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All the places to improve stats.

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In the Demigod Realm, there are often places that players overlook when trying to improve their demi stats. With such a variety of features, it is easy to forget some of the less prominent places. So before we dive into each separate type of account, let’s take a look at the game as a whole. This way you will essentially have a check-list to help you through the next time you upgrade.

First, if you haven’t yet, take some time to read Part 1 of the series.

Understanding Demi Stats Part 1: The Foundation


There are a ton of different types of buildings, but they can be broken down into two main groups, main buildings and special buildings. There are also buildings that are not currently relevant, but we will guide you through them all.

Main Buildings

The main buildings are your original buildings. The urban buildings are the Stronghold, barracks, hospital, villa, watchtower, prison, wall, embassy, altar, gymnos, hall of war, marketplace, storehouse, academy, and forge. Rural buildings are the farm, mine, quarry, and log camp.

Out of all the main buildings, the altar gives additional stats after you have executed a hero. Most of us have altar boost running for the next few years, due to the fact that we have executed countless heroes. However, if you haven’t played in a few years, you may need to get the altar boos active again. 

Each of these buildings gives a specific demi stat to your city. As we continue on in the series, we will talk about which buildings are best to upgrade if you are a lead, filler, or trap.

Special Buildings

The special buildings are mostly located to the left of your city view, although the graveyard and mausoleum are to the far right. All of these buildings have unique functions, and they are often overlooked. These buildings give some of the highest and easily obtained,  demi stat advantages.

Special buildings that just add stats when upgrading:

  • Speed Up Treasury
  • Explorer Dungeon
  • Archeology Hall
  • Treasury
  • Mausoleum
  • Graveyard
  • Master Garrison (not an original special building, but its only purpose is to add stats as you upgrade the building)

Special Buildings that add stats when upgrading and have specific purposes:

  • Gear Workshop- used to improve and enhance all gear sets
  • Alchemy Lab- create potions
  • Pantheon- gain boost from deities that you choose
  • Imperial Banner-  select up to four banners to apply to your city
  • Monster Lair- upgrade and choose different monsters to add to your marches or to defend your city on the walls
  • Black Market- can purchase a variety of different items here

Other notable buildings:

  • Hero Hall- this is where you upgrade and activate heroes. This building maxes at level 600 and does not add Demi boost
  • Mythical Training Grounds- allows you to train Mercenaries and also maxes at level 600 with no Demi boost tied to upgrading the building itself
  • Athena’s Armory- Gear sets are listed here so you can see which sets you are getting set bonuses from. You can also craft through the armory as well. This is also a level 600 building with no Demi boost
  • Lifetime Boost Hall- ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT BUILDINGS!! Here you will gather creation components to craft lifetime boosts for your city. In later articles, we will take a closer look at this building to see how it applies to each setup.

For a deeper look into Special buildings check out our article that takes a closer look at each building.

Useless Special Buildings

  • Hero garrison
  • Mythical embassy
  • Mythical quarry
  • Mythical farm
  • Mythical logging camp
  • Mythical villa
  • Mythical mine

There are a few buildings that are still in the city view that currently have no value or purpose.  I suggest that you not worry about these buildings at all.  Whether or not these buildings will become of use in the future remains yet to be seen. However, as of right now, do not stress yourself over them.


The foundation of every well-built account is research. This ultimately makes the difference and separates the average players from the elite. Research is done in the academy and there are two main parts.

Research Trees

The regular research trees are the ones that are listed in the academy and are usually specific to a certain feature or purpose. You usually have to buy materials in packs to complete the research. If you seem to be missing huge chunks of stats from your overall boosts, your best bet would be to go back through all of your research to make sure that it was all completed.  RealTips has an article looking at the purpose for each tree in the Demigod Research Guide! Use it for lots of good research related information.

Rewards Research

Rewards research is listed in the academy under Demigod Rewards. Every few months there are two new rewards research added specialized loyalty rewards and specialized challenge rewards. For example, the last two are Ascended Loyalty and Ascended Challenge rewards research. These researches add things like march and rally size increases, debuffs, and attack, defense, and health. You need special materials for these researches, but you can earn the mats in daily events, in Athena Gifts, and by placing in the leaderboards for events as well. These Rewards research are there for players that do not buy packs often but allow those players to still gain relevant stats to stay competitive.

You can also read our article for more info on How to Use Rewards Research to Enhance Your Account


VIP is usually fairly commonplace that players remember to look for stats. You can usually earn VIP from events and of course, there are always packs to be purchased. VIP is one of the first places you can look to upgrade if you are missing stats or you just need to boost up a bit. 


Right now there are seven heroes to choose from, seven if you count the original hero. But since we are talking about places to find Demi stats, the original hero will not apply to this. The heroes are as followed

  1. Spartan
  2. Valkyrie
  3. Frostlord
  4. Sapphire
  5. Blue Knight
  6. Beryl
  7. EarthShatter Hero

Each of these heroes has their own set of skills. You would also want to check your inventory to make sure that you don’t have additional hero skill points that you can unlock and apply. Each hero right currently maxes at level 200. So, if you are searching for a place to add stats, you can always go through and make sure that your heroes are leveled up and hero skill points are applied. The heroes do not have the same stats. One may have a higher attack, one may have higher defense, and another may have higher debuffs. Depending on what you need, you can switch heroes around to improve certain stats.


Gear is one of the most tedious parts about the game right now, but you will surely regret it if you don’t spend the time to sort through it all. The gear sets are released in groups of six.

  1. Attack
  2. Rally attack
  3. Defense 
  4. Wonder 
  5. March increase
  6. Debuff gear 

Depending on which type of account you have will affect which gear you choose to level up first. We will go over gear sets in upcoming articles so that you can make a decision about what’s best for your build. After you choose your gear set and level it up, there are other areas in the gear that you will need to remember, as these are also big areas for demi stat improvements.


Make sure that you are using the most up to date gems in your gear! It’s easy to gem your gear and then forget about it. Each time a new gem set is released, remember to check your gear as well! Also, don’t forget to combine your gems to get the highest level possible.


Same goes for the runes! It can be easy to put on new gear and forget to add runes to your weapon, causing you to lose massive stats!


There are a few different types of enhancements that you can do to your gear to improve the base demi stats. All of these enhancements will be done through your gear workshop as mentioned before.

  1. Power Up- these are the numbers on the left side of each gear piece. Usually, they go up to ten at first, but some have had power-ups released all the way to thirty.
  2. Improve Quality- this is the stars at the top of the gear piece with a number next to it. These usually max out at level 10
  3. Set Gear Leveling- the set gear level is the number in the upper left side when viewing a hero

All of these enhancements are critical and can leave you without tens of thousands of stat percentages if they are not completed.


Avatars are probably the single most overlooked feature when it comes to demi stats. While they are fun to collect, many forget to ACTIVATE the stats associated with the avatar sets. It’s not enough to complete the set, but you have to actually open the avatar section up and apply the stats. You will get a confirmation each time the collection is complete and each time you unlock the boost.

Stat Checklist

Ok, now that we have explored all the different places that you can find demi stats in your city, it is time to make an easy to use list.

  1. Level up all of your main buildings. Can you still level some of the barracks, hospitals, or villas?
  2. Make sure special buildings are leveled.
  3. Turn on altar boost.
  4. Hold heroes for a prison bonus.
  5. Make sure a potion is running.
  6. Activate all deities in Pantheon.
  7. Have you combined, equipped, and activated all banners?
  8. Level up all Monsters in the Monster Lair. Have you applied to defend monsters to wall and attacking monsters to presets?
  9. Activate every boost possible in your Boost Hall.
  10. Level the Master Garrison
  11. Complete all research. How about the rewards research? (don’t forget the old rewards research under the basic tab)
  12. Make sure VIP is max
  13. Max all heroes
  14. Skill all heroes
  15. Equip the best hero for your build.
  16. Are you in the best gear
  17. Combine and then equip the most recent gems
  18. Equip the best runes.
  19. Complete all enhancements such as power-up, improve quality, and set gear levels.
  20. Do you have set bonuses through the armory on old gear sets?
  21. Unlock and activate all avatar sets.

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