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Team Real tips seems to be missing something but we’re not sure what. Help us out by letting us know what Article you think we need to add to the website! The winner will receive not only a 50 Dollar Gift Card to their choice of iTunes or Google Play but a chance to work with Eagle and Cinder to create new content for the website!

How it works

  1. It’s easy, just comment below what article you think needs to be on the website and WHY.
  2. Team Real tips will evaluate suggestions and pick a winner.
  3. The winner will receive a $50 gift card to their choice of iTunes or Google Play and the opportunity to work with Cinder and Eagle to create the new content!
  4. Deadline is Sunday, January 28, 2018 at 5pm PST
  1. Arkoss says

    Arkoss …. wasnt sure if I missed any of ur info ….. but how about some gen info for the average player — average account … NOT a trap ..??? Whats best set up of troops to train overall?? Best trap setup and numbers of which ones for best defense?? Which monsters are best to train ??? Assume player has no troops or traps or monsters…. and explain the purpose of hero garrison and best strategies on where to best garrison which heroes in which slots….??? We are all so much different but a gen profile would help most of us ….. thanks !!!

  2. William Gondek says

    To teach people the right time too buy and also to conserve there spending because certain things that come out reduce in price sometimes hours sometimes days or weeks now mz has a predicatabel system players have ideas of what is coming out next. And they should post more details about thier packs other people think there buying something and not getting what they thought they purchased better marketing strategy. Along with the proper things to do for defense I get questions everyday about how you can cap heroless or with hero and how important new boosts are from wonder holding or titles and least but not last set gear bonuses

  3. T4nat0s says

    How about tips how players to protect themselves when MZ plays dirty. For example, today there are planted MZ accounts across the kingdoms which are impossible to cap, all of them are buildings level 1000, all of them shows power of 4.8T, all of them have stats of newbies who lost a lot of battles and almost all of them do not belong to an alliance. I saw just one with an alliance but all other 99 players in that alliance were VIP inactive. Who knows what other tactics they use to make one buy more and more packs.

  4. Tammara Thomas-Davis says

    I would like to see a chart that shows heroes and the best gear, creatures, monsters, troops for different situations. Example solo against a sh and hero that match you in power

  5. Arkoss says

    In using info from mythical creatures we also need general info on best types of troops to use and some general numbers of troops …for attack and for defense …. general see up of traps is badly needed as well …. i would also like to see what is the hero garrison and how to use it … how to select heroes for which slots …. how do we use our other heroes – how to compare all our new heroes and where to use them … tks!!!!

  6. Xenari says

    Strategy guide that isn’t specific to the latest releases. Break down the basics of why you do what you do. Such as what to change if you burn, or if you don’t kill the whole March. Why do you boost buildings a certain way, and how to figure out what stats you need to be at. (And while we’re there, break down the stats as to which ones really matter). Just some examples, but basically any tweaks that could mean the difference between victory and defeat. And how to know if victory is even achievable with current stats.
    Now I’m going to go look if this is already on the site lol

  7. Lalani Thompson says

    Gear then mythical, maybe next month? There is so much gear and its too complicated to know which strongest, defense, attack. Best with mythical creatures which not. Which accessory.. Well i say gear i guess.

  8. Reynaldo Israel says

    You need to put information on how to use all the new things and what to do with the old if they are obsolete or what, you have made the game unplayable, it’s totally fubar

    1. Lexi R says

      Just an FYI, GoW Realtips is not ran by MZ.. These are people who take time out of playing to help give us information. THEY DID NOT make the game unplayable. MZ did. Just felt i needed to point that out…

      1. Lexi R says


  9. Reapers Fire says

    I believe that adding an article to help direct players returning from not playing for awhile or that are totally lost . I think that if the article was made up of the most important areas to concentrate on to enable them to start competing as soon as possible . An index of the key things of the most up to date things to concentrate on would be a great benefit in this also . Not only will it help the returning player and people that have fallen behind but it will also give a quick reference to areas for everyone to refer to . I believe that after observing all the questions and comments made in chat that this kind of article in combination with the games most up to date information would also ease the tags on Blind and Cinder .
    It doesn’t need to be lengthy , it could even contain links directing that player to the proper area to help them .

  10. Harl3yQuinn says

    I think a section showing the best and worst hits would be awesome. The gear type, gems etc could be posted and shared. Troop type used to defend/attack could be shared. The names of course could be hidden. We already share our defense and attack reports. Everyone enjoys looking at them and learning how they were done.

  11. Dawn -Michele Yerkman says

    I think more info into the hero selection and hero garrison should be touched on a bit. There is nothing to indicate what it does. Except power stats. As for putting a hero in a specific selection, it tells nothing.

  12. John Kidd says

    We really need specific info on troop set up – how about a section on which types and numbers of troop to set up with our mythical troops???? And a detailed set up on traps to be used …

  13. Kubotaz says

    How about some articles on how to get paid to play? Lots of people talk about the fact that some people get freebies from the game makers (besides through complaints of glitches) so they can tease others with all the games best features. Encouraging people to keep up by buying multiple packs. I just figured maybe they were actually getting paid to do it as well. Like maybe becoming a discount pack broker? Selling their free packs for a discount and pocketing the cash? Most pack brokers claim that the discount comes from using the currency exchange rate of different countries. Would love to hear about it from your perspective.

  14. Aurore says

    the site needs to be clearer,
    I had to spend 5 minutes understanding where
    was the menu.
    put it on the left with submenus.
    – it misses the skill hero, the players need to see in pictures. Also put or have to go the hero in the garrison.
    I have not seen an article talk about tropp or monsters, explain why train this is not else. (sorry if there is an article not seen)
    -the site is long to open.
    make an article for the wonder and attack rally or solo as you did for defense.

  15. Rosendo Manrique says

    City set up guide should be on the website. Stronghold is about the most important part about game. Side note, also the only thing left after a zeroing. But important as it is the base even before troop build up and gear.


  16. Cupcake says

    I think something on Hero Skills is missing. I’d like to see some advice on how to skill garrisoned heroes – whether they need completely reskilling as they level up, whether we need to focus on the same skills we use for hero we’re currently using or whether we can use some points on stuff like march sizes on garrisoned heroes so we can keep points on current hero for health/defence/attack. Also when you’re set up for defence, how much attack you need and where in the tree is it best to put it. All that kind of stuff. The reason I’d like to see an article on this is that’s is fairly easy to know how to skill your current hero but what to do with garrisoned heroes is unclear.

  17. Pauline Travis says

    I want our game back and stop MZ killing it

  18. Tony says

    With all new releases Too much to handle I think we need a mediator between players and devs, They say they listen to players but reading chat room comments players are upset and fedup with what they are doing to the game.

    So much has gone on it’s crazy

  19. BL says

    Can you do an article on how to get our money back?

  20. oAPHR0DITEo says

    I think a section that you regularly update as to what things are most important or “ranking system” on what/where to start for less experienced players and/or players who can’t/don’t buy many packs.. I have seen many players flourish and grow and turn into bigger spenders when they have a better sense of what to do first and so can be frustrating enough these days for bigger spenders let alone everyone else and if there was a section for players to go to that told them most needed stuff first then they might not feel so overwhelmed and actually learn some things and grow into a formidable player… I would also love to see more readily available/updated info in a drop down tab at top of page on just how much/and of what we need to eat average full march , current favorite defense gear setup, attack gear setup, wonder gear setup, and include in this maybe current/newest best hits taken/given that you have info on….also maybe and article on how to bait for beginners and how to set a good encampment trap..Thanks for all the wonderful articles and info that you already provide

  21. Jess says

    Maybe how to garrison and ungarrison a hero and what hero to put where..

  22. I Morgan says

    The way MZ “gift” us updates, we realy need to know how to play… realy…
    but i will love to read a article about “what can a trap do to survise and how to hit a trap whiout be zeroed”

  23. Samantha Comilang aka Maneshka says

    I read some good feed back and so true, so many updates so quick its a mindblower. . .BTW I have yet to see some action finally happening with alliance city battles and such that was brought up it feels like years ago. . .I witness a lot of players no longer wanting to continue its ridiculous. . .now why am I commenting again.?.LoL oh yeah
    NO RETREAT & NO SURRENDER may saving the hope win me that $50 gift cardeveryone trying to keep up we lost sight of the true power…strategy…I’ve been seeing small SH take crazy hits at the wonder and not burn…how’s that…enough mention about who’s just paying to play and more mention about those playing more outstanding…amazing things do come in small packages or SH I should saygotta GoWsee ya

    1. ICEQN says

      Well said

  24. Murf says

    I think what is needed is a “Current Max Attack” page. Or some such title. What would be beneficial to everyone regarding the question, “am I safe”, is what is the max attack boost, what is max solo attack size, etc. That includes all super special boosts that can be purchased like 5000% march boost size. The “max” should include the math that goes something like this:

    max # troops times power of the troop with highest attack times the max boost for hero from hero level, vip level, gear, building boosts, research boosts, gems, skills, banners and whatever else MZ comes up with.

    It would be great to see the last 5 “max” attack numbers – so when new stuff (research, gear, etc) comes out, a defender can get a sense for how much more powerful the attack can get compared to yesterday or last week.

    That max attack “power” (and history of max) would be infinitely valuable information. I’d bet you’d get tons and tons of page hits on that page as you update it.

  25. Howard Dutton says

    Guys – I don’t think you’re getting anything wrong. The speed with which MZ are introducing new elements is quite scary…I looked at new set gear a week ago and I deliberately haven’t powered up etc..cos guess what there is a new set gear this week. The bottom line that will keep visitors coming to your site ..centre round Banners guide / Potions / Set Gear recommendations (att/def) and if you can get a guide on gems (and how to find them easily!!!) – that then leaves players to evolve strategy although your commentary is really informative given the myriad of variables ..boosts/luck. I would have thought that MZ would be briefing you in advance – given that they have no real guide out there. A weekly ultimate defence/attack synopsis might maintain visits to your site – ie is (on average) best defence combinations and best attack combinations..hope this helps..Well Done anyway

  26. Phlow Siersleben says

    I have 2 Points to announce i would like to see here.

    1st: -WHATS-NEW TAB-
    Pretty Simple, a Tab next to the “AM I SAFE”-Button, maybe named “WHAT´S NEW” or so.
    It should work like a Dropbox or something like that, where all Game-Update-Articles from the last (4?)
    Weeks, independent from their exact Content (new Buildings, Gems, Banners, new Gear, Units, whatever),
    could be found. The Content could just be copy & pasted to the “GUIDES”-Section also.
    (Should b Updated Weekly at least!)
    PROFIT: Users of this Site would check at least once a Month, if thy´re up to Date and can also find out easier,
    what they are looking for and get the newest Article about it.

    2nd: -WONDER-CLOCK-
    Not that simple as the first Point but would be definately Fun, a Tab called “WONDER-CLOCK” or so..
    you fill in your Timezone (UTC, GMT,…) in a Dropdown-menu (like the Languages here) and it will show you
    the starting Time of all Wonder-Battles in all Kingdoms (Real-Time preferred, counting down^^).
    PROFIT: Users can always see, where something`s going on, catch up their Clan n´ “take a Walk on the Wild
    Side”. I knew alot of Players would use this Daily..

    1. Seek3R says

      It would b nice also, to have the possibility to delete your own comments or even edit them after Posting. Thanx

  27. William says

    As I mention in chat. I would like to see daily summary. That might be too much. But it is better then scrolling through 200 post massages. And is that if you don’t miss something. For example: nice to see MZ releases with associated stats, Few test stats suggestions, etc. This is almost possible do to daily MZ releases unfortunately requires some work.

  28. Shom says

    We need better hero energy and most Definitely need better defence jems, gear. Core sets no one barely uses because we can’t ever get all the core pieces to craft them you make it to difficult to find. A specific monster gear should put out with new gear sets with jems that reload energy in timely manner not to wait half an hour to an hour for hero energy to fill up again because I ain’t sure as pressing 200,000k energy 500 times to fill it up

  29. Shane D. Stumpff says

    I think you need to teach the game instead of just giving tips. Show people how to look at individual creatures and troop stats. Let them know how bonuses work for creatures and troops. Let them see how health can play key role in defeat or victory. This has always been a stats game but mz will always change things to shake it up. Timing is essential. By the time you get tips out something new has come out and changed how the game is. If people understand the stats they can make adjustments as needed and figure out what they are doing instead of wasting their money. I give advice to my alliance to those who want and can afford to keep playing and they take it and have had success with it. I try to keep up but I can’t afford it lol. But I have learned a lot from this site and I appreciate what you do. Thanks for the info.

    1. Shane D. Stumpff says

      By the way I’m known as Lucifer 6666

  30. Gecko says

    I actually have 2 suggestions for consideration. I think having a bulleted section updated as often as new releases are out with a successfully working defense would be great. It could include which hero, VIP, stronghold, defense /attack stats, gear, gems, runes, critical research, boosts, troops/traps and creatures. Additionally, a guide to the new heros and the best way to incorporate them into play (which to use for a task (training, crafting, or attack) and which to garrison and why.

  31. Samantha says

    Since I found an article on cores I’ll revise. Looked all though site and I didn’t see the stats clearly on things like VIP levels, set gear, building stats. There are tables yes but not what they look like altogether, the finished product I guess you can say. I think maybe folks could get a better handle on attacking or defending when they see either what stats they need to have or what stats they need to counter

  32. Michael (aka Goat) says

    How to catch back up.

    Some of us have been watching and lurking for a bit of time and have found ourselves at the lower end of the spectrum looking back up thinking “omg, what do I need to do to catch back up”. There is a metric butt load of data to sift through on line and on the site but I think a catch up article that covers the basics of rebuilding would rock!

    1. Harl3yQuinn says

      I like this idea..

      1. Goat says

        Thank you!

  33. Samantha says

    Well since they have been releasing core pieces maybe an article on cores and which are the best to use if any.

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