Wonder Quick Guide for Demigod

Gear, Runes, Gems, Banners, Monsters, and Potions for Wonders in Demigod Realm.

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Wonder Play in the Demigod Realm

Playing wonders against the best players that the Demi realm has to offer can be quite overwhelming at times.  Wonder features can potentially have two different  “best” setups, one for wonder attacking and one for wonder holding. Hopefully the Wonder Quick Guide will give you a jump start on your way to becoming king!

Best Wonder Gear

Of course the Elite Dominator gear is  preferable over the Noble gear. Below we have listed the best Wonder Rally and Wonder Holding gear sets. But, do not always take everything at face value! In the not so distant past, defense feet and defense accessories have out performed wonder feet and accessories. This can be due in part to a larger percentage of a supporting stat out performing a smaller percentage of a front running stat. Keep in mind that this does not always hold true and you will always need to test your gear and set up.

  1. Rally Wonder: Dominator Orchid Defier’s
  2. Wonder Holding:  Dominator Ascender’s
  3. Rally Wonder: Noble Duskbringer
  4. Wonder Holding: Noble Jetflame

Best Runes for Wonder


The newest Eternityjewel runes nearly double the Elderstone runes stats from before. They include Rally/Holding attack, Rally/Holding health, and Attack Debuff while both rallying and holding as well.

  1. Eternityjewel
  2. Covetstone (aka Elderstone)
  3. Stonevein
  4. Scrawlstone
  5. Commandite
  6. Ancestrystone

Gems for Wonder

Gems for the wonder can also be a bit tedious. You will need to either have two presets of maxed gear or be quick on the gem preset change, depending on how you choose to set up. In this Wonder Quick Guide we will list both attacking and defending/holding gems.

Best Wonder Gems

  1.  Joltsurge Rewards Gem
  2.  Stupendous Rewards Gem
  3. Color Rush Gem (Rally)
  4. Color Crash Gem Set

Wonder Banners

We listed quite a few options because a lot of the banners come from rewards streak, and there may be some that were missed if you didn’t complete a certain streak. But as we all know, wonder players are the top of the top. Not to mention that wonder accounts are all maxed, or within 1-2%, and it comes down to the littlest of features like who has better banners, gems, gear, etc.

Best Wonder Banners in Game of War

  1. The One’s Demigod Powerwell Banner
  2. Wonder Marauder Banner /Wonder Elite Banner
  3. Mighty Palisade Banner
  4. Stiff Stockade Banner
  5. Mystic Pauldrons Banner
  6. One’s Demigod Honorguard Banner
  7. Super Shrine

Wonder Monsters

Monster is based on the highest attack and health first or in this instance wonder rally attack and wonder rally health.  The Golem came in closely behind the Minotaur. The attack and rally attack was a bit lower, but the Golem has nice attack debuff and defense.

Best Wonder Monsters

  1. Wind Dragon
  2. Void Dragon
  3. Minotaur

Best Potions for Wonder

Now, you could choose to make two separate potions, one for holding and one for attacking, but then you would have to make multiples of each recipe and waste a lot of materials. Each time you needed to switch from a wonder holding potion to a wonder attacking potion, the old potion would be completely discarded. Even though the timer shows days, the instant you switch, the potion is thrown away. Because of this, we choose to make an overall potion that focuses on maxing attack and health.


  1. VIAL: Wonder Rampage Flask
  2. Brilliant Wing
  3. Veridian Foliage
  4. Golden Stump
  5. Veridian Foliage
  6. Teal Erie Trunk
  7. Blue Tentacle

Last But Not Least

The best thing you could do for your wonder account is to complete all your research! Research is the foundation of every single great account. To get an idea about each research tree and what it has to offer, please see the Demigod Research Guide.  Get the edge over your competitors!

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Make sure to like our content and if you want to stay up to date with our new releases, connect with us on Facebook or chat with us on our Discord and Line channels!

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