Wild T5 Troop Shard Count, Strength, Stats

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Wild T5 research provides players with a max rally size of 30 million and solo march size of 6 million.

Wild T5 Game of War Blog

The last and MOST ANTICIPATED group of Tier 5 Troops has arrived – Wild Fire Troops are here! Gain hot new bonuses for your army, such as massive 30,000,000 TROOP RALLIES, 11,000% more stats for your T5 Troops, and more!

Key Combat Benefits for Wild T5:
Maximum Rally March Size ~ 30,000,000
Maximum Solo March Size ~ 6,000,000

• 3,000% Elite Troop Attack
• 3,000% Troop Attack with Hero

• 1,500% Elite Troop Health
• 1,000% Troop Health with Hero

• 1,500% Elite Troop Defense
• 1,000% Troop Defense with Hero

Upgrade the Training Garrison in your City. Afterward, you’ll be able to:
• Research WILD Tier 5 Troops in your Wild Combat Research Tree
• Promote your Troops into WILD Tier 5 Troops in your Training Garrison
• Create new WILD Troops in your Barracks

Gain incredible rewards for training Wild Tier 5 Troops – watch our Events page for NEW Races, Events, and more!

Get these scorching new Troops now: Vikings, Assassins, Wolf Riders, and Dreadnaughts!

T5 Wild GoWT5 Wild RangedT5 Wild Cavalry

New Max Research:

Max Research T5 Wild

The following is the shard cost to complete all of the Wild Combat T5 research.

Wild T5 Shard Cost GoW

Training Garrison 19 is a requirements to unlock Wild T5. You will enjoy a faster speed of promotion at TG 19. However, there is no additional resource efficiency.

Here are some battle reports of the first night with Wild T5 research:

This is Ctesse’s 30 million rally, nearly full hitting 40 B troops for nearly 40 B power!

Ctesse T5 Rally Reports

3 dagger 10.5 B troops burning for 1 b troops to 25 m rally.

3 Dagger T5 Wild Rally

MGd had 3 more zeroes like this on three dagger players with around 10 B troops.

Wild T5 Rally Dagger Report

Ctesse and [ONE] is on a rampage moving from Kingdom to Kingdom testing the limits of the new rally size!  Beware!

30 M Wild T5 GoWCtesse biggest hit 50B

Heads up small dagger traps!

50 B Rally T5 Wild GoW

The Reign of Kinoichi Kunai may truly be over!

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  1. MT says

    The shards seems too low. As at Feb 2017, for a lvl 8 research I need 179,000 shards which does not match the above.

    1. Darkthorne
      Darkthorne says

      Hmm, really? I have screenshots of every wild research I completed. If you give me a specific level 8 research I can provide you the screenshot of the cost when I completed it.

      1. Volta
        Volta says

        I’m also seeing different numbers from your chart. With Inquisitor gemmed with Oracle Set, full set research, hero 75, academy 27, Elite Infantry Defense III lvl8 costs 113,028 for me vs 108,023 on your table. Scanning through your list my costs are consistently 5,005 higher than yours. Maybe you had a shard reduction active in your kingdom when you were doing the research? Is there anything else that impacts shard cost? I don’t have any boosts available that would obviously impact those costs.

        1. Darkthorne
          Darkthorne says

          I was in the research trove yes.

  2. Jackson says

    can someone tell me how many fire chards are needed to complete each of the new t5 troop research?

    1. Tbonejonez
      Tbonejonez says

      It is listed above…

    2. Zeek says

      10.5 million shards

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