Understanding Demigod Stats: The Foundation

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The Foundation to Every Great Demigod Account

When building your account, no matter if you are a rally lead or a trap, it is important to have a solid foundation. In the Game of War community, we have an ample supply of information flying around. Sometimes that information, while best for one player, may not be the best for you. The key to deciphering all of this information is not only knowing the “What” but also the “WHY.” You may know that one gear set works better for your account, but do you know WHY that gear works better?

With this series, we will be exploring the different avenues of building accounts, and emphasis on the WHYs. Knowing why you need each gear set, building, hero skill etc will also allow you to choose the packs you buy more wisely as well. This really helps you to get the most out of your money.

Stats Defined

There are a plethora of stats related to the Demi Dimension. While some are very straight forward, others need more explanation. So, before you can start to use these stats, you should take the time to know what each stat means and how to use them.

Demigod Dimension Stat Dictionary

These are some of the very basic and most common stats used in the Demigod Dimension. As we explore new account functions, we will explain more of the stats.

Basic Demigod Stats

TerminologyDefinitionWhat Does It DO?  
Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary AttackIncreases the Demigod Attack for Troops, Traps, Mythics and MercenariesThis stat functions in a couple of different ways. As a Lead player, it allows you the ability to kill off more of your targets troops. As a defending player, it allows you to kill off more of your incoming attacker's march. For this specific stat, the attack applies for all Troops, Traps, Mythics, and Mercenaries
Demigod Troop AttackIncreases Demigod Troop AttackThis Demigod Attack stat only applies to Demigod troops. It makes troops able to kill more enemies
Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary DefenseIncreases the Demigod Defense for Troops, Traps, Mythics and MercenariesDefense helps decrease your losses. This stat applies over all Troops, Trap, Mythics, and Mercenaries. The higher this stat becomes, the harder it is for an enemy to kill.
Demigod Troop DefenseIncreases Demigod Troop DefenseThis Demigod Defense stat again only applies to troops. It makes your troops stronger and harder to kill
Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic , & Mercenary HealthIncreases the Demigod Health for Troops, Traps, Mythics and MercenariesHealth strengthens your troops so that they can endure in battles. While Defense decreases the losses, Health will help sustain minimal losses over a longer period of time.
Demigod Troop HealthIncreases Demigod Troop HealthThis applies only to Demigod Troops and help keeps them alive over a longer period of time
Demigod Rally AttackIncreases your total Demigod Rally AttackRally stats apply only to the leader of the rally. This stat increases the ability of the rally to kill more troops.
Demigod Rally HealthIncreases your total Demigod Rally HealthRally Health strengthens the troops in the rallies to help sustain their longevity during battle
Demigod Wonder Holding AttackIncreases your Demigod Wonder Holding AttackThis only applies to your Demigod troops when you are HOLDING a wonder. It increases your kills to the incoming march on the wonder
Demigod Wonder Holding HealthIncreases your Demigod Wonder Holding HealthThis only applies to your Demigod troops when you are HOLDING a wonder. It strengthens your troops againt the incoming march so that they survive longer
Debuff to Enemy Demigod Troop, Trap, & Mythic AttackDebuff Enemy Demigod AttackDebuffs are stats that affect your opponents army instead of your own. The Demigod Attack Debuff reduces the ability of the opponent to kill your troops
Debuff to Enemy Demigod Troop, Trap, & Mythic DefenseDebuff Enemy Demigod DefenseDefense Debuffs decreases your enemies strength, allowing you to kill more of their army.
Debuff to Enemy Demigod Troop, Trap, & Mythic HealthDebuff Enemy Demigod HealthHealth Debuff makes your opponent army weaker, allowing them to die faster.
Demigod Type AttackIncreases your total Demigod Attack for Waterlords, Thunderlords, and FirelordsThis increases the killing ability of the individual types of troops.
Demigod Type DefenseIncreases your total Demigod Defene for Waterlords, Thunderlords, and FirelordsAllows each type of troop to have more strength against an attacker
Demigod Type HealthIncreases your total Demigod Health for Waterlords, Thunderlords, and FirelordsAllows each type of troop to sustain losses over a longer period of time

Stats to Focus on For Defending

This section will also apply to rally fillers as well. While filling rallies you want to make sure you are not burning. Plus, if you are filling for the wonder, you don’t want to get burned out of the forest.  I use the word defending rather than trapping because trapping is pretty much non-existent right now in Demi. Some of you may think that this all quite basic and common knowledge, but keep in mind that this article is all about the basics of building! Further along in the series, we will discuss the intricacies of each type of account.

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Health
  • Empire Defender Attack, Defense, and Health
  • Attack Debuff
  • Solo march size increases (for fillers only, this way you are sending the most troops possible to the rally)

Stats to Focus on for Attacking

Lead accounts can include both solos and rallies. So you would have to prioritize based on which one you are aiming for. For instance, for solo attacks, none of the rally attack stats will apply to your hits. However, when you are rallying you need both solo attack and rally attack stats. The one thing that leads sometimes forget is to make sure they can take a hit while their hero is out attacking!!

  • Attack
  • Health
  • Type Attack
  • Type Health
  • Rally Attack
  • Rally Health
  • Defense Debuff
  • March/Rally size increases

Stats to Focus on for the Wonder

The Wonder is a beast all on its own. It takes a special type of person to be a top wonder player. The wonder requires a lot of attention to detail, and usually a maxed, or near maxed, account. Again, you also want to make sure that you can take hits without burning while your hero is outside of your city and defending the wonder.

  • Attack
  • Health
  • Rally Attack/Health
  • Wonder Holding Health/Attack
  • Debuffs to Enemy while Holding/Rallying the Wonder

Where Do You Find the Stats?

In the Demigod Dimension, there are plenty of areas to focus on to build your stats. A reminder once again that future articles in this series will be more in depth, and this first article is to start to lay the groundwork. These are all places where you can check and make sure that the basics are covered.

  • Research
  • Hero
  • Gear
  • Banners
  • Main Buildings
  • Special Buildings
  • Avatars
  • VIP

Check out our post about all the places to find stats in the Demigod Dimension for a great checklist so you won’t miss a place!

What’s to Come?

Now that the foundation of your city is covered, the next step is to learn more details. This series will cover three types of account focuses: Defending, Attacking, and Wonder. With each article, we will look at WHAT stats you should prioritize, WHY those stats are important, and WHERE you can find those stats in your city.


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  1. Rob says

    What about the Desert Storm, Gushing Lava & Flashing whirlpool stats?

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      Those are another type of type stat
      Desert Storm is Thunder
      Gushing Lava is Fire
      Fashing Whirlpool is Water

  2. RazorbackRed says

    Very nice work, Carol. Looking forward to reading more.

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