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Winter Festivities


Wow what a year!!!

First, We’d like to thank all of our faithful readers  who continue to actively view and share our content. Team Realtips could not do this without you. You are the real MVPs.

Secondly, our goals have always been to try and make our readers as successful as possible in the game. So please leave a comment with any suggestions you have on what/how we can make you a better player in 2018. We look forward to all of the feedback. It will help us grow, and better serve the Game of War community.

Lastly, let’s have a little fun! We would like to hear from you regarding your favorite and least favorite feature or event release this year. We will compile all of the information and provide a fun article on how much the game has changed this year. All who submit feedback will be entered to win a $25 gift card!!! Just comment below and let us know.

Here are some of the favorite and least favorite things from our team:


Favorite release:

I loved the Kunai banner and got really excited about it. This was not only the first time DDR and DAR was offered outside of gear but applied heroless. As a heroless trap at the time and a trap that always loved kunai it was an amazing kick back to the old days.

Least favorite release:

My least favorite release was gear leveling. It all comes down to the fact that I just didn’t want to click all of those levels out.

What she wants to see this new year:

I would like to see the ability to play with gear and really trap come back. Capping in unexpected gear was always fun to me and because of the speed of releases and the fact that many gears work for defense even if not intended for defense this has changed. I miss the days when people were shocked because I capped in monster or research gear and bait trapping.

Blind Eagle

Favorite release:

My favorite release this year wasn’t really an item or gear so to speak. It was the multiple research option or instant building boost. These 2 things often get overlooked, but it truly changed the game. These 2 releases were hand down the most user friendly of the year.

Least favorite release:

My least favorite release of the year was gem lvl xxx. The same gem sets were used most of the year and the lvl just keep going up. New gems weren’t available till the end of the year. I felt like this was just a repetitive release over and over and I eventually lost interest in gems after the same set was released 20 times.

What he wants to see this new year:

What I would like to see this year is more strategy in the game.  Wither that is through different troop builds or possible gear options. With so many releases, traps quickly become cookie cutter. 4 years ago I was quoted saying “Trapping is an art”.

I still stand by those words today. I’d love to see the game return to this.


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Again, we could never do any of this without you.So, on behalf of everyone at Realtips, we thank you once again for an amazing year. We look forward to 2018 and all that it brings. Also, check out #teamrealtips version of 12 days of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas
MZ sent to me
12 dragons devouring
11 prisoners piping
10 leads a leading
9 large releases
8 monster slaughings
7 swords a swinging
6 gems a gleaming
5 gears a switching
4 cores a burning
3 friends a calling
2 traps a trapping
And 1 new hero skill tree

#teamrealtips version

Happy Holidays!


  1. Jeanett says

    I for den på dansk…
    Jeg syndes det er et sjovt og underholde spil med mange timers fornøjelse, det eneste minus det er, at priserne i goldshop er (syndes jeg) er høje… men ellers et super sjovt spil, med mange spillere som gerne hjælpe nye med tips+triks

  2. Samantha says

    Well there are many things that I liked and disliked. Too many to name. I loved using frostlord to trap, was good at it. The instant research was a good addition. Trapping is hard to do now. Even unshielding is hard to do now. The new release of creatures really messed the game up. You used to be able to have the right troop setup and gear and your safe. Now no matter how many troops you have, if you don’t have the creatures your soloed in one hit. Now with the new creatures that just came out no matter how many of the lower creatures you have your burn. You have to have the New creatures are your burnable. The game has lossed it’s fun for me since that release. I’ve been zeroed many times over the year testing when new stuff came out, always could find a solution without spending too much, until now. Well I was all over the place but there’s my input Lol

  3. Ben Perkins says

    My favorite hmmmm. Was the new rss boost that they gave for the new rss buildings. Awesome. Wait not my favorite not my favorite because if you used it you lost your shield, you use a shield when the boost was running you lost your boost. Plus it was cheaper to buy a pack instead of bothering with the new rss builds. Cheaper and safer. Ok now for my favorite…hmmm. Honestly it was the release of the monsters. It really leveled the playing ground with battles. Even though rallies have died. It is making people that never do anything have to do something to even play.

  4. Julianna Muller says

    Most favorite in the game portion is the ability to update without sitting for hours and mindlessly clicking away.

    Least favorite is the new buildings that you can’t open to get their benefits without spending that $99.

    So I wait and fall behind…. hoping it’s put in a smaller pack here and there.

    Most favorite is the Diversity of Players from around the World enjoying the same game. Friends I’ve made. Hopefully continue to make.

    Least favorite was the Mega Merge option when to get those gifts you had 4,000 or so and to click each one was absolutely ridiculous waste of time.

  5. William lewis says

    I would not know where to turn for such great advice and tips for game of war if it were not for you and all you do here.
    Keep up the great work I’d be lost without this site because of the always changing strategies and things in the game.
    ,Please keep up the awesome work …
    Thank you for all you do and all the hard work you go thru to bring us all these great tips and strategies..

  6. Gloria Reysen says

    i have to agree the gear leveling is teadious at best…need a better way to get it done

  7. Gecko says

    My most favorite release of the year has been the ability to power up new gear quickly 10 levels at a time as well as gear set leveling to the maximum in a click. That had been the most annoying thing to do prior to the release. Additionally, I really liked the consolidated gear approach for utility type gear. One set can now serve as training, construction, research and all purpose gear.

    My least favorite release has been the research sockets, which seemed very important at the time, but was just too clunky to sort through. Everyone had trouble figuring out the math in setting them up. Obviously it was a poorly designed feature which was abandoned thankfully.

    There are two items I would like to see change next. The first is the insane frequency of new drops. Not everyone who plays has deep pockets and can afford to drop hundreds of dollars a week to keep semi current and still enjoy playing. Tied to that is that MZ has forgotten about mid- and lower-tier spenders and customer service responses need great improvement. Taking 3 days to provide an intelligent response that addresses the problem stated and offering to help us out and provide already outdated 3 day old materials when you’ve dropped 7 new must have things in the same new packs is not helpful. You’ve missed the opportunity to really assist and we’ve lost the use of the missing items to help us get ahead or stay even in okay. MZ should really consider providing not only the items withheld but also the newest items in the same $ level pack today. The canned responses don’t cut it when we are paying MZ’s salaries. MZ is losing a lot of revenue and players to other games that are more adept at listening and responding to their customers.

    The second item which would be helpful is to increase the amount of gear we can keep by opening more gear slots. I hate breaking gear just to be able to use new gear.

    I’d like to give a final shout out to Blind Eagle, Cinder and the GOWRealTips team for all the support provided here. Id be lost without you guys given all the changes in the game.

  8. Reapers Fire says

    Best release of the year I believe was first release of monsters , it was unique and fun at first .
    I also agree that as for every year the best release is the people and sharing their time
    The worst release of the year is a combination of multiple 99.99 have to buy to unlock to buildings and multiple daily releases .

  9. SnowAngelAly says

    My favorite release was the instant multiple researches. Hated to sit and click researches for long periods of time.
    Least favorite thing has been the multiple new releases every day. It seems don’t get to use new stuff a lot before it’s outdated. I understand they don’t want people to get bored but a couple days in between new releases would help keep smaller players morale up.
    Obviously the greatest thing in the game is the people. Have made many friends over the years. Having people also share their knowledge is priceless.

  10. Ladi says

    My Favorite Release was when upgrading became easier, period. Having the “Open-All Gifts” option, “Heal-All”, Instant Boosts rolled to Max with one click, instant all building and special building max upgrade, etc. This game costs money and as a paying customer in America, we are accustomed to pay in order to not have to spend so much time to do something. Essentially paying to skip ahead. When updating would take 2 days this defeated the purpose of paying when you’d technically only have time to enjoy benefits for under a week after taking so long to update. So easier updating has been my favorite!

    My Least Favorite has to be the introduction of these monsters because they cost so much and can’t be healed and furthermore it is hard to play without ABSOLUTELY NEEDING TO BUY. Before creatures, having updated Special buildings allowed one to be a “hospital trap” and figure strategy to win these attacks. It made it fun when you can’t buy, keeping a customer busy and playing. Now, if you don’t have latest monsters and a whole lot of them then you are basically sitting under a skirt until you can buy again, which for some could be 2 or 3 weeks . For a person who loves to play, this new update has tarnished the happy feeling.

    What I’d like to see is less amount of drops to allow strategy to come back in the game. Seems to be a race to zero pocket books and not witt! I enjoy learning and applying and testing to see how I do. Now, by the time you learn how to be a good trap something new drops and this changes all things learned without having time to enjoy.

    Lingering Questions: Is MZ trying to eliminate networking and information sharing by having so many new drops so they can successfully just get your money and keep getting it?

    Does MZ care about those who love to play the game and not just those who can spend on every drop?

    Do they care??? ‍♀️

  11. Myrna says

    It’s the people that keep me playing! I liked the hunting and farming aspect of the older version of the game! I wish we didn’t have buy the RSS now to keep on building. The drops this week was just plain crazy!!! I was current Tuesday now it will be 3 weeks before I can afford to catch up. Soon to be another farmer…

  12. Reapers Fire says

    With all the new releases the personal time that Blind Eagle an Cinder have taken to help us is beyond amazing . I for one truly appreciate it .

  13. Shieldteam says

    Release rate is horrible

  14. RazorbackRed says

    Too difficult to find most current banners, runes & potions. Gear easily accesible though.

  15. Carl says

    The constant daily updates ‍♂️ Makes staying relevant almost $1400 a week at times when it’s two drops a day for 7 days straight

  16. Andreas says

    [b]Favorite release:[/b] [i]”I think the most fascinating release during this year was the VIP instant queue in rallies. That feature really changed our gameplay experience as the game was itself too heavy for a mediocre device to process it and during filling rallies our screens would freeze – very excited about it. Although the “Find” under our Inventory feature impresses me each day since its release.”[/i]

    [b]Least favorite release:[/b] [i]”Was definitely those Research Sockets. I believe that because the stats that provides are so miniscule that don’t really make any impact in game. I believe they released those so they could make Resolute Defense stat bit more of “exclusive” for the top-notch players who spend bit more than the rest. Nowadays, sockets are quite useless in my opinion.”[/i]

    [b]What I want to see this new year:[/b] [i]”I would really like to see the old Game of War experience with the materials used. Yes, I would like to see people farming in-game tiles to gather stuff rather than have everything ready-to-use from packs. That would deliver a more realistic, strategy-style game experience.”[/i]

  17. Jeffrey Bryan says

    I loved the introduction of instant keys in research and other areas that i believe was just bogging the player down. My dislike is there should be away that if a player wants to donate his extras he should be able to do it, not just keep it or throw it away..?

  18. Steven says

    I really appreciate the help that everyone gives. Best part of the game is the people. It would be a little more enjoyable if MZ would slow down a bit and give us a chance to use the stuff we buy before it’s outdated. That being said it’s understood about game growth just a little to much to fast. Thanks for the support blind, cinder and crew.

  19. Brian says

    Favorite release was the power of Kunai.

    Least favorite was the casino.

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