Wild Troops and Hero One Update

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Wild Troops and Hero One Update

Wild Troops

As predicted by the community, Wild Troops has arrived in Game of War: Fire Age. The Research bonuses they provide are decent, but it’s very costly to max out.

Our fellow Whales will have no problem getting these bonuses but take your time as Wild Troops and Research will most likely become more readily available when a few weeks/months go by.

Hero One Update

Dragon War Hero 1 can now level to 250 and the bonuses it provides are nothing more than shocking.

The stats that you get from this update is huge. For those who can afford it, the stats provided from Level 250 is worth it and rewarding for players.

Super Wonder is going to be greatly affected by this Hero. Whoever can max their Dragon War Hero 1 to Level 250 is going to have a massive advantage.

SavageArab is hoping to join in the next Super Wonder, but with some big life changes, we don’t know if he’s going to be able to compete. Nonetheless, he’ll be covering the results of the Super Wonder afterward.

If you’re a new player and you want to compete in the Super Wonder, make sure to prioritize your Inferno Dragon, because that is still one of the biggest factors for these events.

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