Ultimate Combat T6 Research Requirements and Stats

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Tier 6 Ultimate Combat Troops arrived in Game of War! The Ultimate Troop research tree unlocks 12 new troops and a total rally size of 85 million which includes 75 million troops and 10 million mobile traps! Also, nine new traps and a new march animation.  You will soon see mostly blue torches above rallies in your kingdom.

Ultimate Research Stats Highlights

Ultimate Combat Research provides significant boosts in addition to T6 troops that have a base power about 50% stronger than T5 troops. Also, considering the tree increases march and rally size, a maxed rally leader is now exponentially stronger than previous T5 maxed leaders.

Ultimate Combat Research Key Stats Boosts

Total Attack: 116,000%
Total Defense: 21,000%
Total Health: 24,000%
Total Defense Debuff: 6,000%
Total Health Debuff: 7,500%

Ultimate Combat troops enjoy multiple march size benefits, utility benefits, and rally/wonder benefits as shown in the following image from the Official Game of War blog:

Ultimate Research Key Benefits Game of War GoW

In addition to these benefits, Ultimate Combat Research benefits include the following:

Total Attack Stats: 116,000%
Ultimate Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry Attack: 21,000%
Troop Attack with Hero: 15,000%
Attack vs. Empire: 20,000%
Army Attack: 200,000%

Other stats found in Ultimate Combat research tree include the following as shown in this image from the in-game blog:

Ultimate Research Stats Game of War GoW

Ultimate Combat Troop Training

Tier 6 troops are 50x more expensive compared to Tier 5 when it comes to resources. One T5 troop costs 100k resources, while one T6 troop costs 5.5m.

Hopefully Game of War packs and gifts catch up with the increased T6 costs soon!

New VIP 45 also includes One-Click Multiple Speed ups which greatly decreases the time required to train troops.

Imperial General Gear Set

In addition to VIP, Imperial General Gear Set provides significant increases to key stats for training troops:

Imperial General Gear Game of War

Ultimate Combat Troops in Action

From what I’ve seen so far, Ultimate Combat T6 troops are about 50% stronger than Tier 4. I’ve witnessed maxed players burn 20 trillion heroless. I also saw a hero home 22 trillion player zeroed who I can only assume had deplorable research.

With 5 of 10 [Ultimate Combat] complete, I’m burning up to 3 trillion in kunai fairly well with split attack rally method. Also, I’ve burned 6 trillion players in full defense gear with ease.

Tier 6 Nerf Ratio

Anytime a new troop tier players ask, “what is the new nerf ratio for this tier?” The rule for nerf penalty is explained in detail in our Nerf Rules and Explanations article.

Regardless, I will give a quick recap of that rule now. Simply put: your total troop and trap power divided by your total troop and trap number must remain at 10 power or above.  If you fall below that you will suffer a 25% troop loss on your next rally or solo.  Its devastating.

Safe from Nerf if:   (Troop Power + Trap Power) / (Troop Count + Trap Count) >/= 10

For T6 you gain 54 power,  for T2 you gain 8 power.  So, for every one T6 troop you can have 22 T2 troops and you will stay 10 average troop power:

(54 + 176) / (1 + 22) = 230 / 23 = 10

T2:T6 is 22:1.  Since T3 through T6 are more than 10 power you can never suffer a nerf penalty for training these tiers.

The danger zone is when players train massive Tier 2 and Tier 1 troops for “meat.”

Are you nerfed? Easily calculate this by finding your total Troop and Trap Power found under your profile. Add these two numbers together.  Now add your Troop and Trap counts up.  Finally, divide the first sum by the second sum.

Here’s one final example:

Troop Power: 10,000,000 power
Trap Power: 1,000
Total Power: 10,001,000
Total Troops: 400,000
Total Traps: 1,000
Total Troops and Traps: 401,000
Total Power / Total Count
10,001,000/401,000 = 24.94 average power = Safe from Nerf Penalty

Should you have further questions or concerns about new nerf ratios please leave a comment below and I’ll help you!

Tier 6 Unlock Requirements

To unlock Tier 6 troops and traps you need Water Shards in addition to resources and speed ups. Below is a chart with those requirements. Be sure to equip Inquisitor’s Gear (Research Gear):

Troop or TrapWater Shards Required
Duelist – Infantry Normal1,201,500
Sword Thrower – Ranged Normal1,201,500
Knight – Cavalry Normal1,201,500
War Wagon – Siege Normal1,735,500
Hidden Spikes – Trap Normal2,670,000
Mounted Ballistas – Trap Normal2,670,000
Bear Trap – Trap Normal2,670,000
Champion – Infantry Strategic4,405,500
Twin Shot – Ranged Strategic4,405,500
Armored Chariot – Cavalry Strategic4,405,500
Bolt Battery – Siege Strategic5,340,000
Bolt Launcher – Trap Strategic7,075,500
Dragonfire Tower – Trap Strategic7,075,500
Spear Wall – Trap Strategic7,075,500
Savage – Infantry Wild12,415,500
Eagle Eye – Ranged Wild12,415,500
Ravager – Cavalry Wild12,415,500
Wall Breacher – Siege Wild9,879,000
Shredder – Trap Wild12,415,000
Cannon Tower – Trap Wild12,415,000
Constricting Vine – Trap Wild12,415,000

Ultimate Combat Research Tree Requirements

The resource and speed up requirements for the Ultimate Tree is considerable.  I will update the chart below over time.  Though I do have some data I can share:

Research LevelResourcesPower
1.29KT3 M
21.458 MT1.615 B
32.903 MT3.269 B

I am working through level 6 researches and the cost per research is now 428 KT of each.  Level 7 is about 500 KT each.

Ultimate Combat and Tier 6 Conclusions

The Ultimate Combat tree unlocks potentially devastating power for rally leaders!  Also, it provides trap players with incredible defense.  Be sure to check your nerf ratios if using this new tree for a T6:T2 trap.

As more information is collected about the requirements of this new tree and the upper limits of what its capable of burning I will report them here! Until then good luck working your way through this incredible tree!

Please leave your comments below.  Have you taken an 85 million full Tier 6 rally yet?  Please share your report!

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  1. Wild Wolf says

    Took 85 million rally in Chimera with Safeguard defense gems and have all research done except for Ultimate Combat is at 7/10 and still didn’t work out with t2,t4,&t5 troops using traps t1 thru t5.

    1. Darkthorne
      Darkthorne says

      If using old defense gear and gems you must heavily rely on 3 kanai to avoid the incredible defense debuff rally leaders now have as result of the Pantheon Research Bonus to Defense Debuff and potentially the 150k DD boost.

  2. Abs says

    Can you tell me if MZ still offers the “free” completion of the Ultimate research tree with a pack purchase? I know they were doing it, providing a completion token ( one click completion of the entire tree). If so can you provide the details?


  3. Stinky says

    Just curious. Is every kingdom experiencing the new “wonder problem”? Basically with multiple max accounts trying for wonder, it’s impossible to hold. Tried basically every gear/gem/tree combination, it’s easy to kick but impossible to hold. We have been at it for over 3 days now.

  4. NatureFall says

    Level 1 – 1kt ress,

    Level 2 – 34kt x 43 = 1.46MT

    Level 3 – 67kt x 43 = 2.88MT

    Level 4 – 150kt x 43 = 6.45MT

    Level 5 – 335kt x 43 = 14.46MT

    Level 6 – 405kt x 43 = 17.41MT

    Level 7 – 455kt x 43 = 19.56MT

    Level 8 – 484*43= 20.81MT

    Level 9- 550*43=23.4MT
    Level 10 – 600*43= 25.8MT
    New UC research tree resources amts
    133.23MT in total

    1. Darkthorne
      Darkthorne says

      Thank you NatureFall!

  5. Sammy says

    Does anyone know what are the requirements are for the “better (red warped gift)” Athena Gift”s?

  6. Skindalous says

    This was super helpful! Thank you for the post!

  7. chitop bin says

    thnks for the info help alot, been testing with solo t6 with 10mill march full boost target mark with lv 100 core boost, killed 122 of my t4. when i switch using lycan with 3 kunai i capped his hero only lost 3000 t4. has anyone using kunai on t6 rally??

  8. ExecOutcomes says

    Just survived a 75m from the same player that hit veildjustis, 4,95T account all T5 760b research in chrimera defense gear no boosts

  9. VeiledJustis says

    Haven’t seen 85m yet but did get hit with a few 75m during the recent zeroing of my ancient account. Started at 9.13t in Lycan with safeguard defense gems. 535b research on the account. 233b t4/5 mix.

  10. Black Rolex says

    Love your updates and I find them very valuable … thank you ….. a question ….. I have 4.3 Tril troops all T5 and now T6…. my total power is 150T …. forgive me … but am I ok for nerf …..

    1. Darkthorne
      Darkthorne says

      Yes because the nerf penalty applies only to troops and traps with less than 10 power.

  11. Jason says

    As always, thank you for another informative article. It makes the game “easier” for us to follow. Much appreciated.

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