When a Player Dies

Creating a Memorial for those who are gone

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Every day we have the chance to log in to our game and spend time interacting with a different kind of community. Over the years many of us have played Game of War our alliances and friends have become more than friends they have become family. Some of these people we never meet in real life but they have an impact on our life just the same. However, because we are all human there are times a player is taken from us through sickness or accident. 

When a player dies, it creates a void in the community. Some of us may never know how they died; most of us do not have the option to attend the funeral or reach out to their loved ones. When a player passes, we all feel it.

No matter if we were adversaries from the platform in which we play or casual acquaintances. Whether we are bystanders, watching their kingdom come together in a loving tribute, or whether that person was near and dear to us, personally. We can all take strength in knowing that they will not be forgotten by those around them and that whatever pain, illness, or stress that was present in their life, is no longer plaguing them.

We want to give our community the option to create a memorial for those who are no longer with us. However, before we dive in we want to know whether or not this is something that our community wants. 

Let us Know

We will be posting a poll (the poll will be open until February 3rd) in each of our Line rooms and in our Discord. The options will be simple, do you want to create a memorial for players who have passed? Yes or No? Anyone who participates in the Poll will automatically be entered to win a 25 Dollar Gift Card to their choice of iTunes or Google Play. Make sure you join us on Social Media so you have the opportunity to give your input. 

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  1. scalluin@yahoo
    [email protected] says

    I need. New Update on strategy and how to Jim up in power up your your gear and would be what year is the best gear for rally what year is best for attack with gears best for defense what are the gears for a different gear for and how can I set up my fortress to balance it out defense and attack and have a strong attack as well

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      Hi Sergio I see your comments and I would love for you to join us on Social Media so we can answer all your questions. Feel free to join us on Line or Discord. The instructions on how are at the bottom of the articles that you commented on.

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