War and Community in Game of War

A Reflection on the Many Communities that make up Game of War

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One of the most interesting things about the games we play are the communities that grow out of them. The same applies to Game of War. Since the inception of Game of War, we have seen so many communities begin to form.

Some of these communities have formed from players that came over from other games together. Some of these communities formed from players that are just meeting each other, learning who the others are, and forming relationships.

We come for the game and love the game. However, anyone who has played a game similar to Game of War will tell you that the community, the people, are the reason they play. From our games, we have not only formed a community, but a culture. Within every culture, you will see a variety of subcultures.

We surely meet all types of people when we play. From Keyboard Warriors to the Big Spenders of the game, this is who makes the community. With a vast variety of people, we see (personal) wars arise, and we meet not only friends but foes. 

I could wax poetic all day about the cultures and the communities we form, but you all are there; you know the community and you see it every day. So today, we are going to have some fun and explore the types of communities you will see in Game of War… as illustrated by memes.

Communities in War Games

In every war, there is family, there are enemies, there are friends, and there are allies. We form Alliances (our family), we form Rivals (our enemies), and we form allies (our friends). We do this for the sake of playing a game where we build up and get torn down. These communities form from a variety of people and they are never the same.

The Rule Makers

In every game I have played, I have been in different types of alliances. Some of these alliances are very free-flowing and allow you largely to operate freely with minimal restrictions. However, some of these Alliances are sticklers. Everything has a rule and if you don’t follow the rule, its a problem.

These Alliances regulate who you can hit when you can hit, and how you can hit. Sometimes they even try to force these rules onto the rest of your Kingdom. Sometimes it ends in success… other times in ridicule.

Rule Makers

The Serious Gamers

These people are all about the game. They are there to play a game and are determined to be the best, no matter what it takes. Unfortunately, oftentimes you also find these people being the most hated in the kingdom because they work hard, dish out some cash, and win. They make no excuses and “watch that shield because this is a war game.” As soon as your shield drops, you are up for grabs, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. If you can’t beat us, join us.

Serious Gamer

The Nerds

This crew is a fun one. These guys are an offshoot of the serious gamer. While some of the serious gamers are nerds, ummmmm… well, let’s just say being a serious gamer doesn’t always mean you are the brightest ray. The nerds are often found lurking in Line and Discord chats, discussing numbers and stats and all the battle mechanics.

They use words you don’t understand that makes you feel like a newb who speaks another language. The nerds make the game fun with their in-depth knowledge and forging the way for the rest. On occasion, you will find a nerd who takes you under their wing and teaches you their nerdish ways. Fear not; this is a good place to be.

The Nerds

Girl Gamers

An article about playing games and the communities that exist within the game can not be written without mentioning girl gamers. While a majority of the gaming world was once dominated by men, women are playing mobile games we love more and more. Girl gamers are not here for your amusement or to flirt (well, maybe some of them are, but most are not). Girl gamers are a unique community within the gamer world and deserve their own nod. These girls love the game and some of the best players I have met within these communities are women.

Girl Gamer

The Farmers

Where to begin with this crew… Well, if you are part of this crew and reading this, please remember you downloaded a war game. This is the crew of people whose shield drops and when they are hit you get the message asking what they did wrong. They want to know who made you mad and fix it so that you will not hit them again. Sweetie, I promise you and your merry little farmers did nothing wrong at all.

However, I do take a dropped shield as an open invitation to hit you. If you do not want to be hit, shield up, little one. Otherwise, I maintain the statement that this is a war game and you need to toughen up buttercup.


The Trolls and Keyboard Warriors

The trolls and keyboard warriors — I can’t say enough about this community. Oh wait, I already did. However, for your benefit, I will expand. Let’s start with keyboard warriors. These are not people you want to be around; they take their rage out on an online community because it is easier than confronting the people in their everyday life that actually need confrontation.

They tear down and destroy communities with the stroke of a key. Moving on, the troll is a less evil form of a keyboard warrior. While they may fall under the category of annoying at times, they are at least fun. There are several types of trolls, so we will break this one down for you.

Types of Trolls
  • The Rage Quitters – These are the trolls that go into Kingdom Chat or World Chat to rage quit. Whether they get zeroed or cap, they bemoan everything they find wrong with the kingdom and the game and rage quit… only to return a few hours later.
  • The Trap Troll – This person has one purpose: get hit. They are there to get hit and either cap or burn, but they are going to say whatever it takes in Kingdom Chat to get hit. Whether that means they work the Kingdom into a frenzy so that they are seething and try to burn the Trap Troll, or they challenge the biggest player whose ego demands they burn that big-mouthed trap, the purpose of their trolling is simple, to get hit.
  • The Troll-Troll – This troll is a troll to the truest form. They are not there to play or to trap or to rage quit. They are simply there to troll and start drama in the kingdom. Troll trolls sit in a tiny account that cannot do anything and on occasion might push a few buttons, but mostly they want to push your buttons.

Do NOT feed the Trolls

Admonishment to all: DO NOT I REPEAT, DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS. The trolls are looking for someone to feed their rant and allow them to continue. Do not feed the trolls, they will never go away then.

The Social Crew

This crew is also a fun one. They can be a mix of serious gamers, nerds, and girls. However, they are chill. They are there to burn things, have fun, maybe flirt a little, and have a few laughs. This crew spends a large amount of time in Discord, Line chats, and game chats joking, laughing, and having fun. This community grows as a family and forms deep connections with other players. They are a huge part of the community that we love.

Social Gamer 

The Game of War Realtips Community

I cannot write an article about communities in Game of War without a little bit of GOWRT Representation. Final Community for the night, the Game of War Realtips Community. This is one of my favorite communities. This community exists to bring information to the rest of the communities. Our team loves playing the game with you guys and helping you guys to further enjoy the game by providing in-depth knowledge.

We would love to be able to continue to help you on your Game of War Journey by inviting you to be a part of our community. Join us on Line and Discord and meet players from every kingdom in the game and grow in knowledge and strategy — however, please leave the trolling at the door!

Social GamerLine – Add thatcinder and request an invite to The Game of War Room

Discord – Just click here!

Let’s face it, there are so many communities within the games we play. I have seen all of the types of communities and people above in Game of War, and expect to continue to see even more. The community makes the game better than it originally was. So what community do you belong to? Find one that fits your style and your personality, and you will find a family within the world of Game of War.

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  1. Aman says

    I really loved game of war. I have made many friends by joining the communities of this game. Its pretty interesting and increase your socializing skills.

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