Valco: A Lost Empire

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Rumors have been circulating in the Game of War community about hidden kingdoms. Well, the rumors are true. Valco and Tempus are kingdoms that exist on their own terms and rules. When you’re there, you can’t see the world map and when you leave, it becomes invisible to you through the world map. These Kingdoms, in effect do not exist. So why do we see more and more players being sent to them when they download the game?

Tempus and Valco are not like the rest of Game of War, either. While the majority of players are ensconced in a city with Stronghold 1100 something, Valco and Tempus residents are still trying to reach Stronghold 21 or 30. Opening a regular T4 is the pinnacle of success for them, and Demigods do not exist in their world. We are all wondering, will these Kingdoms remain what they are? Or will they eventually join the rest of the Game of War Community? Aly and Cinder took a journey into Valco and explored to see exactly what was going on. Here’s what we found.

The Similarities

At first glance, it looks just like GOW 4 years ago. SH21 dot the landscape. There’s not a gold roof to be seen. Xena gear adorns Level 60 heros, along with golden chalices, and other economic options. It seems like a dream come true for players yearning for “days of GOW past”. A scan through the forge brings back delightful memories of calculating exactly which gear pieces to craft for the ultimate research boost. Even old world politics are in play, as the players are not able to escape the confines of their borders.

ValcoThe Differences

Valco seems to be a land lost in time. Although you are provided with a beginner’s port when creating an account, there is no world map to allow you to leave the kingdom. The gear is primarily Xena, Fire Age and old economic pieces. Although the ability to see newer sets is in the forge, there’s no opportunity to get the materials to craft them. Obtaining the materials to craft gear is very expensive as the packs only offer small amounts of chests. There are no monsters on the map to kill for materials, or to farm. In purchasing several packs, we discovered that growth in this kingdom seems to be prohibitively expensive.

Is Valco Worth it?

If you’re desperate for a dose of nostalgia and don’t mind a snail-like progression in growth (at a higher price-point), Valco may be the kingdom for you. If you are used to the fast pace of a “regular” GOW kingdom, you will most likely abandon your Valco account within a few days. While updates have begun to allow more players access to this RSS, it is very costly. Rumors continue to circulate the kingdom about this hidden kingdom. As of today, we don’t know if they will remain separate – or if strongholds of Valco could even compete in a world-map environment.

The Lost Empire

While we had a chance to journey into Valco, we are still left with many questions. Will these kingdoms eventually appear on the map and join in the Era of Demigods? Will new players continue to be sent to these kingdoms, while we continue to hope for more actives in ancient kingdoms? Or will Valco and Tempus remain simply stories the old folks tell of kingdoms, lost to time; we will have to wait and see.

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  1. BUD says

    I originally spawned in another “Hidden Kingdom”, Kygo (1144). I ended up being able to open another account in Sympathios (1102) and was doing referrals for friends in Kygo when I accidentally spawned in Valco (1146). This is the first that I’ve heard of Tempus and would love to know what kingdom number it is. Valco and Kygo are now ancient kingdoms and part of the world map with the demigod update, but other kingdoms can’t port there yet (MZ’s way of giving us time to build up before being destroyed).

  2. Daisey says

    any news on how to get to one of the new kingdoms? i just keep getting sent to Demigod ones?

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      recently valco showed up on the world map

    2. BUD says

      It seems that the hidden kingdom of Tempus (1147) is the only kingdom that has yet to get demigods. If you wish to get to a kingdom less advanced with demigods, you can create a new account and use your beginner’s teleport to go to either 1144 (Kygo) or 1146 (Valco).
      To get to Tempus you could try installing the game on a device which has never had the game, or trying an emulator on your PC/laptop and downloading it there. I would recommend either NOX or MEMU emulators if you wish to go that route. If you don’t know what an emulator is, it’s simply an application you download to your PC to emulate an Android device. Hope that helped!

      1. Cinder
        Cinder says

        However, in view of what happened with Valco and other kingdoms recently it is likely that Tempus will eventually be given a demigod update as well.

  3. Booney says

    I have accounts in Valco. There is some significant info the author has left out. MZ accidentally released t2 rss early and spenders were able to research the milestone tree. Meaning they have an attack stat millions of times more powerful than defence. The result is anyone with milestone can burn anyone in Valco. Troops are only trained if and for the wonder. Hero + 2k troops will do significant damage to opponents and if you accidentally hit a target that has less troops than what you sent, and lose hero, simply train 200 troops and rally the captor. You will win every time. Valco is fun but skill is not required as many play the glitch.

    Tempus on the other hand is a true reset of the game. T2 is currently the highest troop level available. Strategy and old school GOW is rife. And those that have been playing a long time will shudder at the contents of packs. It’s hard to convince yourself to spend, but a necessary evil to progress past sh16. Sh19 is the highest level at the time of this post. And there are some differences with simple game mechanics. It’s a lot more fun than Valco. How to get there? Create an account on a new device. It’s like magic

    1. Booney says

      Additional info.

      After many glitches it seems mz has given up on the Valco project and they have just turned it ancient. Although it can now be seen from other kingdoms k1146 it can not yet be ported too.

      Tempus k1147 is still hidden and still very much in its infantile state.

  4. kDR says

    how do you get to Valco or tempus?

    1. Booney says

      You need to start a new game on a device that has not previously had GOW installed on it. That will land you in tempus.

  5. Dave says

    So how do you get there? Just keep reinstalling the game til a new one starts you there?

  6. Mark Baines says

    How does one get to Valco? I have an alternate account that is still at SH 21 that I would love to move there.

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      you can’t move existing accounts there. You have to build an account there.

      1. Mark Baines says

        Thanks Cinder. Got too many accounts as it is… LOL!

  7. Ladi says

    Thanks for the update

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