Weekly Review: New Dragon and Defense Gear

SavageArab goes over the newest updates to Game of War Fire Age: New Dragon and Defense Gear

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Level 70 Garrison

Level 70 Master’s Garrison just dropped and is offering a pretty sizable chunk of bonuses to those who max its levels.

Notice the great Debuffs (SavageArab’s favorite) to Enemy Troop Defense and to Enemy Troop Health.

The rest of the bonuses are listed below:

Level 70 Garrison (GoW)

Terra Dragon

The newest Dragon has arrived to the battlefield and it’s in the form of Wind… eh… Earth! (Honestly didn’t see Earth coming).

Terra Dragon is catered to all of you Calvary fans out there and gives similar bonuses to your Calvary Troops as the Inferno and Hydro did for Infantry and Archers, respectfully.

Here’s a list of all the bonuses this “Earthbound” Dragon has to offer.

Terra Dragon

New Defense Gear – Obsidian Knight

Obsidian Knight Gear Set has arrived and boy oh boy, are traps happy with this drop!

Not only does this set provides an impressive amount of Empire Defense buffs, but the Enemy Troop Debuffs are certainly nothing to scoff at as well!

Listed, it currently provides a 21,500% Enemy Troop Attack Debuff, but remember, once you craft this gear and equip it, the bonus will be a lot larger! 

This set is a nice bonus for defensive players considering the number of Offensive troops and drops that have been introduced lately.

Obsidian Knight's Gear Set (GoW)

What’s Next?

For those who’re looking for a more in-depth look at our new friend, the Terra Dragon, please go check out Cinder‘s guide on it!

How to Train Your Terra Dragon

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