmaster Pendants. Warmaster Gear Set does not gain defense stats but does gain a large amount of attack.

Pro Tip: Inquistor’s Research Gear or Divine Inquisitor’s Research Gear reduces the Lustrous Spinel costs of Troop Gear Level upgrades. The Spinel requirements listed below are WITHOUT such reductions.  So, it will be cheaper for you to upgrade than when I did it not know about the Inquisitor’s gear. Congratulations!

Troop Gear Leveling Stats Highlights

Shown below are the maximum stats you obtain with Troop Gear Leveling 100.

Troop Gear Levels Game of War

These stats are a bit misleading because the various attack and defense debuff stats mentioned are cumulative. We need to look at the stats in more detail to understand exactly what we gain from this feature.

Head to your barracks and find the “Troop Gear” tab. Here you see a list of various boosts. The first is Troop Weaponry.

Troop Gear Levels Game of War GoW

Troop Weaponry

Troop Weaponry is the first upgrade listed. Improving Troop Weaponry increases Troop and Legion Attack by 500,000,000%.

Each upgrade point requires 61,540 Lustrous Spinels. You may purchase these from packs. Alternatively, you may use an Arrowhead to instantly upgrade a point as well. Essentially each Arrowhead is worth 61,540 Lustrous Spinels.

Troop Weaponry, like the other upgrades, goes to Rank 10 or 100 upgrades. Total cost of this feature is 6,154,000 Lustrous Spinels.

The next upgrade is to Rally Weaponry.

Troop Gear Leveling Weaponry Game of War GoW

Rally Weaponry

Rally Weaponry provides Rally and Wonder Attack of 1,000,000,000%. It also requires 61,540 Lustrous Spinels per tick of upgrade for a total of 6,154,400 to max it.

You may also use an Arrowhead – Rally Weaponry to upgrade. You may have trouble finding these. Once you’ve purchased them from packs, find them under you specials tab.

Debuff Weaponry

Debuff Weaponry provides 200,000% Empire, Legion, Type, and Troop Defense Debuff. This is where I focused my Lustrous Spinels first.  I figure lowering the defenses of my opponents trillions of troops is better than boosting the attack power of my measly 200 million troops or so.

Again, this upgrade requires 61,540 Lustrous Spinels for each tick of upgrade for a total of 100 and Rank 10. Total cost is 6,154,000.

You may also use Arrowhead – Debuff Weaponry items which are found under your special tab once you’ve obtained them from some means, usually packs.

Troop Armor

Upgrading Troop Armor provides 250,000% Troop and Type Defense at maximum upgrade level 100, or rank 10. Each upgrade tick requires less than the weaponry upgrades. These upgrades each costs 15,380 Lustrous Spinels.

Specialized Armor

This upgrade provides a maximum of 250,000% Empire and Legion Defense at a cost of 15,380 Lustrous Spinels a tick, or 1,538,000 spinels to max.

Attack Debuff Armor

Empire Defending Attack Debuff of 250,000,000% with this upgrade at a cost of 6,150 each or 615,000 to max. Must be cheaper than previous armor upgrades.

Wonder Supplies Armor

You can gain up to 4,000,000,000%, (4 billion), Rally/Wonder Health. On my rally leader account I maxed this 4th after the weaponry upgrades.  I want the health for rallies and wonder fights. Each of these upgrades was around 11,000 Spinels each if I recall correctly.  Please let me know if I’m wrong in the comments below! Thank you.

Encampment Supplies

Max 4,000,000,000% Gathering and Encampment Raiding Tile Health for the tile trappers in Game of War! Each of these cost 6,150 lustrous spinels and 615,000 spinels to max.

Trap Supplies

Game of War Trap Supplies! Ok, this is 4,000,000,000%, 4 billion, Rally/Wonder Mobile Trap Health.  This is going to improve the health of your mobile traps by 4 b!

That is all the upgrades for Troop Gear Levels. I have maxed out the Weaponry upgrades along with Wonder Supplies. My new max debuffs are the following:

Troop Gear Leveling Max Type Defense Debuff

These maximum debuffs will change in a day or two but will give you an idea of debuff levels with maximum Troop Gear Levels.

Do you have further questions? Leave me a comment below!

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  1. Keith says

    So I got 20M lustrous spinels.. I wore inquisitors but was only abe to max out 5 of the categories. In the order they are shown, I got it to:

    86/100 for the first, 90/100 for the second, 90/100 for the third, maxed 4th, maxed 5th, maxed 6th, 90/100 for the 7th, and 8th maxed and 9th maxed.

    I noticed it seemed a bit buggy, as the reductions was much greater than what it said it needed.. did I get punked?

    Was 20M spinels, using inquisitor supposed to be able to max them all? I hate the glitches and screw ups in this game…

    Someone please let me know if you could max all with 20M spinels.. Thanks

  2. olivier says

    the game is just dead,no more fun ,to many update to fast always with money pack!………if you want to loose your money for that …this is your choice but be sure that is wasting time and a big waste of money for bad pixel!!!!!!!

  3. Bette says

    People are saying wearing research gear has no effect on troop leveling costs. Are you sure of your information?

    1. Darkthorne
      Darkthorne says

      It was verified by several folks, but may have been fixed by Mz since publishing. You can test it by wearing your research gear and seeing the cost of the upgrade, then take it off and go back. Please let us know! 🙂

      1. Hammer says

        Just did that and it made no difference in troop leveling cost.

        1. Darkthorne
          Darkthorne says

          Odd, others report it saved them. Inquisitor’s Research Gear – Troop Leveling Cost Reduction.

      2. Deathdealr77 says

        I the only research gear this works with is the inquisitor

      3. Carrie says

        I have just used my inquisitors gear while leveling up my troop gear and the reduction was significant. Thanks Darkthorne!

        1. Darkthorne
          Darkthorne says

          No problem. I’m happy it worked for you!

    2. Micarta says

      When maxing out Troop Gear Leveling, I used Inquisitor’s leveled up to 100 (powered up to 25), and took notes. The 61,540 upgrade point cost for Troop Weaponry was reduced to 40,001 (65%), and it was displayed accordingly in the game. The other categories had their Spinel costs reduced to the same percentage.

      I have been told that the reduction was hidden (i.e., it wouldn’t be displayed but the remaining number of Spinels would be larger than expected after applying each upgrade point) when Troop Gear Leveling was first introduced, but it seems that MZ has caught and corrected the issue.

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