Valentine’s Day Event Recap


With Demigods Game of War has given us new events and, as we all know these events all fall into one of two categories, a Blast or a Bust. For Valentine’s Day we had a Monster Hunt Event and in my opinion this one qualified as a Blast. Your Teamrealtips Emperor was there and by the way, when you’re emperor and can’t shield, don’t train old troops!


MZ showed the love on Valentine’s day for smaller players with this event. Not only were you able to shield but ports were free and we were able to earn monster energy without purchasing. In addition, the prizes were great and you did not have to be upgraded to demigod status to earn them, below we will cover all the aspects that made this event a Blast. If MZ showed the love on Valentine’s day, I’m scared to see what will happen on April Fools.  

The Event

The Hunt

Level 6 Virgo










What was different about this event, for one it was a monster hunt event which we had not seen in a very long time. The monsters while expensive to hit dropped items to work on completing the event.



We received one teleport in mail which had a warrant that was for an hour. Later we received 4 more ports. So as long as you did not get burnt out of the kingdom you did not have to worry about purchasing a port.

The PortsThe prizes were relevant to the game, for a long time as a community we have complained that events are not worth doing because the prizes are no longer relevant to gameplay. However, with this event the prizes could be very helpful, especially to a player who was at the very beginning of building their demigod setup.

Events within the Event

There was a miniquest that appeared in email during the email to create a stack of three around the wonder. Upon completing this quest you received 10 Trillion monster energy so you could continue to hit the monsters!

Trial 1The Reward


Later we received 10 Trillion more monster energy. Teamrealtips quickly learned that our original hero is still the best choice for monster hunting. Once these monsters were killed they left monster tiles which gave gold. Many may say that this gold felt worthless and a waste of time as we all have tons of gold and platinum for our demigod features is more valuable. However, within the monster killing event there was another event, The Platinum Event.

More Energy and Boosts

By collecting gold you were able to reach different mile markers in this event that gave you Platinum and as the event went on we earned speed increases. Many of us trained old creatures to gather which made tile hitting fun for some of us. One demi and the tile was yours! Plus, I’m not sure why but when people see the Emperor coming towards you.. They tend to run!


This event was loaded with things to do and benefited everyone from littles to bigs! There was something for everyone, even if you had not upgraded to Demigods and the prizes were relevant. The miniquest of stacking three was a blast and we wish we had seen more miniquests like this. They required teamwork and a little bit of mystery as we had to figure out what we were stacking three of. We would definitely like to see more events like this and more added to them. Maybe we can even reuse some of those special event kingdoms!

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