Weekly Review: Hero 2 Updated and Dragon Knight Hero Level 250

SavageArab goes over the newest updates to Game of War Fire Age: Hero 2 Update and Dragon Knight Hero is available to Level 250

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Hero 2 Updated and Dragon Knight Hero Level 250

Hero 2 Update

Dragon War Hero 2 has dropped with new updated max benefits at Level 250. Whereas in the previous version, Empire Assault Attack was 25,000%, it’s now +30,000%.

Additional increases were made to the Defense Debuff, March Size, and Rally Capacity bonuses as well.

Here’s a list of the updated max benefits that Level 250 has to offer:

Hero 2 Update

Dragon Knight Hero Level 250

Dragon Knight Hero 3 has new levels that scale up to Level 250. One of its main perks, 10% Rally Time Reduction, is a nice benefit since Hero 3 is primarily used for Wonder, Super Wonder, and similar events.

A list of all of the bonuses are listed below:

Draconic Knight Hero Level 250

What’s Next?

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Wild Troops and Hero One Update

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