Ultimate Resource Tiles: Gathering Strategy

ultimate resource tiles

Ultimate Resource Tiles!

Updated 2/9/2017: Editor's Note: Ultimate Resource Tiles have been replaced by Behemoth Monster, Mythic Chests, and Alliance Gift Tiles.

The following article is preserved for historic purposes enjoy!

An unprecedented chance has just come up! Ultimate Resource Tiles are about to appear in every Kingdom! There, deep in the Wonder Forest – these special tiles conceal ABUNDANT loot.

Here's the catch – these tiles are spilling out wealth faster than ever, and once they're drained, they're GONE. On top of that, you won't be able to shield yourself on these tiles, so be ready for anything.

These tiles will be coming into play this Sunday, April 17 at 1 p.m. PDT / Monday, April 18 at 00:00 UTC. Prepare!

Scramble to claim the Ultimate Resource Tiles before someone else runs them dry. It's first come, first served!

Ultimate Resource Tiles promise edge of your seat action. Players will need to watch their tiles closely to avoid being attacked by others wanting to get a piece of the abundant loot! Be sure to have those march recalls at the ready.

The Insanity of These Ultimate Resource Tiles

Gathering Speed (with Prospectors Gear and Research) = 220M Resources / 3 Minutes
Normal Gathering Speed is approximately = 25M / 1 Minute
Only 3 spawn at a time in the whole kingdom (for now).
They only spawn in the forest (for now).
The event rewards for gathering resources from them are SUPER high (1M gold and 100s of thousands of chests in the 3 prize).
You cannot shield while gathering from them.

Screenshots of the Tiles and Resource Quantity

IMG_0704 IMG_0713 IMG_0714

Event Details

IMG_0705 IMG_0706 IMG_0707 IMG_0709 IMG_0710 IMG_0711 IMG_0712

The History of Resource Tiles

When Game of War began, resource tiles were the primary means in which a player could obtain resources for upgrades. Once your Stronghold reached resource capacity you typically went to resource tiles to start gathering what you needed for the next upgrade.  Occasionally a player would race another to a big resource tile. So, rules like first march came about -- where your kingdom agrees the first person marching to the tile should have claim to it.

The forest was typically reserved for players in top alliances or top power pushing for Tier 4 troops. Gold packs didn’t include resources. You could purchase them with gold but the amount of gold in packs was minimal, maybe 50k max. So we gathered.

Soon after, someone discovered Hyper Farming.  They grouped up with other hyper farmers and created a pact to trade their resources for the others they didn’t produce. Also, multiple accounts were created to have those accounts produce only the resources they so desperately needed to grow.  But, mostly, our time in Game of War was spent gathering and resetting marches on tiles.

Remember "Taco Tuesdays"? On Tuesday our Kingdom would only farm Food with the thought that if we all farmed food then other resources would have a greater chance of appearing.  Food seemed to be the most abundant resource type found on tiles because most people built food tiles in their strongholds.  It also was and is the largest resource tile in the game.  Upkeep reduction helms didn’t exist.  So players had to constantly manage their troops upkeep and food held in their strongholds or banks. Resource management was a huge part of Game of War.

The need to gather in Game of War placed troops at risk. Most of the combat in Game of War at this time was on tiles. Tile combat nowadays is mostly an extinct concept save the occasional person attempting to Tile Trap at the start or during a kill event. Even then you suspect it’s a trap or should.

Resource Tiles Today

However, Game of War has largely outgrown these original resource tiles. The demands of Game of War have grown to a level where these nodes just aren’t worth the risk or time. Those once cherished resource tiles are now being ignored across most kingdoms.

A friend and I were just musing the other day about the lack of tile combat in Game of War.  We missed those days of porting around testing troop mixes and custom core sets for the perfect tile hit.  We also discussed briefly what was needed to get players out of the security of their Strongholds and back to the tiles.  Increased resource tile sizes were discussed.  With level 22 buildings the resource needs are greater than ever.  Ultimate Resource Tiles address this desire and need.  Hmm, maybe my friend works for MZ?! 

Ultimate Resource Tiles could mean a return to the original days of Game of War.  They promise abundant loot for players.  However, the loot comes with a risk. While gathering from Ultimate Resource Tiles you won’t be able to shield. Prospector’s Gear shields won’t help either. 

The rewards from the new tile will need to justify the risk of troops and potentially their Hero and cores. Currently a typical Level 6 resource tile provides 3 million food; one dropped from a Monster is a little better, 6 million food, but neither are enough anymore.  Also, if you take a look at the type of loot you can gain from these tiles. Typically, it’s normal crafting materials of various levels.  Monster tiles can provide pieces for Cores of various quality depending on the level of tile. The automatic gathering shields that come with the Prospector gear were an attempt to get players collecting again.  For the most part, this worked.  Players are gathering when they can risk free with a resource shield.  So, by removing the ability of shielding Game of War is attempting to reignite tile trapping and combat.

What would it take you to gather from these tiles? I’d like to hear your opinion in the comments below.

Ultimate Resource Tiles: Gathering Strategy

A winning strategy is one that provides us with the loot with minimal losses. Troops, cores, and our Hero will likely be required.  A Tile Trapping Strategy will help.

Emerald Dragon is now the economic choice for tile trapping, even though it was once the go-to Wonder attacking and defending core set. Since then it has been replaced by Hades and Dread Captain. Emerald Dragon is now used by Wonder fighters to defend against solo attempts on Wonder but not enough typically to defend against rallies.  A recent pack had 100,000 Emerald Dragon Chests included. If you’ve purchased this type of pack you can probably craft countless Emerald Dragon sets. What makes Emerald Dragon so impressive for tile trapping is the amount of specific troop health and defense.  It is difficult to debuff these stats.  So, using a mixed march of troops with Emerald Dragon and Hero skilled accordingly will give us a solid defense against would be attacks.

Alliances can provide advantages to players attempting to collect from the URT. Several members of your Alliance can port to the URT and insulate you from being attacked.  This provides additional reaction time.  


Also, if you lose the battle, your Alliance mates can respond with an attack to capture their Hero, then rally their Stronghold out of the Forest!  If the Stronghold is burned it will be random ported out of the Forest.  Heroless Strongholds have been burned up to 85 Billion power. Players who are under 20 Billion or so can be solo burned potentially if Hero is in March. This is just one example of a winning strategy for collecting from Ultimate Resource Tiles.

Additionally, you and a friend can teleport in together where one of you solos the tile, and the other solos the enemy Stronghold. If both of you were successful, you could do MASSIVE damage.

What do you plan to do with the Ultimate Resource Tiles? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I am im k1042 and i have seen rss shields, do these come from using Prospectors Gear? The 2 i saw were wearing that gear.

    • Yes shields on resource tiles are done by using Prospector’s gear. Wear Prospector’s gear with a prospector gem in the 4th slot of each and you can add additional shields when on multiple tiles. First, put our hero while wearing prospector’s on a tile you don’t want. This will make sense later when I’m done explaining. Next, while that hero is a tile send another march to the tile you actually want and continue this until all tiles are covered/shielded. Finally, bring your hero march home so that your stronghold is safe and you can continue to port around. Gem Selection Guide.

  2. This post needs updated, badly…

  3. I miss farming too and would love a chance to gather once again. What I can’t figure out is how to determine the distance requirements for marches. What determines how far we can march? If you could let me know that would be amazing. thanks

  4. Cool special RSS tiles…WTF?! How bout more than 2 Kill events in a single month. My kingdom is dead and its dreadful without KE’s

  5. I’m from 484, thought these tiles were great, there was a lot of rotation on them so everyone got a chance to gather apart from one which an alliance tried to hog so I voted and hit it, overall I would love to see more of these appear, also nothing to stop the big guys in an alliance farming and then sending rss to the smaller guys to help them grow

  6. Mz wants to suck money out of everyone burning cores by throwing peanut tiles out ..? Simple Strategy team up get kingdom together and do a farmville. Do equal rounds on tile gather as much you can.
    Getting Greedy will kill you 🙂 . Beware of outlanders, Mz wants money try to give them less of it

  7. We’ve only had 2 appear in our forest, and there’s lot’s of fighting for the RSS. I imagine those players will lose more RSS in retraining than they gather, and, most small players won’t even try. Good concept, poorly executed.

  8. You can shield you SH and stay out of forest and farm from there, it is risky for all of us to farm these tiles,
    hoping these tiles are here to stay, maybe outside the forest to.
    would give smaller players better possibility’s to get rss, this game need smaller players (when talking about smaller players I mean 10b and down, not players under 1b), without players that seize there will be no targets!

  9. More of the same . The big spenders get it while casual players get left behind .

    • I’m thinking if smaller players shield and port to one before the big guys find it, they can gather for a minute or two and get plenty of resources. Right? I mean obviously spenders still have the advantage, but at least these tiles don’t require money to farm them.

  10. Totally agree. This is just another way for MZ to appease their big spenders. No chance for anyone else.

  11. “What do you plan to do with the Ultimate Resource Tiles? Let us know in the comments below!”

    Ummmm, nothing? Those tiles are swarmed with 20B+ players in my kingdom so we, small power ones, have no chance at it

    • Just like every new feature, these will become more abundant. In a matter of weeks or a month I’m pretty confident every kingdom will have twice if not three times as many of them.

  12. When i first saw the solo event today I thought we needed to gather 1 MILLION rss to get the top prize. It was actually 1Billion!. Or kill 100m T4.

    At 400mil power I don’t see either of the two scenarios happening. So I’m considering this just another unreachable objective in GOW for me.

    • 1 Billion resources is 10Min of gathering on an URT

      • It’s not the 10 minutes, it’s the swarm of whales around those tiles. With them watching it, small player couldn’t even get 30 seconds on that tile, let alone 10 full minutes.

      • Yes, not the 10min but the bigs hovering around waiting to kil us on the tiles.

        • Did you try emailing and ask if you could be part of their rotation? Ours went from tile traps to sharing so everyone could complete the event. Even smaller sh’s that stayed shielded and farmed from outside. If you’re on and watching, you shouldn’t have any losses. And if you have a group of bigs rotating and someone comes in to hit you, the bigs will usually defend you so they can continue their rotation as well. You can’t complain, if you didn’t even try. Early morning seemed to be the most peaceful, when most of the diCks were sleeping.