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10/16 Notice

Did you miss our Livestream? No worries! You can still access the videos!!!


Game of War Real Tips Twitch

Learn everything you need to know about Hero Levels and Gear!


Learn everything you need to know about the newest Research!


Learn everything you need to know about Troop Count, Build, and Nerf, along with all the little things!


As always we are here to help you! We want to know what you want to see and know more about! So let us know by commenting!


10/14 Notice


GOW.TIPS is going Livestream on Twitch! While we still bring you the content in articles, we want you to get the info faster and easier. We will be loading streams to our Twitch page on some of the newest and greatest contents so that you can see as we build and decide what we need and do not.

Watch us strategize and get a look inside our game! We will post as we upload these streams so that you are able to check them out!

With the rate of releases, we want to keep you in the know faster! Watch our videos on the go!

Blind and Cinder will walk you through the newest drops and give the strategies they use for success. These streams will include a walk-through of new content from this week and a time for Question and Answer!

When: Sunday, October 15, 2017, at 11:00 AM PST


Potential Topics

  • Account setup for trapping, filling, leading
  • Saving on gold packs using Amazon Coins
  • Alliance management, recruitment, and growth
  • Scouting and picking targets
  • Requirements of upgrades
  • Newest Upgrades
  • Gear, What’s best for what and Setup
  • Troop Set up
  • Anything related to Game of War

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We hope to see you there!

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An avid Game of War player since it's original release. My passion is teaching players how to improve their game play so that the game becomes more exciting and competitive for everyone.

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  1. Hi, today I built a t3 and t4 trap account and got zeroed with one hit, any idea how that could happen??

    • The issue with t3/t4 set ups is they ignore the biggest defense in the game. Troop count. At this time troop count has proven to be the most effective way to trap. For this we commes T2. Check our Am I safe artile. We will he updating it twice a week with new troop counts

  2. Hello. My question is about the nerf on trap power verses troop power. First off I have no lower than T4 troops. What I’m worried about is that I accidentally made 250 kt tier 3 wild traps! So does having T3 traps effect me because of no t3 troops? My Trap power is 1MT- and my Troop power is – 147KT. Will I be nerfed? I have tried your calculator but because of all the zeroes behind the MT and KT I can’t tell if I got it right. Is it a fact that troop power should always be higher than trap power? If so I guess I really messed up.. Thank you very much

    • Never mind I got it fixed thank you anyway. This site is awesome! I really appreciate all the hard work you guys do keeping up with this crazy game..

  3. Hey, can you please let me know what these research sockets are for? I understand the strait forward answer but surely the devs couldn’t leave it as is. Is there more to these? or have I simply over thinking about it. rearranging gems seem to slightly change stats. then again I embedded4 lvl 50 special libs and all is the same. I don’t believe that. a highly intelligent team of developers would not put a few Ee

    • Here is our guide on Research Sockets.

      When research sockets released you needed every socket filled with a specific type of gem to reach maximum benefits. However, since release, we now have higher levels of combined gems. Mz provided higher point values for these gems for purposes of the research sockets. So, as is, you only need a few. Soon, new maximum benefits will be released. Be patient, you will need more gems soon 😉

  4. How many barrack, hospitals and villas should I have if I want to lead and also fill rallies?

  5. What is the best way tree set for your hero That is good for attack and defense for every day fighting?

  6. What troops should you have most of through t1-t6 as meat shields so your higher one won’t die?

  7. What is resolute legion resolute legion onslaught unstoppable and annihilated attacks and the defenses?

  8. Hey what is the best way to keep troops from dying easy other that troop leveling and boosts because I don’t want to risk getting zeroed and what is the best way to keep that from happening and what is the best reasearch to complete so I won’t be zeroed that often?

  9. Ok just heroed up to lvl 114 with a 20 pack, what should my ratios be in a trap. I think I read you don’t need as much research? And troop ratios, as stated before I only have up to T6 available right now.

  10. Here is a GOW Fire Age Challenge; Define these Five Terms used every day in your game play?
    1. Legion Attack?
    2. Resolute Legion Attack?
    3. Annihilated Attack?
    4. Onslaught Attack?
    5. Unstoppable Attack?
    And how do you apply them in both Attack and Defense?

  11. Hit financial hard times and have not been able to buy packs in months. Was zeroed and want to try a trap account, I am behind so only Hero 86 and SH 34 and only have T6 available, what are my options.

  12. How can a 2kt player with a stronghold 40 survive in this game.

  13. Questions:

    How can I play GoW without breaking the bank?

  14. What are;

    attack ? How do they work ? Are they all just “more attack” or situational ? Do they contribute to killing an attacker’s march when you are defending ? How about attacking and defending tiles ?

  15. Is the T2-T4 troop setup still effective or has a new troop ratio taken it’s place? Possibly T4-T6?