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It’s August, and we have another Player Spotlight for you this month. We are having so much fun learning more about the players in our community and their time playing Game of War. If you have not been keeping up with our Player Spotlights, take the chance to go back and read! We have met some great players!

Emperor Huckster

The Tiny Fighting Trap


This month, we are taking the chance to look at another lead player. We have heard it said about Wolf that people like that he is willing to take chances. He will send soloes at players who are notoriously known for not burning, and doesn’t shy away even if he does not get the hit he wants. We were excited to learn more about him and bring you all his story.

Becoming WolfofOne001

Alliance: Currently: |PhB Past:  Mafia Kings (MK), 386 Fight Club (3E6), Reapers of Doom, Pox, My own when I first started

Just like every player, Wolf has his own story of what brought him to the game.

I was a year out from a serious elbow injury and was still emotionally scarred by it.  I was bored with World of Warcraft and the young age of the players.  Age of Empires had turned into a mechanical game with no real storyline.  Basically, I was searching for an adult, strategy online game.  Yes, I saw the Kate Upton commercial, but when I discovered it was for playing a game on a phone, I decided to try it.  This was around December 28, 2014.

He downloaded the game and immediately realized that there was a lot of information about the game, but nothing on how to play the game. He stated that then he was hooked! He quickly realized that when he logged off, the game did not stop, and that peace shields were essential. He tried hitting monsters, but found that in order to do so he needed an alliance.

So he made his own, not realizing that there was a setting to prevent others from joining. Quickly, his alliance grew to 100 players and he had no clue who they were or what their motivation was. This is what Wolf said about the early days of running his own Alliance,

Suddenly, I had 100 players that I had no clue who they were and what their motivation was.  I had to deal with sexual harassment (sent a warning mailer to cease or be kicked), gripes about inactive players, attacks by others, how to attack, etc.

However, it was not all bad, and Wolf also met a nice player MichelleDom, who over time was a great team player as they joined different alliances together. Wolf found running the Alliance to be a challenge and too much and he dissolved it and joined Pox.

That was the first real alliance that ruled Pelagos (386) and I felt honored.  That lasted about 2 months before newer alliances appeared, Rogue Horses, Phoenix Kings and others.  Pox eventually fell to these new challengers, and I became a member of an alliance that over several months became Reapers of Doom, lead by Hurley and CuntMuffin (yes that was her name in the game).  That was a hard-hitting group with no fear of anyone.  Unfortunately, drama and internal dissension caused that alliance to implode.

However, Wolf had ties to a group of ex-Pox players led by Natch (aka ShearedBeaver), Ogacihc, Kodo, P0P0, Rasti, TheTig, Hawk985, Kiid, Webbscc, H0PE and others commonly known as 3E6 (386 Fight Club).

That alliance formed as an opposition to Rogue Horse, as that group tried to monopolize the kingdom.  Others alliances were good but not enough to get RH% back to reality.  Thus, Fight Club (FC) was born.  They did not have a lot of money, so they focused on strategy.  Hitting RH% when they least expected, getting other alliances to then fight RH%, trapping like crazy and using multiple rallies against a single player, even if several failed because eventually, that player would crack.  Eventually, the pressure broke RH% and cause a group of several players to form a new alliance called the Unsullied ones (USL) whose sole purpose was to challenge FC.  It was during these extreme combative times I evolved into a rally leader. I even held a wonder and learned how to transfer title so that the best equipped player can hold the wonder while the rally was about to hit.

Wolf stated that eventually, FC became the premier alliance, and that at that point the alliance started to develop dissension and began a slow decline as players left. Eventually, they joined up with former members of Phoenix Kings under the alliance Mafia Kings.

That is where I truly shone as a rally leader, as they had no fear and were willing to test the bounds on who was attackable.  Tamir, GrnEvl, Kings and others were real friends and tried to give everyone a chance. Unfortunately, GOW became so expensive that no one could even fill rallies. After several months, I was recruited by |PfB and have been able to get back to rallies and even wonders!

  1. Held several kingdom wonders, Lord of War for Teos, team player

Why Does Wolf Play?

I enjoy the camaraderie, the thrill of an attack, the nervousness when defending (particularly heroless), seeing players grow in the game, having great opponents who challenge you to do better.

What is he wearing?

I am wearing Obsidian challenger gear with an Obsidian Conqueror weapon. This is my basic rally gear.  I do have all Obsidian wonder gear but do not have the Obsidian Conqueror weapon for that yet.  I use the galaxy gem set but I’m slowing switching to the newer ones.  Ebon runes in the weapon.

Most Memorable Wins

I have had several memorable wins but my first one was when I was with FC and at the very end of a KE, I was being rallied by the 2nd (I think) player of the opposing kingdom. Having watch traps, I waited as long as possible, switched to 4H gear and then did a random port.  I captured the hero and executed just as the KE ended!  My second memorable event was when I got a capture on the leader of the Unsullied Ones (USL), Viper, and renamed him as ILoveNatch.

Best memories

Wolf was kind enough to share some of his best memories with us! Check them out below!

“When Fight Club became the premier alliance, especially during KE, we used to dominate for several events that our traps had to quit because no one would attack them. I had a blast being the one who would lead a rally that freed other rally leaders. I tried hard to fill first, then lead.

Another memory was playing until the wee hours fighting over a wonder in the 386; we lost it after 5 hours and 45 minutes to Mafia Kings after kicking out RH%.  I was up late and noticed that a player was burning but not getting hurt too bad.  I quickly got a bunch of fillers and we rallied that player until we zeroed him.  Those that joined me loved it as it was so unexpected.  My first zero occurred when I was walking my dog in the morning and let my shield drop.  Never again!  I later got two other zeroes last year when GOW introduced game changes with gear.  Talk about a shock; the day before, I would cap rallies with no losses then the next day a solo attack zeroed me.  This is pre-DemiGod change.

There was a player named FartHouse that demonstrated to all of 386 how to handle rallies while heroless.  Absolutely incredible as no one could even come close to capping him, even though he burned.  We all gave up!

One player that I must mention is Patton.  He was the first player that taught the entire kingdom that the game is about attacking and getting heroes as prisoners.  He was feared and hated by so many but in reality, he was just trying to teach players either bulk up or shield up; any other position means you are meat for fanatical players.  He would tile-hit anyone, appear at hives and zero the shieldless and was fearless in KE.  Unfortunately, he had too many personal issues and had to leave.  I do miss him.

Today, I get a blast at burning Cheminem and Rogueness with a solo attacks!”

Advice to players

Wolf had some great advice to players that you should be sure to check out.

  1. It is a game, not a reality or a reflection on who you are.
  2. Say what you want in Kingdom Chat, but be very careful what you say in Alliance Chat.
  3. Do not talk like a 13 year old who discovered pornography.
  4. Be a team player by filling, offering real advice, and supporting everyone who plays with you.
  5. Try to reach out to opponents by congratulating them on their success or suggesting what they can do better next time. We all need to learn.
  6. Laugh at every chance or else you will lose your sense of reality!
  7. I have seen players literally commit social suicide in the game which is quite sad. Drunken or chemically induced talk may seem like bravado but ultimately, you will regret it and have to leave the game in disgrace.
  8. Finally, no game takes the place of real life responsibilities.

We had so much fun getting to know Wolf and hope that you enjoyed it as well! We cannot wait to bring you next month’s Player Spotlight. As always, be sure to let us know whose story you would like to hear next!

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  1. PatDye
    PatDye says

    I started and finished in 386. It was a great game back then!!! Even tho i stopped playing years ago, I’m still in contact with many players from the game and truly consider them all friends even tho I’ve never met any of them. As a matter of fact,Ogacihc, is who sent me this link. At least he got a mention, Wolf!!! LOL!!


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